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Kingpin Love Affair(7)

By:J. L. Beck

“What’s the best part?” I ask innocently.

“When you ride my dick.” A smirk pulls at his lips as I gasp and my face reddens. I am not stupid, I know what will happen. I know someone like him doesn’t just take someone like me and force her to clean his house or complete menial tasks. I just didn’t expect him to be so blunt and straightforward with his words.

“Does that bother you? Riding my dick? Because you will ride it. You’ll ride it long and hard. I will fill your pussy and fuck you into oblivion.”

Without warning, the rope around my ankles is pulled tighter, and a scrap of fabric lands in Alzerro’s hands. He leans in closer than before, and I open my mouth for him to put it in. His hands wrap the fabric around my head as he secures the gag. Then the asshole behind me tightens it even more, and my vision starts to go blurry just as my eyes land on a very pleased face. Alzerro may have gotten what he wanted, but I earned my father’s freedom.

Chapter Two


“Welcome to your new home.” Alzerro’s words are anything but welcoming as I enter his home…excuse me, my new fortress—it’ll never be home. I massage my wrists where the rope rubbed my skin raw. My world seems fuzzy and discombobulated as I try to take everything in. I try to remember how I got here, but the last thing I remember is being gagged. Damn it, the gag must have been soaked with a sedative, even though I promised I wouldn’t fight him. As my wooziness dissipates, I remember my dad, the debt, me being payment...

Now I am standing in a mafia king’s home. Well, actually it’s more like a mansion - the kind you see in movies that have three pools and twenty-five bedrooms, more bathrooms than bedrooms, live-in help... You know what I’m talking about, right?

“Thank you,” I reply softly. In such a large space, my voice can hardly be heard. Just from my view in the entryway, I know this house is magnificent. The floors are marble, sleek and glistening under the lights. There’s a grand, sweeping staircase ahead of me. I admire the high ceilings, large windows, and expensive artwork. I know to see this house in the daylight will be amazing.

Alzerro nudges me to follow his men up the staircase. I comply immediately and quietly. We walk down a long hall, passing numerous doors. I am not sure If I want to know what is behind them or not. We finally reach two French doors at the end of the hall.

“Leave us,” Alzerro simply says. I turn around to watch his men walk away like he had ordered them to. My heart sinks into my stomach. Have I made a mistake? Did I really know what I was getting myself into?

Stop it. You didn’t want them to continue hurting your father, and you know you wouldn’t be able to live without him. Without your dad, you’re as good as dead.

The voice in my head stops me from saying anything. I can’t possibly tell this man that I am having second thoughts, that I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

I watch as he opens the door and walks into the large room. His body relaxes as the tension within him seems to dissolve. It seems as if he is a completely different person in his surroundings. Almost like he’s really human. Almost.

“Come, Piccolo,” he demands. Piccolo - is that Italian? It sounds that way though I have no idea what it means. Without a comment, I obey him and walk into his room slowly. There is a king-sized bed sitting on the far side of the room that looks like it’s right out of an expensive hotel. It is large and lavish with big, fluffy pillows and beautiful, luxurious blankets.

An incredibly comfortable looking couch is centered in the middle of the room. A television with numerous movies and games sits in front of it, and on the far wall is a desk area. None of these things matters nearly as much as the view that lies before me. Two French doors lead out onto a wraparound balcony.

My breath catches in my throat as I walk across the room to the open doors. The sun is setting in the distance and the waves of the ocean break against the jagged rocks that line the shore. It is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

“Beautiful, isn’t it?” a voice says behind me. I turn around startled, completely forgetting where I am for a moment. That is the thing about beautiful things - they can distract you for a short time, but then everything eventually turns ugly and real again.

“It’s very beautiful,” I reply shyly. I watch him as he heads over to his desk. He grabs a crystal bottle that is filled with a dark liquid. Two glasses clink together in his hand as I realize he is going to pour me a drink.

“No, thank you,” I mutter before he can drop a splash of what I assume is bourbon. I am not much of a drinker, not that I’ve had many chances to do so. I am not even old enough to legally drink!