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His Forever Family(41)

By:Sarah M. Anderson

Chapter 19

Sienna stared into Dane's eyes, the heat and passion she saw in them  making her shiver. The love she recognized made her heart pound, and the  desire she felt for him sent surges and surges of sensations through  every part of her body, especially the area between her legs, making her  thighs quiver.

"You're my everything, Sienna," he whispered as he began easing inside  of her. His gaze was locked with hers as his voice came out in a husky  tone. "I need you like I need air to breathe, water for thirst and food  for nourishment. Oh, baby, my life has been so empty since you've been  gone. I love and need you."                       


His words touched her and when he was embedded inside of her to the  hilt, she arched her back, needing and wanting even more of him. She  gripped his shoulders with her fingers as liquid fire seemed to flow to  all parts of her body.

And at that moment she forgot everything-the Beast from the East, their  limited supply of food and the fact they were stranded together in a  cabin with barely enough heat. The only thing that registered in her  mind was that they were together and expressing their love in a way that  literally touched her soul.

He continued to stroke her, in and out, and with each powerful thrust  into her body she moaned out his name and told him of her love. She was  like a bow whose strings were being stretched to the limit each and  every time he drove into her, and she met his thrusts with her own eager  ones.

And then she felt it, the strength like a volcano erupting as he  continued to stroke her to oblivion. Her body splintered into a thousand  pieces as an orgasm ripped through her, almost snatching her breath  away. And when she felt him buck, tighten his hold on her hips and  thrust into her deeper, she knew that same powerful sensation had taken  hold of him, as well.


He screamed her name and growled a couple of words that were incoherent  to her ears. She tightened her arms around his neck, needing to be as  close to him as she could get. She knew in her heart at that moment that  things were going to be fine. She and Dane had proved that when it came  to the power of love, it was never too late.

Sienna awoke the following morning naked, in front of the fireplace and  cuddled in her husband's arms with a blanket covering them. After  yawning, she raised her chin and glanced over at him and met his gaze  head-on. The intensity in the dark eyes staring back at her shot heat  through all parts of her body. She couldn't help but recall last night  and how they had tried making up for all the time they had been apart.

"It's gone," Dane said softly, pulling her closer into his arms.

She lifted a brow. "What's gone?"

"The Beast."

She tilted her head to glance out the window and he was right. Although  snow was still falling, it wasn't the violent blizzard that had been  unleashed the day before. It was as if the weather had served the  purpose it had come for and had made its exit. She smiled. Evidently,  someone up there knew she and Dane's relationship was meant to be saved  and had stepped in to salvage it.

She was about to say something when suddenly there was a loud pounding  at the door. She and Dane looked at each other, wondering who would be  paying them a visit to the cabin at this hour and in this weather.

Chapter 20

Sienna, like Dane, had quickly gotten dressed and was now staring at  the four men who were standing in the doorway...those handsome Steele  brothers. She smiled, shaking her head. Vanessa had evidently called her  cousins to come rescue her, anyway.

"Vanessa called us," Chance Steele, the oldest of the pack, said by way  of explanation. "It just so happened that we were only a couple of  miles down the road at our own cabin." A smile touched his lips. "She  was concerned that the two of you were here starving to death and asked  us to share some of our rations."

"Thanks, guys," Dane said, gladly accepting the box Sebastian Steele  was handing him. "Come on in. And although we've had plenty of heat to  keep us warm, I have to admit our food supply was kind of low."

As soon as the four entered, all eyes went to Sienna. Although the  brothers knew Dane because their families sometimes ran in the same  social circles, as well as the fact that Dane and Donovan Steele had  graduated from high school the same year, she knew their main concern  was for her. She had been their cousin Vanessa's best friend for years,  and as a result they had sort of adopted her as their little cousin, as  well.

"You okay?" Morgan Steele asked her, although Sienna knew she had to  look fine; probably like a woman who'd been made love to all night, and  she wasn't ashamed of that fact. After all, Dane was her husband. But  the Steeles knew about her pending divorce, so she decided to end their  worries.

She smiled and moved closer to Dane. He automatically wrapped his arms  around her shoulders and brought her closer to his side. "Yes, I'm  wonderful," she said, breaking the subtle tension she felt in the room.  "Dane and I have decided we don't want a divorce and intend to stay  together and make our marriage work."

The relieved smiles on the faces of the four men were priceless.  "That's wonderful. We're happy for you," Donovan Steele said, grinning.

"We apologize if we interrupted anything, but you know Vanessa," Chance  said, smiling. "She wouldn't let up. We would have come sooner but the  bad weather kept us away."                       


"Your timing was perfect," Dane said, grinning. "We appreciate you even coming out now. I'm sure the roads weren't their best."

"No, but my new truck managed just fine," Sebastian said proudly.  "Besides, we're going fishing later. We would invite you to join us,  Dane, but I'm sure you can think of other ways you'd prefer to spend  your time."

Dane smiled as he glanced down and met Sienna's gaze. "Oh, yeah, I can definitely think of a few."

The power had been restored and a couple of hours later, after eating a  hefty breakfast of pancakes, sausage, grits and eggs, and drinking what  Dane had to admit was the best coffee he'd had in a long time, Dane and  Sienna were wrapped in each other's arms in the king-size bed.  Sensations flowed through her just thinking about how they had ached and  hungered for each other, and the fierceness of their lovemaking to  fulfill that need and greed.

"Now will you tell me what brought you to the cabin?" Sienna asked, turning in Dane's arms and meeting his gaze.

"My wedding band." He then told her why he'd come to the cabin two  weeks ago and how he'd left the ring behind. "It was as if without that  ring on my finger, my connection to you was gone. I had to have it back  so I came here for it."

Sienna nodded, understanding completely. That was one of the reasons  she hadn't removed hers. Reaching out she cupped his stubble jaw in her  hand and then leaned over and kissed him softly. "Together forever, Mr.  Bradford."

Dane smiled. "Yes, Mrs. Bradford, together forever. We've proved that when it comes to true love, it's never too late."