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By:Jeff Collins


Valerie could feel Richard Farr's cock hardening in his pants. He likes me, she thought. The handsomest, richest boy in town wants me!

"Jesus, Val, you shouldn't hide these," Richard moaned, cupping her huge tits in the baggy blouse. "Jeez, they're fantastic!"

"Do you really like them, Richard? Do they please you?"

"I'll show you how much!" he moaned.

His mouth came down to meet hers. His tongue parted her lips and a tingle slid down to swell her already huge breasts.

Suddenly she was aware of his hand on her right tit, fingers spread wide in an attempt to enclose the full, swollen mound. It was the first thing that the few other boys she had dated always tried to do – feel and massage her tits. Now for the very first time that she could remember, she made no attempt to stop him, to push away his hand, as she had all the others.

Hands at her sides arid her lips still pressed to his, Valerie thrilled to his gentle caress, his gentle fondling through the flimsy material of her blouse and bra. She emitted a little gasp as his finger brushed over her nipple.

Is this really happening to me? To Valerie Jones? she asked herself. Me, plain little Valerie Jones being desired by Richard Farr?

It's impossible to even hope for! But it's happening!

His hand slid down inside her panties. She went taut as she felt his fingers against her naked flesh, gradually threading their way into her wet slit. She could feel him teasing her pussy, and the sensation was so new and overpowering that she couldn't offer even token resistance. She could hear her own breathing now, and feel herself undulating to the rhythm of his fingers. It was a frightening, yet beautiful, feeling!

She had often played with her pussy with her own fingers, and she recognized the overwhelming, wonderful feeling that was now building inside her belly. She was going to come – to come on Richard's fingers! She was only brief moments away, when suddenly he lifted his mouth from her tits, took his hand from inside her panties and whispered, "You don't want to come like this, do you, Valerie honey?"

"Huh… what?"

"I mean, it would feel a lot better for bath of us if you came on my dick!"

There it was, the invitation, the proposition, complete with the real words. Handsome Richard Farr really wanted to do it to her!

"Yeah," she heard herself gasp. "Yeah, I guess it would be better!"

"Then let's go into the cabin."

"Cabin? What cabin?" she asked. They were parked by the lake. Valerie knew there were cabins there, but she didn't realize they were so close to one.

"That one, right there. It's my folks', and I've got a key. C'mon!"

Before she could resist, she was being tugged from the car. And then they were in the large one room cabin. The only illumination was the moonlight streaming in through the window, but it was light enough to see the huge king-sized bed, and the sight of it brought home the reality of what she was about to do.

"Richard… uh… maybe we better not."

"Now, honey, don't be scared." He moved toward her in the darkness. Her heart pounded wildly as he placed his hands on her hips, drawing her close to him until their bodies were touching, then pressing.

The feel of her softness seemed to excite him. He pressed closer, his belly to hers, grinding his young cock to her lightly covered pussy mound.

"Oh, Richard, is that the only reason you wanted a date with me? To do it to me?"

"Oh, Val, no, honest. I like you!"

"You do?" she gasped, feeling a flood of juices ooze from her lower lips.

"Sure. I'd like you to be my girl."

"You would?" Her head was swimming.

She sighed happily and reached up to him, her arms going around his neck, fingers toying with his long hair. He kissed her and she gave her mouth and her tongue to him willingly as she felt his hands go behind her to grasp her soft ass and draw her closer. She thought his poker-stiff prick would burn a hole in her belly.

God! In her whole life she could never remember feeling so hot before – wanting anything so much!

Then his hands were working at her clothes. I'm going to be naked! she thought. I'm going to be stark naked with a boy in the cabin with a bed!

And then she stood before him, her soft young body totally nude in the moonlight.

Richard's breathing grew ragged and heavy. His hands clutched at the billowy softness of her large, milk-white tits. He kissed and tongued them all over, causing her whole body to shiver with new excitement. Then all at once he was propelling her backwards toward the big bed.#p#分页标题#e#

Valerie went sprawling across it and his mouth was again at her aching tits. She clung to him, giving herself up completely, moaning with ecstasy at the newness of the sensations he was bringing her.

