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Innocent Christmas(4)

By:Alexa Riley

It only takes me a few more strokes of her hard nub and she’s pulsing around my cock and breaking our kiss. She arches her back and lets out her scream of ecstasy as she cums all over my dick.

The feel of her wetness seep out of her cunt and drip down my balls leaves me unable to hold off any longer. I thrust into her one last time and empty myself inside her pussy. Her clenches pull all of my cum from me, her greedy pussy trying to take it all.

Once I’ve given her my last drop, she collapses on my chest and cuddles into me. I wrap my big arms around her and hold her close. I kiss her forehead and pet her back as a few small clenches from her pussy grip me.

“That was perfect, little one. Thank you. I’m so proud of you. You did such a wonderful job.”

She nearly purrs at my praise and cuddles into me more. “Thank you, Daddy.”

Nothing makes her feel more special than when I compliment her behavior and acknowledge what a great job she’s done. So I always make the extra effort to pet my little and remind her just how important she is to me. Aftercare is key, and I like to apply in all things.

Haley is the most significant thing in my life. Nothing comes before or after her; it’s always only her. I’m so happy to finally be getting married and making what we have official. She may be quirky to some people and come across as bratty, but those are the things I love most about her. Her bratty behavior, her sassy mouth, and her adorable innocence.

How could I not love her? She’s beyond perfect.

I kiss her on the forehead one last time, hating to break our bubble of intimacy. “Don’t we have somewhere we need to be, precious girl?”

Chapter 4


“We have to get to my father’s. I want to make sure everything is in place before people start to show up for dinner,” I remind him, even though I know he already knows. We have plenty of time, but our playtime has put us a little behind. But after those two orgasms, I really don’t care. It’s odd because I’ve been so crazy about every detail of this wedding, wanting it to be just right.

I know the reason for my nonchalance at the moment. William made all the stress leave my body with his spanking. He always seems to know what I need even before I do. How I got so lucky to have someone like him, I’ll never know. And tomorrow he’ll tie himself to me forever.

“I should change my pants before we go.” He grips me by the hips in a firm hold, lifting me from his lap. His cock slides free, and I moan at the loss as my feet meet the floor. My dress falls back into place as I feel Daddy’s release coat the insides of my thighs. I know this will be our last time together before we’re married. I’m set to spend the night at my father’s tonight after dinner. I won’t get to see Daddy again until I walk down the aisle.

I know it’s some kind of tradition, but I’m worried I won’t sleep well. I haven’t slept without Daddy William since the day he claimed me as his on the night of my graduation. There was no stopping him. I was his, and it was something I’d wanted for years. He finally took me for his own, and we’ve never looked back.

When he told me he’d been waiting for me for years, not even looking at another woman, I melted into him and stayed there ever since. I wanted him for years but never thought I could have him. Our age difference wasn’t the only thing against us; he was my father’s best friend. At first it was rough, but over time my father saw how much William loved me and that he’d never touched me before I was eighteen. In fact, he’d been avoiding me like the plague up until the night he finally took me. I feel myself smile at the reminder of that night. I woke in his home and he made me his.

Daddy kisses the tip of my nose before he starts fixing the bow in my hair. I’m sure it’s a mess after our play.

“Go grab your overnight bag and meet me at the door to the garage.” I turn to do as Daddy says, but he catches me by the arm. “I want to see it.” I know what he wants without even having to ask. I lift my dress and widen my feet apart. Daddy always likes to watch his cum drip from my body.

He drops to his knees in front of me, still almost coming up to my breasts even on his knees. Seeing as he’s more than a foot taller than me to begin with, the height difference is comical. Leaning down, he places a little kiss on my mound while I run my fingers through his dark hair, which is speckled with grey at his temples. Then I trail my fingers down to the day-old whiskers starting to break through on his chin.

He takes his cellphone out of his slacks. “Spread them for me” Reaching down, I part the lips of my kitty for him, and he takes a picture, then steals a kiss on my clit. When he rises, I drop my dress back down, and he smooths it out for me. “When I’m missing my little tonight, I’ll pull out this picture as I stroke myself and think about my bride-to-be.” I feel myself blush a little and bite my lip. He growls and turns me around, smacking my butt as we exit his office.