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Ice (Elite Forces #1)

By:Hilary Storm & Kathy Coopmans

Ice (Elite Forces #1)
Hilary Storm & Kathy Coopmans


Loyalty, Duty, Honor, Respect, Courage, and Integrity... Those are six  of the seven cores embedded into a soldier's brain when you enlist in  The United States Army.

I remember like it was yesterday, placing my hand on the bible, while  holding my other hand high along with my head, turning my life over to  protect my country. Only, it wasn't yesterday, it was eight long,  tortuous, agonizing years ago.

My reasons for thinking agonizing have nothing to do with the Army. I  live it. I breathe it. My life is consumed by it because it's all I've  ever wanted.

It's agonizing because here I stand in complete darkness as one of the  first women to graduate from The Army's Special Ranger's School. Agony  may be a harsh word to use. However, no one was more relieved than I was  when the law was lifted a few years ago and women were notoriously  approved to serve our country in day-to-day ground combat roles. Our  nation has come a long way in allowing equal rights to women. It's about  fucking time.

For two months I trained, barely slept, and pushed my now well-defined  body to the brink of exhaustion. My dream is now a reality and my right  to be here is embedded into my soul.

My mental stability was pushed to the limits, physical strength tested  to the point of pain so excruciating that I was ready to give up,  surrender, and dare to show them weakness, but I never did. I would've  died first.

With the help of a fellow Captain, I pushed harder, became stronger, and  passed. Yet here I stand, ready and willing to throw my dream away, all  for a simple quick fuck. It's the stupidest thing I've ever thought  about doing in my life and god help me, I can't control it, nor do I  want to.

I've been in the desert a little over a month now, lucky enough to have  been given the same orders as that same fellow Captain who encouraged me  all those months ago to press forward and prove to myself and everyone  else that I could live my dream and become who I wanted to be.

Captain Beau Harris and I have been flirting, eye-fucking each other  since we first re-connected in this shit-hole country. Both of us  pissing the time away while we wait for our Commander to arrive so he  can deal out our orders. I crave the day we get to go behind enemy lines  and destroy a substantial military target. It's a mission that should  have been started weeks ago. The higher ups have been tight-lipped and  they've been pissing me the fuck off.

Hence, the reason I need sex. I'm not a slut; in fact, I'm far from it.  But hell, after training and now waiting for someone who should've  already been here, I'm sexually frustrated. My pussy needs attention. It  needs to be pounded, fucked, and filled with a great cock before I lose  my mind.

So that brings me to core number seven... Selfless Service. That's the  one I've mastered. Everything I do is for my country or for my  subordinates. I don't do anything for me, it's just not allowed. Well,  tonight I'm feeling selfish.

I'm Captain Jade Elliott of The United States Army and I'm about to break every single one of the seven cores I pledged.



"Fuck. You smell good." Harris sneaks up behind me, places his hand on  the small of my back as he pushes me inside my tent. I'm the only woman  out here. The men all share a tent, while I choose to have my own. It  may be small, but it's mine. At this very moment, I'm thankful I chose  to sleep on my own. I'm selfish, always have been. My upbringing made me  this way.

I'm an only daughter who rebelled against her parents. They wanted a  girly girl, but instead they wound up with me. Don't get me wrong, I can  be as girly as they come. I love the feel of silk across my soft skin,  and the smell of lavender in my bath, or my nails and toes pampered.

However, when you grow up with four older brothers who played Army and you wanted someone to play with, then you played it too.

I could carry on for hours about how I became a soldier. There's no time  for it now. Right now, my pussy is throbbing, the need to be touched by  a man and not my fingers has me spinning around and cupping Harris's  already hard cock.

"Don't fucking talk, and I swear if you tell anyone, I'll cut your dick  off." He grabs my throat when I threaten his manhood. He knows I want  this. I need this. Hell, it's to the point now that we're both  distracted. I'm hoping this is like a bad itch that'll go away after we  scratch it and oh fuck, do I ever plan to scratch it. He wants this as  much as I do. I'm tired of playing games and hell, there isn't time for  foreplay, I'm wet and ready.

