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His Contract Bride (Banks Brothers Brides 1)(46)

By:Rose Gordon

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His Contract Bride-Edward Banks, Lord Watson has always known that one  day he'd marry Regina Harris. Unfortunately nobody thought to inform her  of this; and when she finds that her "love match" was actually arranged  by her father long ago in an effort to further his social standing, it  falls to a science-loving, blunt-speaking baron to win her trust.                       


His Yankee Bride-John Banks has no idea what-or who-waits for him on the  other side of the ocean... Carolina Ellis has longed to meet a man whom  she can love, so when she glimpses such a man, she's determined to do  whatever it takes to have him-Southern aristocracy be damned.

His Jilted Bride-Elijah Banks cannot sit still a moment longer as the  gossip continues to fly about one of his childhood playmates, who just  so happens to still be in her bridal chamber, waiting for her groom to  arrive. Thinking to save her the public humiliation of being jilted at  the altar, Elijah whisks her off to Gretna Green, replacing one scandal  with one far more forgiving. But when a secret she keeps is threatened  to be exposed, it falls to Elijah to save her again by revealing a few  of his own...

His Brother's Bride-Henry Banks had no idea his brother agreed to marry a  fetching young lady until the day she shows up on his doorstep and  presents the proof. To protect the Banks name and his new  sister-in-law's feelings, Henry agrees to marry her only to discover  this young lady's intentions were not so honorable and it wasn't really  marriage she sought, but revenge on a member of the Banks family...


(American Historicals based in Indian Territory mid-1800s)

The Officer and the Bostoner-A well-to-do lady traveling by stagecoach  from her home in Boston to meet her fiance in Santa Fe finds herself  stranded in a military fort when her stagecoach leaves without her.  Given the choice to either temporarily marry an officer until her fiance  can come rescue her or take her chances with the Indians, she marries  the glib Captain Wes Tucker, who, unbeknownst to her, grew up in a  wealthy Charleston family and despises everything she represents. But  when it's time for her fiance to reclaim her and annul their marriage,  will she still want to go with him, and more importantly, will Wes let  her?

The Officer and the Southerner-Second Lt. Jack Walker doesn't always  think ahead and when he decides to defy logic and send off for a  mail-order bride, he might have left out only a few details about his  life. When she arrives and realizes she's been fooled (again), this  woman who's never really belonged, sees no other choice but to marry him  anyway-however, she makes it perfectly clear: she'll be his lawfully  wed, but she will not share his bed. Now Jack has to find a way to show  his always skeptical bride that he is indeed trustworthy and that she  does belong somewhere in the world: right here, with him.

The Officer and the Traveler-Captain Grayson Montgomery's mouth has  landed him in trouble again! And this time it's not something a cleverly  worded sentence and a handsome smile can fix. Having been informed  he'll either have to marry or be demoted and sentenced to hard labor for  the remainder of his tour, he proposes, only to discover those years of  hard labor may have been the easier choice for his heart.

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Four men are about to have their bachelor freedom snatched away as they  become grooms...but finding the perfect woman may prove a bit more  difficult than they originally thought.

Her Sudden Groom-The overly scientific, always respectable and socially  awkward Alexander Banks has just been informed his name resides on a  betrothal agreement right above the name of the worst chit in all of  England. With a loophole that allows him to marry another without  consequence before the thirtieth anniversary of his birth, he has only  four weeks to find another woman and make her his wife.

Her Reluctant Groom-For the past thirteen years Marcus Sinclair, Earl  Sinclair, has lived his life as a heavily scarred recluse, never  dreaming the only woman he's ever wanted would love him back. But when  it slips out that she does, he doubts her love for his scarred body and  past can be real. For truly, how can a woman love a man whose injuries  were caused when he once tried to declare himself to her sister?

Her Secondhand Groom-Widower Patrick Ramsey, Viscount Drakely, fell in  love and married at eighteen only to be devastated by losing her as she  bore his third daughter. Now, as his girls are getting older he realizes  they need a mother-and a governess. Not able to decide between the two  which they need more, he marries an ordinary young lady from the local  village in hopes she can suit both roles. But this ordinary young lady  isn't so ordinary after all, and he'll either have to take a chance and  risk his heart once more or wind up alone forever.

Her Imperfect Groom-Sir Wallace Benedict has never been good with the  fairer sex and in the bottom drawer of his bureau he has the scandal  sheet clippings to prove it. But this thrice-jilted baronet has just  discovered the right lady for him was well-worth waiting for. The only  trouble is, with multiple former love interests plaguing him at every  chance possible, he must find clever ways to avoid them and  simultaneously steal the attention―and affections―of the the one lady  he's sure is a perfect match for him and his imperfections.                       



Intentions of the Earl-A penniless earl makes a pact to ruin an American  hoyden, never suspecting for a moment he'll lose his heart along the  way.

Liberty for Paul-A vicar's daughter who loves propriety almost as much  as she hates the man her father is mentoring will go to any length she  sees fit to see that improper man out the door and out of her life. But  when she's forced to marry him, she'll learn there's a lot more to life,  love and this man than she originally thought.

To Win His Wayward Wife-A gentleman who's spent the last five years  pining for the love of his life will get his second chance. The only  problem? She has no interest in him.