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Innocent Christmas(10)

By:Alexa Riley

Today was perfect. Every single part of it was pristine. Everything came together just like I’d wanted. From the tiny Christmas trees decorated with pink lights atop every table, to the wedding cake topper of a prince holding a princess in his arms, it was like a fairy-tale wedding come true for me. I could tell from the smile plastered on William’s face that he adored it all. But what I think made him happiest was seeing me get the wedding I really wanted. He wanted to give me that, and he did. Like always. He made sure every wish I ever had was granted.

I’d spent most of the night on the verge of happy tears, wanting to burst, I was so stinking happy. I almost did a few times, then Daddy would whisper into my ear all the naughty things he was going to do to me tonight. A whole new set a feelings would hit me, keeping the happy tears at bay.

We planned a wedding to celebrate with everyone, but just like always, when William and I are together the world fades away, leaving only the two of us. That was how we spent most of the night, me in his arms. Where I’ll be for the rest of our lives. Dancing, laughing, him making me feel like I’m the only other person in the world. Like he can’t breathe without me close. It’s an intoxicating feeling to be so cherished.

When I step out of the bathroom, I see him sitting in a chair in the corner of the room, his eyes locked on me. A dark-colored drink is in his hand. I’m sure it’s bourbon. I’ll be tasting it on his lips very soon. He lazily takes a sip, never taking his hungry eyes off me as he waits for me to give him what he wants. He wants to play. I love when we pretend it’s our first time again.

He’s already removed his shoes and thrown off his jacket. His tie is long gone and a few buttons are undone on his collared shirt. I make a show of crawling onto the bed, baiting him with my kitty before I drop down onto my back. I pick up the blindfold and slip it on before grabbing the headboard with both hands and parting my legs slightly.

I can feel him before he even touches me. I know he’s standing over me, his eyes roaming my body as he thinks about all the things he wants to do to me, and I’ll let him do them. I’ll do anything to please my Daddy, always craving for him to play with me.

I feel his hand wrap around one ankle, parting my legs more as he starts to trail his fingers up my calf to my thigh, stopping right before my kitty. The soft tease makes me ache for his touch. The need pulses through my body already. I want to move and make him touch me, but I know if I do, my kitty will get a spanking.

“Has anyone ever touched you here?” he asks, one finger finally dragging along my slit, but he doesn’t touch me where I need it most. It intensifies the ache to a near-maddening level.

“No, Daddy. I’m not supposed to let anyone touch me there,” I whisper.

“What if your Daddy wants to touch you there? You’d let me, wouldn’t you?” His voice is thick but encouraging. I have to bite my lip to stop myself from moaning and begging.

“I’d-we would get in trouble,” I finally get out.

“No one has to know that Daddy touches his little girl here. It would just be between you and me. Our little secret. You like having secrets with your Daddy, don’t you?” His hand moves to the top of my mound. “You want to play with Daddy, don’t you? Because it would make me happy to play with you, little one.” His finger runs along my slit again, this time brushing me in the perfect spot, making me moan out. “See? It feels so good.” His fingers trail up higher to my hard nipples. He circles them but doesn’t touch them. “I could touch you here, too.”

“Yes,” I beg, as his fingers rub against one nipple, teasing, then going to the other. I feel like I might explode. I need him. I want Daddy to touch me everywhere. To have secrets that no one ever knows.

“You like that? Because it makes Daddy so hard, touching you like this. I want to place little kisses all over your body.”

“It makes me tingle, Daddy. Please. I…” I can’t seem to find the words. I need him. My breathing has turned ragged.

His body comes down on top of mine, engulfing me. His naked skin presses into mine, his warmth covering my small frame. Daddy’s tongue licks the seam of my mouth, making me part my lips.

“Suck Daddy’s tongue into your mouth and maybe Daddy will help his little girl with that tingle,” he says against my lips before pushing his tongue into my mouth. I suck it in greedily, tasting the bourbon as I try to please him. Gripping the headboard tighter, I try to stop myself from letting go.

He breaks the kiss, biting my lip. “You’re such a good little girl trying to please your Daddy. Now spread your legs wide, and let me take care of you. Then when I’m done, I’ll use your body however I want to and you’ll let me, won’t you? I can do anything I want and you’ll take it like a good little, and then you’ll ask Daddy to do it all over again.”