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His Hostage(7)

By:Willow Winters

She smiles looking around the room, and her eyes light up as she quickly strides to take a seat across from me. It prompts a small chuckle from me. She obviously takes delight in the little things. I like that.

The people in this town don’t come in that often anymore. They know my Pops is Don. Everyone knows it, but no one can prove it. I look to my left and see Joe smile as he watches the sweet little blonde scoot into the booth across from us. Joe can back the fuck off, that pussy is mine.

I grin at her being so damn cute and shy. She obviously has no idea that she’s walked into the mafia headquarters. A low, deep chuckle vibrates my chest as she blushes and covers her face. Sweet. She’s a definite sweetheart; I like it. Sweetheart.

She’s looking around like a waitress is gonna come and give her a menu. I look over to Brant. He knows the drill. He should be getting his ass up and playing the part. It takes a minute for him to put down his phone and walk over to her with a forced smile. Little shit. He’s only 17 and doesn’t do much for the family, for obvious reasons. He should be thrilled to wait on a woman like that. Maybe the prick's hormones haven’t hit him yet.

I give her a minute to get adjusted. I nearly laugh when I see her disappointed expression viewing the laptop screen and then watch her eyes search the room. She’s upset about the Wi-Fi. How freaking cute. I can practically hear her every thought. She’s so easy to read. So expressive. I bet she’d be that way in bed, too.

At that thought, I stand up and walk over to her. No time like the present. I know I’m going to be interrupting, but I don’t wait. I’m an impatient prick. When I want something, I go for it. And I sure as fuck want her.

“Whatcha doing here, sweetheart?” My little prey jumps upright and her hand flies to her chest. I restrain myself from laughing and slip into the seat across from her, watching her face to make sure I’m welcome. She smiles slightly, and that beautiful blush rises to her cheeks again. She gives off an innocent vibe that makes me want to test her. My arm rests on the back of the booth, but it’s a good distance away from her. I don’t want to come on too strong. Not yet.

I’m surprised my sweetheart isn’t drooling. She obviously likes what she sees. Which makes me real fucking happy, and more eager than I should be to get into her pants. It’s been a while, but the need to fuck her senseless is riding me hard. Her pouty lips beg me to nibble them. I can practically hear her panting while I rut between her legs. Her chest rises and falls as her eyes find mine, and a look of embarrassment crosses her face. She shouldn’t be embarrassed, not at all. She’s obviously a woman with needs. I could take care of those for her. It’d be my fucking pleasure.

“I have to study.” She looks nervous, like I’m about to devour her. She’s smart, 'cause that’s exactly what I’m going to do. It’s obvious that she’s a good girl who knows better. But I’ve learned that good girls happen to love bad boys. And that’s exactly who I am, so she’s in for a treat.

“What’s your name?” I ask, completely ignoring her statement.

“Elle.” She’s quick to respond. I like that.

"I’m Vince. What are you studying, sweetheart?" I deliberately lick my bottom lip and watch her eyes dart to my mouth as her own lips part slightly. I know how to play this game. It's exactly the kind of game that hard to get types like to play. Although, I don’t have to play it often. And she doesn’t really come off as that kind of girl.

I pick up her textbook and my brow furrows when I see the cover. She’s really fucking smart. "Biology?" I keep my voice even as I set the book back down. My confidence takes a small hit though. She’s a good girl, and she’s in school. Judging from the book, she’s taking some pretty fucking hard classes. I never went that road. Not like my brother Dom. I mean, I still know my shit. I never wanted to sit in class and try to be the teacher’s pet. But I'm damn sure this broad isn't wanting a man like me.

She’s not going to want the bad boy who’s only going to derail her plans. At most, maybe she'd consider me someone to go slumming with. But my read on her isn’t giving me that vibe; she’s not the kind of woman who'd go to a dive looking for a dirty fuck to get her off, the later tell her girlfriends what she did. Her soft blue eyes stare back at me with lust, but she's holding herself back. I can tell. And I’m finding the challenge alluring.

"Yup! Bio." Her voice squeaks a little and it makes me grin. I love that I’m getting to her. I can tell she thinks this is a bad idea, and she’s right. Just like I thought, smart girl. "I--" She starts to speak, but I cut her off.