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In A Heartbeat

By:Hilary Storm

~Chapter One~


Today is the first day in the next chapter of my life. My best friend, Ivy, and I are leaving home to finish college. We will be roommates and have the time of our lives. She has been staying at our house since November of our senior year in high school. My parents agreed to help us both with college if we would take two years of basic courses at the local junior college. Now we are moving to Springfield, Missouri to attend Missouri State University.

Ivy’s home life has been anything but stable and my parents have taken her in as one of their own. I am so thankful for everything they have done for both of us, but we are ready to take the world by storm. Ivy and I have been there for each other since after the first day we met in sixth grade. She has been dealt a rough life and there isn't anything I wouldn't do for her.

"We love you girls! Please do well in school and stay away from the parties." My mom is going to miss us. She won’t admit it, but she will. My parent’s named me Eaven and decided to spell it like heaven without the ‘h’. I am sure she would reconsider my name now if given the chance. Ivy and I have been quite the handful the past eight years, but mom loves us. Dad is just dad. He goes with the flow and is pretty easy going. I have to say not many parents would take in another child when they already have two girls to raise themselves.

My parents have helped us move everything into our new apartment today. I am not sure what Ivy and I would do without their help. They are doing everything they can to help us get an education.

We hug mom and dad goodbye, but never make any promises we know we can’t keep. Watching them drive away, I notice an amount of weight leave my shoulders that I never knew I held. I am free! Free to be me! I am so ready!

"Eaven, get ready, we are going to the club!" Ivy is ready to get our party started.

"Hell ya, let's do this!" I say, bursting with excitement thinking about the possibilities.

We race up to our apartment to beautify ourselves. After my shower I notice that I missed a call from my cousin Luke. He goes to school here too. He left a message saying that his band ‘Rebel Walking’ will be playing at the club tonight.

"Ivy, Luke wants us to go to Smitty's tonight to watch him play. Are you in?" I ask her hoping she says yes, because I can’t wait to see him on stage.

"Oh yea! We are going to find us some boy toys!" I can hear the naughtiness in her voice as she struts off with pure confidence.

"Luke said that if we can get there, the party bus can bring us back.” I yell at Ivy from my bathroom.

Ivy has beautiful dark brown hair that flows over her shoulders. She has a curvaceous body that moves unlike most girls I know. Her skin is always flawless and she seems to have a tan like she just spent the week at the beach no matter what time of year. It is not fair that she has it and knows it. I wish I had her self-confidence. She has on jeans with heels and a tight fitting t-shirt. Damn, I could never wear that tight of a shirt.

"Are you ready? I am ready to go.” She looks over at me and instantly the look of distaste flows throughout her face.

“Um, what are you wearing? You are not going out with that top on. Here put this on." She hands me one of her hot pink shirts that is cut so low that her cleavage is always showing in it.

"Ivy, I can't wear that. Your shirts are too small for me. Plus my girls would fall right out of the front of that damned thing."

"Oh no you don't, Ev! Your ex is not here to tell you what you can't wear. You are wearing this and going to love the attention you get all night long. Now hurry up, our men are waiting."

"I can't Ivy, that shirt is just too much, or should I say not enough?"

"PUT IT ON! You are going to step out of your little box and enjoy life if I have to drag you out of it each and every day."

I put it on. I know she will never give up on this issue. The shirt makes me feel completely self-conscious and I don’t know whether to pull it up to hide some of the cleavage that is showing or pull it down to cover the top edge of my jeans.

"Hot damn! Your girls are ready to say hello to the world tonight!" I frown at her cat calls and hooting like a fool. She grabs my arm and yanks me out the door.

I can't believe I am doing this. I have been able to live a little in our home town, Ridgedale, but always hid under the façade that my mom or ex would never let me do certain things. Ivy is going to enjoy ripping me from my comfort zone. I may as well just enjoy this, because she will never let up.

"How are we going to get there?"

"Oh Ev, just let me handle this. There is bound to be someone in the parking lot we can get to take us to the club."