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By´╝ÜSosie Frost

“More!” Shay gasped.

Who was I to argue with the lady?

Then again…

She would hate me for this.

Fucking hell, Shay was going to skin me alive.

It wasn’t fair. This woman redefined passion and lust. She had a pussy tight enough to cut off the blood flow to my finger. I never wanted anyone more than her, and she was the worst possible woman for me to fuck. Christ, I couldn’t catch a break.

It didn’t stop me from jerking my cock harder.

Once she realized who I was, this woman would kill me in two ways.

First she’d squeeze my cock off in her perfect, velvet vice.

Then, when she was spent and sweaty from my pounding and I could properly introduce myself, she’d rip my head off. That wouldn’t feel as nice as her tightness.

I should have stopped. I knew better. But how often would a man get the opportunity to fuck a goddess? I’d be an idiot to miss out, even if it ended with a black eye. Hell, I lived every day like it was my last before my accident. Now that I survived death and flicked off the reaper with two proud middle fingers, I wasn’t letting anything stop me from enjoying life—certainly not this crisis of conscience.

Besides, the lady was in obvious agony. It’d be cruel to pull away from her when she needed me the most. Her lips trembled my name, her delicate little slit wetted over my hand, and, damn if she hadn’t wound tighter than a parachute waiting to be deployed.

I could either retreat or dive in headfirst.

I chose the latter.

My finger inched in deeper. She bucked up to meet it. Her beautiful body tensed, waiting in shivering bliss for that moment when I’d let her shudder around me. I took pride in my piloting. No one crashed under my command.

Except me.

But I was ignoring that headache while the sexiest woman in existence writhed beneath my body.

I teased her, twisting my fingers and testing a tightness so perfect it was a sin. She dug into the mattress and moaned. Her coo was a beautiful sound. After months of closed blinds and soundproof headphones, I’d listen to Shay repeat my name with breathless excitement for an entire night.

And I planned to do just that.

My shirt was already off. Shay said nothing about the scars, but I knew she got off on them. The injury fucked up a tattoo that cost five grand, but at least the stitches were out and the medics shoved everything in me that belonged inside me. I leaned over Shay, capturing her perfect lips in another kiss.

She went right for the scars.

Gentle touches. Strokes. Always the same. It wasn’t just my muscles. She didn’t care how many knots I could tie underwater with a single breath of air or how many missions I led. It was the scars.

The fucking scars.

I hated the jagged purple streaks.

Women couldn’t get enough of them.

It didn’t make me tough. It made me worthless. I shoved her hands away and bound them over her head in my grip. She liked that too.

Only got my cock harder.

“Zach…I don’t normally do this with strangers,” Shay whispered. “Actually…I never do this.”

She wore a pencil skirt and librarian glasses. Shay looked every bit the part of a repressed schoolgirl and Christ if her tight little slit didn’t prove my gut instinct about her.

But I wasn’t about to admit that I did these sorts of things with women less deserving than her. I grinned.

“Are you being a bad girl?”

Her almond eyes flashed with a cocoa darkness. “What? You aren’t a bad boy?”

“Baby, I’m the worst.”

“Prove it.”

This woman. This goddamned woman.

I reached over the nightstand and shuffled through the drawer, pulling my fingers from her greedy little pussy. She groaned in my absence.

“I got something better for you,” I promised.

Her quirked smile teased me. “Something hard?”

For her? I was about ready to split my damn skin. I peeled the rubber over my cock and positioned her legs around me. She arched as I sucked against her breast, tasting the offering, as rich as chocolate and as soft as silk.

She might have hated me tomorrow.

But damn it, she would love me tonight.

With one fluid motion, I sunk my cock into the hottest, wettest, tightest pussy I ever had the privilege of taking. A full stroke. A single, punishing thrust that stole her breath and pinched her eyes shut against the invasion of her lifetime.

She moaned and welcomed me deeper. If I had it my way, I’d never fucking pull out of her again.

Shay tensed, offering more of that sweet, perfect temptation between her legs. I happily obliged, withdrawing only to tease myself with her mind-numbing tightness. Shay’s wanting pussy clenched and tormented my cock. I bottomed out in her with an inch to spare. No way was I denying me or her that pleasure. I’d cram that last bit in her even if I had to spun her around and bury myself in her sweetness all night.