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Innocent Christmas(9)

By:Alexa Riley

I watch as the bridesmaids walk down the aisle, but the only one I want to see is my little girl.

Finally, after what feels like hours, the double doors open to reveal my beautiful bride. She’s gripping Roger’s arm tightly, and I see the urge in her to race to me. She’s fighting her body’s natural reaction to run and jump into my arms.

I feel my face nearly break in two as I smile at her, and suddenly it’s hard to see. I’m smiling, but my eyes are filling with tears as I look her up and down and see just how beautiful she is. My heart is bursting with love, and I just want to hold her to me.

Her brown curly locks are pinned up loosely in the back, with a long sheer veil falling gracefully behind her. She’s wearing the small tiara I bought for her, the pink diamonds shimmering in the light. Her bright blue eyes are big and sparkly, and her soft pink lips are smiling bigger than I’ve ever seen. The dress is strapless and fitted to her body all the way down to her knees, where it flares out. There’s a hint of pink at the bottom of the dress, and as she moves, I can see her shoes are pale pink, too.

I feel my breath catch in my throat at just how perfect she looks. I’ve never seen anyone or anything more beautiful than my little Haley. Even on the days when she’s in sweats and her hair is messy with sleep, she’s flawless.

As she reaches me, she passes her pale-pink roses to her bridesmaid and turns back to her father. She gives Roger a kiss on the cheek and then turns to me. Roger takes her hand and places it in mine before he steps back and takes his seat.

“Hi, Daddy,” she whispers.

“You look beautiful, little one. Absolutely perfect.” I’m too choked up to say any more, and I just squeeze her hands as I stare into her blue eyes.

Words are spoken by the officiant and then by us, but I couldn’t tell you a single thing I said. The only thing I paid attention to were Haley’s words.

“I, Haley, take you, William, as my husband. On this day and every day, until my last breath, I’m yours.”

Her fingers are nervous as she places the wedding band on my finger, so I reach out, running my hand up her forearm, and instantly she’s soothed. I look down and love seeing the symbol of her ownership of me. I’m happy to finally show the world that I belong to her, just as much as she belongs to me.

I scoop her up in my arms, bending her over in a dramatic dip and kissing her in front of everyone. The room erupts in cheers and claps as the music plays and I carry her down the aisle. No way was I going to let her walk. She’s finally back in my arms, and I’m not putting her down.

* * *

Carrying her down the hallway to the honeymoon suite of the hotel, she giggles and leans up to lick my neck. I growl, unable to keep myself from attacking her for much longer.

“Careful, little one. You’re playing with fire.”

“You’re my husband now. Isn’t that what I’m supposed to do?” I feel her teeth graze my chin, and I close my eyes tightly, trying to keep my legs steady as we approach the room.

The reception was wonderful, and Haley didn’t forget one detail. Our first dance was to the Christmas song ‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside’, and my little one giggled the whole time. She was utterly ecstatic the whole day, and that’s all I ever wanted to give her. Hell, I’d have a wedding every day if that’s what it took to make her smile like that. But when I mentioned it to her, she laughed and said one was enough.

I open the door and carry Haley through the living room. I take her straight to the bedroom, standing her up at the end of the bed.

“Tonight, little one, I want you like the first time I had you. You’ve been saving your kitty for me all day, haven’t you?”

She looks up at me through her lashes and smiles shyly. “Yes, Daddy.”

Grabbing her chin in my hand, I wait until her beautiful blue eyes meet mine. “I want you to go into the bathroom, remove your wedding dress, and get on the bed, completely naked. You’re going to give me your body just like the first time I put my cock inside you. I want you tied and blindfolded until I’m ready to take you. And when I finally decide to, I want you begging for it like we talked about this morning.”

I feel a tremor run down her body as her pupils dilate and she licks her lips.

“Now, are you ready to play, little one?”

Chapter 8


Letting my wedding dress hit the floor, I step out of it and slip off my shoes. I’m completely naked. I wore nothing underneath my wedding dress, knowing Daddy would want me bare. I know he told me to take everything off, but I’m most definitely leaving the crown on.