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By´╝ÜGlenna Sinclair

“I’m going to put Kirkland on it as soon as he surfaces.”

“Where is Kirkland, anyway?” Joss asked.

“He had a late night last night,” David said with a roll of his eyes. “He stumbled in a little after two with some blonde.”

Joss chuckled. “I’ll go roust him out.”

The moment Joss walked away, David moved a little closer to Ash, lowering his voice.

“Do you really think Kirkland is the right choice for this one?”

“I think Kirkland’s the perfect choice.”

The amusement dancing in Ash’s eyes was hard to miss. So was the anger that suddenly jumped into David’s eyes.

“Kirkland is a…” David hesitated, trying to find the right word. They were all family at Gray Wolf, so he probably didn’t want to say anything offensive. But Ash knew what he was getting at.

“He’ll probably enjoy hanging out with someone who makes their living selling sex.”

“That’s the problem,” David said. “Mabel isn’t really that kind of person—despite her day job.”

Ash lifted an eyebrow. “How so?”

“Let’s just say, she sells sex, but that doesn’t mean she knows much about it.”

Ash started to ask what the hell he meant by that, but then the light dawned. Ash couldn’t help but let the surprise show. “You’re joking!”

David shook his head.

Ash laughed, trying to catch himself when he realized David was glaring at him.

“This means a lot to Ricki. Please assign someone else to the case.”

Ash sobered and shook his head. “Donovan’s in Las Vegas with that singer, and Joss is working with me on this new company that wants us to vet the candidates for their CFO position.”

“Can’t you put Joss…?”

Ash could see that David knew why Joss couldn’t do the job, but he was growing desperate.

Ash leaned forward and lay a hand on David’s wrist. “How about if I tell Kirkland that if he touches this girl, I’ll make him give the best man’s toast at your wedding.”

David cracked a smile. “Or you can tell him that you’ll tell all the single women at the wedding that he has crabs.”

“Oh, that would kill him,” Ash laughed. “That’s the winner!”

They both laughed for a long minute. Then Ash stood and slapped his brother’s shoulder as he moved around him to get another cup of coffee.

“I’ll lay down the law with Kirkland,” he said. “Don’t worry about it.”

“I will. It’s Kirkland.”

Ash couldn’t help but agree with him. He kept hoping that Kirkland would grow up, but that day seemed to be quite a ways away. But he was good at his job and he was a friend. They all just tried to overlook his proclivities.

Chapter 2


I rolled over and groaned as pain sliced through my head. But then my hand brushed against bare skin. I peeked and found myself staring at the back of a head that sported long, silky blonde hair. It began to come back to me then. A bar. Beautiful women. Way too much whiskey. And the stumbling dance into bed.

It was a good night.

“Wake up, baby,” I said, rolling into her and kissing her shoulder.

She moaned. “What time is it?”

“Probably later than it should be.”

I ran my hand under the thin sheet that was the only thing covering her ass, slipping my hand low between her thighs. She groaned as I touched her, slipping one finger over the hood covering her clit. It wasn’t covered for long, peeking out to join the party as I increased the pressure, making her hips move against my hand.

“How about a quickie before you go?” I asked against her ear.

“How about we spend all day in bed like you promised last night?”

Did I? Funny the things I said when I was trying to get some girl into my bed.

“Got to go to work, baby. But we can have a little fun until then.”

She rolled toward me, her makeup smeared on her face. She smiled what was probably a seductive smile last night, but was just tired and a little sad today.

“Why don’t you say my name?”

I bit back a groan even as I slid my hand between her thighs again. She opened them quite willingly, her cunt warm and ready for more fun. I slid a finger inside of her and watched as she lifted her hips, giving them a little roll to welcome me inside of her. Maybe if I got her going enough, she wouldn’t realize that I avoided the question?

I didn’t know her name. I was so drunk last night, it was a miracle I remembered where I lived, let alone what my own name was. How was I supposed to remember hers?

Why did women think that men paid attention to superfluous things like names?