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Innocent Christmas(6)

By:Alexa Riley

When we reach my father’s home, William grabs my bag before coming around and opening the door for me. He pulls me close when I exit the car, knowing that I still get a little nervous at stuff like this. William’s and my father’s friends are a lot older than me, and it’s a bit intimidating.

It super sucks that Molly can’t make it tonight. It would have been nice to have had at least one person my age here. I think she’s still dodging William after the whole bachelorette catastrophe. A hard look from Daddy could scare anyone for months.

“It’s just dinner, little one. You can sit in my lap the whole time if you like.” I smile up at him, loving how he knows me so well. I always worry that I might do something that would embarrass him, which is silly because he’s never made me feel that way. It’s my own insecurities that make me second-guess my actions.

* * *

I do end up spending most of the night in William’s lap. He gives me little kisses and rewards me with touches all night. It makes everyone else melt away, like it’s only him and me in the room. He teases my body, keeping me on edge, whispering all the things he’s going to do to me on our wedding night.

The wedding planner seems to have come through with everything I’d asked for, having dinner ready to go and pink rose petals and candles covering every available surface of the dining room table. The rest of the room is decorated with Christmas baubles. A mixture of my two favorite things: Christmas and pink!

Soon the night comes to an end, and everyone says goodnight, filled with excitement about tomorrow. Tonight everyone seemed so happy about the wedding and went on and on about how they’d never seen William so happy before. It filled me with warmth. It negated any lingering uneasiness I had about people thinking we shouldn’t be together because of our age gap. What I thought would be a long dragging night turned out to end sooner than I wished.

Giving my father a hug and William a soft kiss, I leave them in the living room as I make my way to my old bedroom. I’m sad that William won't be with me tonight, but it’s tradition.

I check with the wedding planner to make sure everything is in place before I take a quick shower, hating that I'm washing Daddy William away from my body. It already super sucked I wouldn’t be sleeping with him tonight. After slipping on some knee socks and underwear, I jump into bed. That’s when I remember I forgot my stuffed unicorn, Lancelot. No William or Lancelot. I’m never getting to sleep.

Chapter 5


After the dinner party is over and I kiss Haley goodnight, I speak with her father, Roger, for a few minutes. We head out onto the large balcony and have a cigar as we catch each other up on work and life. He and I have been friends for decades, but the news of Haley and me came as a shock to him.

After some time has passed and he sees how I care for Haley, he’s grown to understand that my intentions were honest and came from a place of love. Yes, I wanted to own her and have her be mine, but I also wanted to take care of her and adore her for the rest of our lives. We’ve talked several times, and he’s finally come around.

The last of our friends leave, and I say goodnight to Roger, leaving him on the porch with his cigar and scotch.

But instead of going out the front door, I take a left towards the west wing of the house where I know my little one’s old bedroom is.

I’d worked us both up after all our playful touches tonight. I’m also a little sad to think about waking up tomorrow morning and not having her in our bed with me. I could tell when she kissed me tonight that she was having the same problem. I know it’s our wedding day tomorrow, but it’s also Christmas, and imagining Christmas morning without my little on my lap is depressing.

When I reach her door, I listen for any kind of noise and look around to make sure no one is around. It’s not that I don’t want to be seen going into her room, but I would rather have some privacy for what I want right now.

I silently open the door and carefully close it behind me. The soft moonlight illuminates the room as I take off all my clothes and make my way over to the bed.

Pulling back the covers, I see my baby girl is on her tummy with her hands tucked down inside the front of her panties as she sleeps like an angel. Smiling, I shake my head, knowing if she was in bed with me, I would have my hand there, softly stroking her kitty as she falls asleep. She must have missed me doing it and decided she needed the attention. Good thing I’m here to fix it.

Looking over her body, I notice she’s wearing nothing but pale-pink panties with ruffles on the bottom and over-the-knee pale-pink socks. My cock, already hard from being denied access to her body all night, throbs with need at the sight of her.