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Innocent Christmas(7)

By:Alexa Riley

I climb onto the bed and move on top of her. I feel her stir and lean down to whisper in her ear. “It’s me, little one. I need you.”

Arching her back, she presses her bottom against my naked cock, the ruffles of her panties making me ache.

“Daddy, I need you, too.”

I reach into her bedside table and take out a small bottle of lotion. “I’m going to take your bottom tonight, baby girl. I’m going to save your kitty for tomorrow so that it will be pure for our wedding night, but right now, Daddy needs his cock inside you.” She moans against the pillow as I pull down her panties to mid-thigh. “This will be our little secret tonight. You don’t have to tell anyone you let me in your room and in your bottom before our wedding night. Okay, sweetheart?”

She nods her head into the pillow as I lube my cock up with the lotion.

Pressing the thick tip of my cock to her tight hole, I feel her relax under me, wanting me to penetrate her ass. “Good girl. Let Daddy into your bottom.”

The tip pops through, and she relaxes completely as I slowly push inside her asshole. The thickness of my shaft is squeezed tightly. Haley moans into the pillow again, and I push all the way inside her until my balls press against her ass.

Once I’m fully inside, I lay my big body over her and start to softly hump her. There’s no pulling in and out of her, just the weight of my body pushing against hers as I press my cock into her ass.

I reach around and find her soaking wet cunt. I rub her clit, feeling it covered in her slickness as her hips start to move with mine.

“I know you want me in your kitty, baby girl. Tomorrow I promise to give it all my attention. Tonight will just be our little secret. Cum for Daddy while I’m in your bottom. Let me feel your princess parts squeeze me.”

Her tight hole squeezes me, milking my cock for cum. I’m so hard and thick, but she always takes me here so prettily. Her body is conditioned to take me as often as I need. I kiss her shoulder, tenderly loving her body while taking her in secret.

My dirty whispers in the dark make her cum quickly, and I follow right behind her. I never even thrust inside her; I just slowly humped her until we both hit our peaks. Both of us cling to one another. We were both on edge after tonight, and I know we both needed this release before tomorrow.

After I slowly pull out and clean us up, I pull her body to mine, spooning against her.

“Daddy, are you going to stay the night with me?” There’s a hopeful tone in her voice, and I smile as I kiss her neck.

“Yes, baby girl. I’ll leave at first light, but I can’t wake up on Christmas morning without you. Not ever.”

I slide my hand down the front of her panties and pet her clit as I feel her fall asleep in my arms. I spent too many years without my little girl. I don’t plan on spending another day without her.

Chapter 6


I feel like I’ve been going from the minute I woke up with Daddy’s face between my legs. He ate me to three orgasms before I begged him to stop, sure I couldn’t take anymore. I wouldn’t be able to walk down the aisle today if he didn’t let me up. He’d have to carry me, which didn’t seem like such a bad idea when I really thought about it. But I knew my father wanted to give me away.

William said all my orgasms were an effort to keep me calm today, and I think he was right. I’ve been a lot mellower than I thought I’d be. I’ve only wanted to tattle on the wedding planner twice today, which is most definitely a record.

Daddy got a warm cloth and cleaned between my legs, telling me that he wanted me pure when I walked down the aisle towards him. It’s different from how he usually wants my kitty coated in his cum. I knew tonight he wanted to play, so we’re going to relive our first time together.

He gave me one last kiss before he slipped from my room, but all day he kept sending me funny images of dancing cats and silly gifs. It’s like he could almost feel me starting to get worked up, and I was instantly okay. Then the sweet messages started to come in.

William texted me, telling me not to worry and that everything would be perfect. He said as long as I was standing there when the doors opened, as long as I walked down the aisle to him, it would be okay. He’s right. I’ve been so consumed with making sure everything was perfect that I forgot that it already was.

Daddy and I are getting married today, and it doesn’t matter if everything else around us goes up in flames. But if it did go up in flames, I hope they would be pink.

I feel completely at ease at this moment. I’d wondered when the outside world would start to push in on Daddy and me, but each time that happened, we only seemed to grow stronger and understand each other more. That’s how I know this will last forever. We are meant to be together; we’re not whole any other way.