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Kidnapped and Claimed

By:Lizzie Lynn Lee

Chapter One

I never thought I would receive my first pleasure from the beasts of Emagari. When I was little, my nan told me that in the heart of Aesterneum lived shapeshifting half-men-half-beasts, the Khimerian, or centaurs, who liked to kidnap women that strayed into the forbidden forest. They kept the women as their pleasure slaves and to bear them children. The Khimerians were mostly male; their females were rare in numbers.

Legend said they were beautiful creatures. Hearty fighters and fierce lovers.

The legend was true.

I whimpered when the soft silken tongue caressed my damp sex, rimming between the sensitive folds with gentle sly licks. My nether lips were swollen with lust. And that tongue seared me in pure fire each time it swirled deep inside of me, tasting me intimately.

I was bound magically with both arms above my head. My wrists were tied with an invisible rope. My body hung suspended in the air. I was helplessly at a standstill as a binding spell had been cast upon me. The only thing I could do was surrender to my captors’ will. They had also bound both my ankles, splaying me open in full view so they could torture me with their sumptuous teasing at ease.

My eyes were now blindfolded. But I had caught a glimpse of them, my captors. They were two of them. Warriors at their prime. The scent of their musk filled my lungs. It was pure male. It blended with my own perfumed aroma of sex that permeated heavily into the air, and the combination was intoxicating me by a thousandfold, causing my juices to seep rebelliously onto my inner thighs.

I wanted to move. I wanted to be free. But the wanton part of me indulged their teasing immensely. At the moment, I loved being their captive and being rendered helpless and at their mercy. I loved the warmth of their bodies, inhaling their masculine scent and savoring the sensation of being worshipped. I had never had it before as it was forbidden.

The chill breeze quickened around me, caressing my bare skin. I trembled. Every inch of my body became overly-sensitive to their touches and ardent licks. Especially my hardened nipples, jutting out in anticipation of being suckled. I could hear the purr of delight from my captors, praising my willing body.

I was taken sometime last night. The hollow tree log where I rested for the night had suddenly shattered. I thought my hiding place was perfect, but I was wrong. The masters of Emagari sensed my presence nevertheless. Soon after they took me, a sleeping charm was cast upon me, drowning me completely in darkness.

I didn’t know how long I was asleep. I guessed my captors didn’t want me to know where they took me. I only noticed that when I roused from my deep sleep, I was incredibly in heat. My clothes had vanished. The soft caresses of unseen hands were roaming all over my body. That was followed by gentle kisses, tender nips, agile tongues that licked, greedily tasting every inch of my skin.

I sighed again when the mouth slowly left my cunt. I was suspended face up and I sensed him move behind me. Not long after, a single digit slipped into the source of my ache. He rubbed my passage with gentle, slow strokes. It was a shallow penetration at first, and then his finger burrowed deeply as if he wanted to prepare my channel for a bigger object than what I had right now.

Part of me insisted that I should at least open my mouth and demand to be released. But I couldn’t bring myself to do it. Instead, I waited in anticipation that my captors would do something to relieve the maddening ache in my loins. The ache I believed would be sated from a man’s cock, thrusting inside me, fucking me over and over until I screamed in blissful ecstasy.

I let out a cry when another tongue roamed from my belly, gradually twirling down my cunt. He stopped only to lick my clit gently. Then his mouth settled completely on my hidden bud, where his treacherous tongue flicked it back and forth until I couldn’t stop myself screaming out in frustration, “Please, take me!”

The sound of male laughter burst out around me. “Impatient, are we?” one of them said.

I closed my mouth, mortified. Never had I allowed myself to make such wanton demands. Nor did I ever have a chance to. I couldn’t believe what I had just said. I quieted while listening to the warrior who spoke. He was standing behind me, pressing his naked skin against my back, radiating his heat into every fiber of my being. I could almost hear his heart thundering in the same rhythm of my own. He whispered, praising how soft my skin was. His voice was warm and pleasant. He stroked my thigh with one continuous, languid movement, while his other hand still cupped my cunt, a finger buried deep in my wet heat, lazily tormenting me.

I felt giddy, thrilled, and yet scared at the same time. The warrior’s tongue on my clit and the grinding finger in my cunt radiated a rippling sensation. I wanted to know how it felt to be ravished. My aches needed filling. I let out another low moan of frustration. “Please…” I writhed, arching my hips in hope one of them would sink his cock in me.