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His Hellcat(23)

By:Rory Reynolds

“Oh, Hutch, they’re just perfect.”

“So, sis, what’re their names?”

Another wide smile spreads across her face, delight at having kept a secret from her twin. He always cracks her one way or another, but she managed to hold out on this one.

“Caiden Marie and Haiden Leigh,” she answers and I can’t hold back the laughter when Drake groans.

“Did you really have to do that to them? Just because it’s been done with every set of twins in our family for generations, doesn’t mean you had to do it too. You could have broken the curse.” He sounds upset, but his eyes are brimming with happiness. Despite his constant complaining about how their parents hated them by giving them matching names, I can tell he’s pleased that she honored the tradition.

“When you have twins, you can go ahead and break the curse. I wasn’t about to have mom come back and haunt me for the rest of my days. You know she would,” Blake teases.

The nurse, who has been mostly silent, snorts out a little laugh, then blushes beet red when she realizes she’s caught our attention. Drake looks at her like he wants to eat her for dinner… interesting. She clears her throat, and shuts down any amusement she was showing. “It looks like you’re all set here. I’ll leave you to it. If you need anything, just call down to the nurse’s station and someone will be right in.”


The door doesn’t even click shut before Drake is heading out with a wave and a quick, “I’ll be back later.”

Very interesting.

Blake hands me one of our girls so she can nurse the other. I slide onto the bed beside her, all three of my girls safe and sound. Haiden makes sweet baby grunts as she eats and Caiden sleeps peacefully in the crook of my arm.

Sheer perfection.

“Hutch, I’m not upset about not having any more children. Our family is perfect. It was the thought that I could have lost our happily ever after was unbearable.”

“I love you, Kitten.”

“Always and forever.”

The End