"I'm… I'm getting those funny feelings in my belly again, down between my legs, like I did outside in the car. Ohhh, Richard, is that the way a girl is supposed to feel? When she gets all hot for a man?"

"That's it, baby," Richard whispered. "I'll bet you're getting all wet down there, too."

"Oh, I am, I am!" she gushed as she felt his hand slipping between her thighs. His fingertips gently glided over the moist slightly parted lips of her pussy. Now it was inside her snug slit, tormenting her clitoris. Valerie thrashed and wailed.

He drew back from her and got off the bed.

Her eyes were drawn to him like a magnet as his fingers went to his fly and slid open the zipper. He reached inside and whipped out his cock.

Valerie caught her breath at the sight of it standing up stiff and straight, its enormous head all smooth and shiny wet. This was the first cock she had ever seen. Its strength and size both frightened and fascinated her. She couldn't take her eyes off of it.

Richard stood there at the side of the bed for a long moment, letting her get a good look at it. Then he continued to undress. When he was as naked as she, he got back onto the bed. Valerie felt him parting her legs and getting between them. She moaned with anticipation and rolled her head from side to side, her big titted body twisting beneath his with growing frustration.

Never in a million years would she have believed she would feel this way – even for a boy she had idolized ever since her first year in high school. She wanted him. If he didn't give it to her quickly, she would scream out for it! She hated herself for the way she felt – so helpless – but her hot young pussy was beyond control.

Richard took his swollen cock in his right hand and moved the head of it slowly along the sensitive flesh at the inside of her thighs. Valerie felt her thighs part of their own volition, wider and wider, as the head of his prick moved closer and closer to its goal.

"That's it," he groaned. "Open those legs for me. Open that sweet pink pussy of yours!"

"You… you will be careful, won't you?" Valerie murmured.

"Of course."

"I mean, I never did it before – not with anybody. You're the first one!"

Suddenly she felt the head of his big cock touch the tender flesh of her cunt. Shamelessly, she lifted her ass off the bed and moved her cunt closer to it.

"Here goes!" he gasped and pressed the knob of his prick against the dripping folds of her outer lips. He poised his cock on the edge of her quivering flesh and raised himself above her.

Valerie instinctively began rubbing her naked pussy against his cockhead, first slowly, then with undisguised lust. Richard slipped his hands under the twin globes of her ass and clutched her to him as he sank into her hot cunt. At the same time, he dropped his face to one of her big tits and pulled the aching nipple into his wet mouth.

Then his strong young cock hit her barrier. Jesus, he thought with surprise, she is a virgin! He felt his prickhead split her cherry as he lunged. To his further surprise, she showed no pain. Quite the opposite. Valerie dug her fingers into his ass and forced more and more of his steel-hard cock up her cunt channel.

"Oh! Oh, yes, yes! Oh, my God, it's wonderful!" she shrieked, raising her ass from the bed and sending the hot glove of her pussy hard over his meat.

"Jesus," he gasped.

She was going crazy for it. She was so eagerly hot to have his cock go deeper that the slight stab of pain and the drops of blood that splattered his thighs and hers hardly slowed her at all. Valerie drove her ass up and down off the bed and felt the wonderful stiff meat of his throbbing prick plunge into her tight virgin pussy.

But that was nothing compared to the thrill she experienced when she felt his fat cock swell inside her cramped cunt and then begin to shoot glob after glob of his hot cum into her guts. It tripped her orgasm. She bucked up and down under him, hugging his face tightly to her swollen tits. Even after she felt his cock go limp inside her, she kept slamming up against him – hoping, demanding more.

"Ohhh, Richard, don't stop! Don't stop fucking me! It feels good, sooo gooood!"

"Jesus, baby, you really are hot!"

"Yes! Oh do it some more, please!"

"Sure, sure, baby," he gasped, leering down at her. "But you'll have to get it hard enough for me."#p#分页标题#e#

"How?" she moaned. "Tell me how!" He pulled his dick from her creamy pussy and slid up on the bed until his glistening wet meat bobbed against her cheek. "Suck it a little! Suck it for me!"