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Kingpin Love Affair(8)

By:J. L. Beck

He turns, peering up at me. His eyes are beautiful in the setting sun. His body is lickable in so many ways, and if it’s this great looking covered by his clothes, I wonder what it will look like without.

“If you insist.” Alzerro pours himself a large glass and slams most of it back. A dribble escapes his mouth, landing on his full bottom lip. Right in that second I want nothing more than to lick away the sweet smelling alcohol. However, that is inappropriate, even though he’s attractive, I am not sure I am ready for that yet. If I make the first move, that will mean I am ready to completely succumb to him. Then there will be nothing stopping him from taking me over and over again whenever he wants, and eventually I won’t have any purpose here anymore.

Watching him more closely, I can tell he is of Italian descent which explains why he used the word ‘Piccolo.’ His dark complexion along with his dark hair and eyes tell me he is. His body and hands are large, his whole presence is large. I’m sure he is large in other places, as well… Wait, why am I having all these inappropriate thoughts about the man who was about to kill my father over a debt and took me as payment instead? What is wrong with me? I should hate and despise this man!

“I hope you think of this place as a home, not a prison.” His words are soft, and I realize he is trying to comfort me.

“I hope you treat me like person and not a prisoner,” I retort, taking a seat on the sofa and folding my hands in my lap. I don’t know what else to do or where I am supposed to go. I have been given no directions or purpose yet.

“I will treat you as you wish to be treated and no less.” I gaze up into Alzerro’s eyes, they are soft as is his voice. I don’t know what to think or how to feel anymore. My mind is still reeling from everything that has occurred. In less than twenty-four hours, my life has changed so much.

“Thank you,” I reply kindly, averting my eyes to the floor. He is intense, unlike anyone I have ever met. Looking at him causes my heart to beat abnormally fast, but not looking at him makes me feel as if I am missing something.

“The rules are pretty simple.” He purses his lips, taking the seat next to me. “You’re not to run. Ever. If you do, I will kill you.” My heart is beating out of my chest. Have I given up my freedom to save my father from death only to take his place?

“You cannot wander around our home; I will let you know what rooms you are allowed into. You do not speak to any of my men, but I will introduce you to the staff with whom you may converse. You will only wear the clothes I provide and will wear what I select for special occasions. Furthermore, you’re to stay in my quarters unless I say otherwise. You do NOT leave this room without my permission. You’re mine to play with, to keep, and to possess.” I am breathless as he leans into my body as if he is smelling me.

“And I will possess you in every single way possible,” he promises, his voice just above a whisper.

“What if I object?” I’m feeling very brave at that moment. I know asking this question will lead me to an answer that I don’t want to hear, but I have to hear it.

“If you object, then the deal is off and is unpaid. If the debt is unpaid, then there is only one other way to pay for it, and I assure you that you don’t want that to take place, Piccolo.” His voice is dangerous, and his eyes say he isn’t lying. He will take someone’s life if I do not follow his rules.

Looking down at his hands, I know he has taken many people’s lives. I am in danger of being his next victim.

“I won’t object,” I respond, trying my hardest to sound determined. I have no other option.

“Good,” he says, smiling as if he has just solved every problem in the world. The air between us is less tense now, and I find myself relaxing into the cushions more.

“Are you hungry?” Alzerro asks, swirling the bourbon in his glass. He stares inside as if all the answers to his problems lie at the bottom of that glass.

“A little,” I answer shyly. I haven’t eaten anything since this morning, but that’s okay. I am curvy, and though that isn’t a bad thing, I can lose a couple pounds.

“Anything in particular you like? I believe my cook, Silvia, made spaghetti with meatballs this evening. We could go down and get you a plate if you would like.” I surprisingly find myself smiling at him. It has only been a few hours since I was forcefully taken from my home, the one I grew up in and lived in until the day I left for college. I viewed Alzerro as a dark, dangerous man right away, but looking at him now, I feel as if he’s someone different.

“I would actually love that, please.” I quickly stand at the same time he does. Our bodies brush against one another’s, and an electric current flows through us. Call it fate, or whatever the hell you want, but in that zap, I feel like I can read him, as if he is dark and damaged for a reason. It makes me want to dig my nails into him and crawl into the dark places of his mind and expose what he truly is.