"Don't give me orders." His grip on my neck releases when our lips  connect. Our hands both clawing at clothing with desperation and  urgency. God, I want his dick inside me more than I care to breathe  right now. How did I turn into this desperate pile of disgrace? I'm like  a crack whore waiting for her next hit. I just need this. Right.  Fucking. Now.                       


"On your knees," he tries to order me to position.

"I'm not here to suck dick. I want the real deal."

"Oh. You're gonna get the real fucking deal. You should be worried about  how you're gonna stay quiet when I pound that sweet pussy all night  long."

"We don't have all night. I want you out of here before long."

"Look at you. Already trying to get rid of me. Don't you think you  should wait until you've had a taste?" He bites my lip as he finishes  talking. I watch him. The lights shining through the walls of the tent  light us both up enough that I can see his perfect chest. I run my hands  over his biceps and slowly down his arms. I've masturbated to the  thoughts of this man many times. Having him in my hands is not a  let-down by any means. He's perfect. Why does he have to look and feel  so fucking perfect? I know him. The real him. He's a pain in my ass  every fucking day. I could never do anything more than this right here  with him.

We fight too much for that. He fights for leadership, while I fight for  approval. I don't need approval from Harris, he's always treated me as  his equal. There are some who don't seem to think a woman should be out  here, dealing with day-to-day combat. Why I give a fuck, is beyond me.

He wraps his arms around me and fills his hands with my ass, lifting me until my legs are wrapped around his waist.

"Don't even think about sticking that in me without a condom."

"You're really sexy when you talk dirty." He's such a smartass. Why am I  doing this again? Because I need dick in my life, that's why. I have  built up aggression that I need to work out and he's the perfect  candidate for me to take it out on. He won't expect more than this right  here.

I slide down his body while he rolls the condom into place, practically  salivating at the sight of him. Damn it. All those months of him  bragging, and he wasn't really exaggerating. I guess I should be  thankful.

"Get back up here. It's hammer time, Sweetheart."

"You really should stop talking." I don't even care that he's annoying  me. I wrap my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist and let  him begin to slide me onto him.

"Oh shitttttt." He feels so good. In fact, he's the type I'll have to  adjust for. He's gripping my hips and barely sliding the tip of him into  me, just as I hear footsteps outside the tent.

"Captain Elliott. Report for duty." Who the hell is that? Who wants to die? Harris stills. His eyes widen.

"Who the hell is that?" he whispers.

"I'm busy right now." My words are a mumble as I pull my hips away from  his and roll them forward, trying to get him inside of me. This is  pathetic. Damn it.

The sound of the canvas opening shocks me. My heart practically shatters  when a bearded man enters. His eyes widen slightly and I swear I see  him smirk.

"I can see that, but you will report for duty immediately." His glare is snarky and he's demanding and arrogant as hell.

Without moving, I close my eyes and curse this man. Curse myself for  falling victim to the weak bitch syndrome. I haven't worked my ass off  for eight years to be taken down by two dicks in one night.

"I'll be right there." My eyes never leaving his face.

"Captain." He nods at Harris. "I'll see you in the morning." I watch the  bearded man, who I can only assume is my new Commander, step outside  the tent. I don't hear the sound of footsteps of him leaving, so I'm  sure he's standing there making sure I don't take too long. Shit.

I slide down Harris with a new urgency. My pussy is begging to stay and  finish what we started, but my heart and mind can't. I may have just  fucked up everything I've worked so hard to do.

My clothes are wrinkled at our feet, so I rush for tomorrow's set,  discarding my old ones as I move. Putting everything in place in record  time, including my hair, I look at Harris one last time before I exit.  My gut tingles thinking of the possibilities of how good he would've  been.