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Jinx’s Mate(6)

By:Marissa Dobson

He slammed him into the back wall, bouncing the man’s head off the concrete. “What do you want?” Jinx snarled.

“Your life, to revenge my Alpha.” The man growled, trying to get a good shot. “I’ve already killed one of you and I’ll do it again.”

“Stand down or I’ll kill you,” Jinx warned. He slammed the man against the wall again, hoping to make his point clear.

“Screw you. I’ll revenge my Alpha if it’s the last thing I do.” He squeezed the trigger but missed his target. The sound was deafening as it amplified through the enclosed space.

Jinx grabbed the gun, and threw it across the room toward an empty corner. “You had a choice.” With his weight pressed on the man, he aimed his gun at his heart, and pulled the trigger.

It was over as quickly as it began but there was no satisfaction. Jinx slipped off the body and leaned against the wall. Everything was under control. Tex held back a few of the witnesses, while Styx and Ty dealt with two of the remaining guards who didn’t want to surrender. Taber had his hands full another woman, and Tad and Milo were nowhere in sight. Someone had to find them, but first the woman needed him.

“Miss.” Jinx slung the rifle over his shoulder, keeping it close if he needed it, and neared the trembling female.

“He killed her.” She sobbed, rocking back and forth.

Her pain hung thick in the air, making it hard for him to breathe. “I’m sorry.” He laid a hand over her arm and instantly the electricity coursed through them. “Shit.” Stumbling back he broke the connection, his stomach turning as he saw the grieving woman in a different light. His mate.

The long blonde hair, parts of it red from blood, made him want to run his fingers through it, tangling them in the long strands. Her curvy body made his hands itch to explore. But most of all it was her plump red lips that drew him in, making him want to dip his head and kiss her.

She glared at him, setting her blazing green eyes on him. “This isn’t the time. Go away.”

“Whoa, lass.” He held his hands out in front of her. It was obvious that it wasn’t a suitable time to find his mate, but fate never took convenience into consideration. “I’m just trying to help. There’s nothing you can do for her now. Come with me, I promise we’ll see to her properly.”

“He’s right, Summer.” Ben came toward them, glaring at him. “I’m her brother and I’d like to take her away from this.”

“I’m sorry for your loss.”

Ben shook his head. “Not mine, only Summer’s. Long story.”

Ty cleared his throat, gathering everyone’s attention. “No one is going anywhere at the moment. In a few minutes we are gathering everyone in the…”

“Manetka’s conference room one,” Tex interjected. “It will be large enough to host everyone.”

“There’re some announcements that need to be dealt with before anything gets out of hand. Any members of the Texas Tigers in this room must accompany us there,” Ty interjected. “Tex will be leading the way. Please follow him.” He turned and nodded to Tex, giving him the go-ahead to gather everyone up.

“I can’t leave her.” Summer sobbed.

“Ben, if you’ll help Tex get everyone to the conference room I’ll see to Summer and…”

“Autumn,” Ben interrupted, nodding toward the dead woman on the table.

Summer and Autumn; it was too bizarre even for Jinx. He made mental note to find out more about Summer’s family, and what possessed her mother to give her daughters such unusual names. Their mother had to be some kind of flower child.

“I’ll make sure Autumn receives the proper treatment, and I’ll look after Summer,” Jinx promised.

Ben leaned in close to her, his hand on her shoulder. “They’re going to need my help with the clan members. Are you going to be okay?”

“Go.” Her voice was thick with sorrow. “I’m fine.”

Somewhat alone with the woman he was supposed to mate with, he let his mind wander. He had always been open to mating, but never expected to find it in a situation like this. If anything, he’d expected to find her once things were calmer. Not in what could be the middle of a shifter war.

Their kind, especially those tightly bound to the Alaskan Tigers, had an uphill battle ahead of them. Tabitha was about to announce herself as Queen of the Tigers, making this more dangerous for them all until they had the rebels under control, not to mention the rogues lurking somewhere out there, waiting for the perfect time to attack.

“Why now?”