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Kingpin Love Affair(276)

By:J. L. Beck

“You sure can. Drop the shit and call Devon, tell him to stop touching my daughter long enough to answer the damn phone. He needs to come in with you.” Those had been his final words before the line went dead.

Dropping the phone from my ear, I stared at it before walking back toward the bed. I placed the phone on the nightstand on my side as I got back in bed with her. I could already see the questions pouring into her head. She had no idea of the things I dealt with at times, but she still managed to love and carry me through them.

“What’s going on, everything okay?” Bree asked as she sat up in bed, worry evident on her face. “Go back to sleep. Everything is good,” I said

“How long?” she whispered while looking at me, already knowing that the phone call meant one or two things.

“Two days,” I responded, as I got comfortable on my back, resting my hand on my abdomen. I turned my head to take in Bree and couldn’t help but trail my eyes over her still naked body. Need throbbed within me as her tongue snaked out, licking her bottom lip. My hand slid down my abs, wrapping around my cock. She wanted to feel reckless with me, I would give her whatever the fuck she wanted or burn the city to the ground trying.

“Guess you better come and show me who the Queen is and take what’s yours then.” Hunger filled her eyes as she straddled my hips, her luscious tits jiggling in my face. Fuck. And she thought I was bored with her? I would never get tired of this view.

She sunk down on my cock with no warning, grabbing my hand and placing it on her lower belly as she lifted her hips slowly. At that moment, I knew I would never feel for anyone what I felt for her.

She was a debt that would never be repaid.

The End