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Innocent Christmas(3)

By:Alexa Riley

Smack. The first slap on her naked ass echoes through the office. I don’t give her a break, instead going from one fat ass cheek to the next. Watching the lush flesh move and shake with each slap makes my dick grow impossibly harder. I feel the wetness of pre-cum leaking onto my pants, and I grit my teeth to try to hold it back.

Her ass cheeks are turning the prettiest pink, and her moans are getting louder. I can see her sticky juice smeared on the insides of her thighs, her horny kitty begging for discipline. As I alternate smacks between cheeks, her legs spread further and further apart. Just like always, her pussy is seeking attention, and I’m all too eager to give it to her.

“Grind your kitty on Daddy’s leg while I spank you, little one. Rub your princess parts on my thigh so you can cum while I watch you.” She spreads her legs wider, draping one over my lap and straddling my thigh. The juices from her pussy soak my slacks, and the heat of her cunt nearly burns me. “Oh, look how horny you are, baby girl.”

She moans, and I land another smack on her lush ass as she grinds her pussy against me. Working her pussy hard on my leg, I squeeze her pink ass cheeks as she humps me.

“Daddy,” she whispers, and I leak a little more cum into my pants.

“Cum, little one. Give Daddy what he wants.” She grinds down hard again as I smack her ass quickly several times in a row.

It’s enough to send her over the edge, and she tenses up against me, shouting out her orgasm. Her arms and legs stiffen and her back tries to arch. Her body flushes from the force of it, and after a few moments, she goes limp in my lap.

Her body is soft like a cuddly kitten, and she sighs sweetly and happily. I want to carry her to bed and make love to her all night, but we don’t have the time.

“Okay, little one. I want my other coupon now.”

She lifts her head, and I can see the result of her exertion as her hair sticks to her forehead. She smiles at me and licks her lips. “Yes, Daddy.”

Chapter 3


Haley moves off my lap and kneels in front of me. My cock is beyond the point of pain and needs to cum.

She bounces excitedly as she reaches for my belt, her eyes big with enthusiasm. My little girl love sucking my cock almost as much as she loves me fucking her with it. Sometimes when we’re in bed, she lies between my legs, suckling the tip as she falls asleep. It’s comforting to her and it makes her feel protected. It’s my duty to provide her that comfort and protection.

I touch her chin gently as she undoes my slacks and pulls out my cock. Her cherry pink lips open up and go down on me quickly. Her need to have me in her mouth is nearly as great as my need to cum.

“That’s it, sweetheart. All the way to the back.” I feel the head of my cock bump the back of her throat, and she opens up a little more to swallow. She’s gotten so good at deep-throating me that she hardly gags anymore. My precious little, working so hard to please her Daddy.

I feel her moans ripple down my cock, all the way to my balls as they draw up tightly. I lightly grip her hair as I guide her up and down, trying to control my orgasm. I don’t want it to be over yet; the warm heaven of her mouth is so tempting.

As I grip her hair a little more firmly, she pops off my cock and looks up at me with big eyes. “Was I not doing it right, Daddy?” The innocence in her voice is nearly my undoing, and I shake my head as I pull her onto my lap to straddle me.

“No, little one. I just need inside your kitty. I want to kiss your sweet lips as I cum.” As I press the thick tip of my cock to her small opening, she eases down onto me, stretching to accommodate my size.

After all the times I’ve had her in every way possible, she’s still almost too tight for me to fit. She has to work her wetness up and down inch by inch until she’s finally seated on my shaft. My balls press against her warm ass, and my cock twitches inside her at the feeling.

“Up and down, princess. Jack my cock off with your kitty.” Reaching down, she lifts the ruffles of her dress so I can see where we are connected. “Oh, that’s beautiful, little one. So pretty. Just like that.”

She bounces up and down on my dick, and I watch as my thickness disappears into her tight channel. I reach a finger down to where we’re connected, scooping up some of her sweetness and bringing it to my lips. I taste her orgasm from earlier, and it makes a little more cum leak from the end of my cock.

Haley leans down to give me her mouth, and I take it in a fierce kiss. The flavor of her pussy is shared between us and has us both moaning with need. I reach under her ruffles again and rub her clit with my thumb as she rides me. Her little clenches are trying to pull my cum from me, and I rub her harder, trying to get her off first.