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Jinx’s Mate(4)

By:Marissa Dobson

“You don’t mess with women!” He snarled. Laying a hand on a woman went against everything in him. It was something he couldn’t overlook and wouldn’t stand for from anyone in his clan.

Two black SUVs sped into the parking lot, slamming to a stop next to his, and seconds later everyone poured out. They geared up in silence until Jinx’s gaze caught Tex slipping on a bullet proof vest.

“What the hell is he doing here? I thought he was going to stay back at the hotel with Robin.”

“He asked to come. It’s his right to see Avery taken down after everything he’s been through. Adam’s with Robin, she’s safe, that’s what matters.” Ty handed him an assault rifle.

“Do you think he’s ready for it?” It was true Tex had come a long way in his combat skills. Even his personality had begun to return. No longer did he fear his own shadow. But going up against Avery might send him on a rollercoaster ride back to where he’d been.

“Adam believes he’s ready physically.” Ty glanced to Tex. “Emotionally…we’ll see. Robin thinks he can handle it. Actually, she seems to think it would do him good. There’s a chance he’ll get himself killed but it’s his right.”

“There’s a chance he’ll get us all killed,” Jinx reminded him.

“I don’t think so, or I wouldn’t have brought him. He’s going to be fine.” Ty tied his shoulder length hair back in a leather strap. “Let’s go!”

He slipped the rifle over his chest and climbed into the SUV with Ty, Styx taking the wheel again.

“Get us there in one piece,” Ty ordered Styx as they pulled out of the lot, heading back to the resort.

Styx sat quietly behind the wheel, the anger pouring off him. Styx was a damn good warrior. He had been an assassin at one time, and some said he killed without feeling. Those who knew him knew it wasn’t true. Every kill affected the warrior but he did it to keep his kind safe.

Somehow Ty had managed to surround himself with amazing warriors, those that could be running their own clan but had chosen to serve under him. That in itself was truly remarkable. Just a few months ago, Adam had been offered the position of Alpha over the Ohio clan. Instead of taking it and leaving his position of second to the Captain of Tabitha’s guards, he remained in Alaska. The Elder guards were truly an amazing bunch. They’d take on the world if they believed in the cause, even if it meant their deaths.

“Shadow believes this is the direct route from outside to where Avery should be. It’s where we’re going in.” Ty pointed to the yellow highlighted route. “Once inside, Tex should be able to get us where we need to be. He’s familiar with the inside, just not outside. Avery rarely allowed him above ground.”

“Did it sound like there were others gathered…watching?” Tex asked from the front seat. “He used to like to make us watch when he…”

“All I could hear were her cries, but let’s be ready for others to be there. Did he have the whole clan there or just selected ones?” Ty folded the map and set it aside.

“Never everyone, but normally at least a few.” Tex rambled on as the resort came into view. “He’ll be occupied with what he’s doing. He won’t even know we arrived as long as we don’t alert any of the guards.”

“It’s possible they are expecting us. He can’t think that another Alpha would allow the threats to continue without some consequences.” Ty looked to Jinx as the SUV came to a halt.

“Doesn’t matter now, this is coming to an end.” Jinx climbed out, positioning his assault rifle. Without waiting for anyone, he jogged to the door and swung it open. While his eyes tried to adjust to the darkness he did his best not to gag. The scent of blood assaulted him.

“You should wait for everyone.” Styx came up behind him, his weapon at the ready.

“I won’t wait any longer while a woman is being tortured. Now if you’re ready, let’s go.” He didn’t wait for Styx or anyone else to agree, he just jogged down the hall.

“Turn left,” Tex whispered from somewhere within the group. “About halfway down the next tunnel, you’ll come to another one on the right. That’s where Avery will be, it’s the best room to amplify the screams.”

The fact that Tex knew this was yet another reminder he had suffered years under Avery. The scars laid witness to the abuse.

Jinx followed the directions, each passageway clear until the last one. A solitary guard stood outside the entryway.

“Take your hand away from your weapon.” Jinx raised his gun, letting the man know he was serious.