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Innocent Christmas(5)

By:Alexa Riley

“Go get your stuff while I change.” I scurry from the room, and Daddy tries to give me a few more playful smacks as I dart to the living room.

I make sure the overnight bag I packed this morning is by the door and ready to go. Flipping off the Christmas lights on the tree, it hits me that I won’t be spending Christmas Eve in bed with William. Sure, we’ll be together tonight, but I won’t wake up on Christmas morning in his arms. It’s a silly thing to be sad about in the grand scheme of things. I’ll see him later that day and marry him on Christmas Day, but for some reason it makes me ache a little.

“Little one.” I hear Daddy call for me from the other side of the house, probably wondering why I’m not at the garage door, waiting for him. Pulling my bag over my shoulder, I run through the house. When I round the corner, I know he sees my intent, and he braces himself as I throw myself into his arms. He lifts me easily, pulling me snug against him, his hands going to my bottom.

“No underwear, little one. I want to be able to steal all the touches I want tonight. You know what that means?”

“Legs spread when your hand touches my leg.” He doesn’t have to remind me of our rule. I know it all too well, and it’s one I love following. Unless Daddy is in a teasing mood and wants to see me wiggle around all night, of course.

“Good girl. You didn’t clean up, did you?”

“No. I didn’t have time.”

“I want you sticky with me all night. I want my mark all over your kitty. You don’t need panties covering it up when my cum is coating it.”

Now I kind of wish I would have wiped it off so he would have to put it back on. I wiggle against him at the idea.

“We don’t have time,” he growls, knowing what I’m thinking. My bag drops to the floor as he pushes me up against the wall hard enough to almost knock the air out of me.

“Fuck it. I won’t get to have you again until tomorrow. Everyone can wait. I need you again.” Daddy is going to be rough this time, I can feel it. “You’ll be a good little girl and take it.”

“I’ll do anything you want, Daddy.” I rub myself against him, wanting him to use me for his needs. In a second he’s got his cock out and inside my kitty, thrusting hard in and out of me.

“You like when Daddy takes what he wants?” He grunts into my ear, his face buried in my neck. All I can do is moan as his big body overpowers mine, doing what he wants with me. I’m his.

“Say it, baby girl. Tell me what I want to hear and that I can do anything I want with you.”

“Anything, Daddy, I love you.” My words come without hesitation.

“You’re going to cum for me. Grip my cock and suck all this cum into your tight little kitty so it slowly drips out of you all night long. Every time I slide my hand under your dress tonight, I want to feel what I did to you. It will be our little secret. No one will know the dirty things Daddy does to you.”

My body locks up at his words, and the orgasm floods through me. I grip him as tightly as possible, my kitty doing as he says. A long low moan comes from him, and I feel his warm release deep inside me, filling me up. I take all of him into me as his orgasm mixes with my own.

I bite his neck, wanting to leave a mark on him, too. I find myself doing that a lot with him. Wanting little signs of me all over him. Tomorrow he’ll wear a ring for all to see, but tonight he’ll wear this.

“I love you so damn much,” he finally says as our bodies start to calm. “I hate to do this, but we’re late.” I don’t know what he means until I feel him slip from my body, my legs dropping from around his waist as he places me back on the ground.

He rights his clothes as I go to pick up my bag, but he beats me to it.

“You got me good.” His free hand goes to the spot I bit.

“Sorry,” I say, trying to look contrite but not one ounce sorry for biting him.

“Liar,” he says as he grabs my hand, a smirk on his face. “You smell like sex. I’m not going to make it through dinner.” He tosses my bag in the back seat of the car. He opens my door for me, making me smile.

No one has ever made me feel more wanted than William. I lost my mom when I was little, and while my father was always around, we were never super close. William is my everything. He makes me feel needed and like he can’t live without me.

When he slips into the driver’s seat, he takes my hand in his. He pulls out of the garage, heading towards my father’s place. We have a small group of people getting together for a dinner tonight; nothing big, but something my dad really wanted to do. I just hope the wedding planner did as I asked and has things set up so I don’t have to worry about anything. We’re already running late, and I don’t want to stress about something else.