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By´╝ÜGlenna Sinclair

“You were so sexy last night,” she said, peppering my shoulder with kisses. “The way you were dancing, all my girlfriends were so jealous when you picked me.”

“Were they?”

“Abigail, the one in the purple blouse?”

Like that told me anything. They were all wearing dark clothing—as if they were at a damn funeral or something.

“Sure,” I said just the same.

“She was so mad. She told me in the bathroom that she would have done you right there on the dance floor if you’d asked.”


That might have been more interesting. Public sex could be fun.

All sex was fun.

I grabbed her hip and pulled her closer to me, sliding my leg over hers. I buried my face between her breasts, taking a deep breath of the smoky smell that an evening in the bar left on her skin. She ran her hands over my head, directing me to her nipples. I was okay with that, enjoying the feel of her thick, elongated flesh against the roof of my mouth. She moaned, pulling me closer. I climbed on top of her, my lips sliding over her throat and up along her chin, her breath warm and sour as she sighed against my cheek. I reached over to the nightstand and grabbed a condom from the box I always kept in there. Before I could rip it open, she reached up and snatched it from me.

“Say my name.”

Shit! I thought we were past that.

I studied her face a second, hoping inspiration would suddenly strike. Heather? Candi? Melissa? Miranda? I couldn’t remember.

I brushed a piece of hair out of her face, caressing her face with the tips of my fingers.

“You’re so beautiful,” I said. “I can’t stop touching you. You drive me crazy!”

She smiled, her hands moving over my naked back. “Say my name.”

“Gorgeous. Sexy. Amazing. What other name do you need?”

At first, light danced in her eyes, but then they narrowed, and her thin lips grew even thinner as she pursed them together.

“You don’t know my name, do you?”


She pushed my shoulders, forcing me to roll onto my back. Then she was off the bed, grabbing her clothes off the floor.

“You’re an asshole!”

“I was a little drunk last night. But I’m not now.” I sat up and reached for her arm, but she jerked out of the way.

“I don’t do this,” she said, pausing to glare at me from the doorway. “I don’t have one-night stands, especially not with assholes like you. But here I am…” She shook her head, tears beginning to form in her eyes. “And you don’t even know my fucking name!”

“Casey!” I said, jumping off the bed and chasing after her. “Karen?”


She spun around just as I came up behind her and slapped me hard enough to make my teeth snap together. When she turned, the front door was already open. Joss, wearing a loose t-shirt over her growing pregnancy, was standing there with her hand on the doorknob, a bewildered look on her face.

“Am I interrupting?”

The blonde—Kari—stopped dead still, her clothes clutched to the front of her naked body. Then she slowly pivoted and stared at me through wide eyes.

“You’re married?”

Joss laughed. “No, sweetheart. I’m afraid he’s too much man for me.”

Kari continued to stare at me for a minute longer. I reached for her arm again, but that seemed to shove her out of her thoughts.

“I’ve got to go.”

She spun around and stepped out onto the porch, naked as the day she came into the world except for the clothes she held to her chest. Joss looked at me and, for the first time since I met her, she blushed, turning her head away. “I’ll…” She gestured with her thumb over her shoulder. “I’ll take care of this. You should probably go get dressed. Ash has a new client for you.”

She turned and stumbled out the door before I could say anything.

That’s when I glanced down and realized I was just as naked as Kari was.

I laughed.

What a way to start the day!

Chapter 3


I was getting it from both ends. Joss lectured me on the way to the main house on how I treat women. Then Ash lectured me all the way downtown on keeping my hands off of clients. Especially this client. I guess she was a friend of Ricki’s, David’s fiancée. And that I could understand. Ricki was family now, and there was no messing with family.

Despite what everyone thought, I did have some standards. I might be willing to bring home a girl from a bar whose name I couldn’t remember, but I wasn’t going to love and leave a member of the family. Or a friend of the member of the family.

“What do we know about this client?” I asked when Ash finally stopped lecturing.