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Lilly's Torment

By:Honor James

Lilly's Torment
Honor James

       Beyond the Veil 2


February 26, 2014

"It's been twelve days since the Veil has fallen," Jonathan reported  into the camera. "War has been declared against the races. Among these  races as we've found out through sources, are the following." He lifted a  sheet of paper from the desk and began to read. "Luhpyne, which is  wolf, Vhampire which is self-explanatory." His smile was more a grimace.  "There are also Ahnjels, which is angel, and Spirytes, which is witch  or warlock, depending on the sex. Currently, these are the only races we  know exist, but we've heard rumors that there are likely others."

Casey, the other reporter, looked pale as the camera focused on her.  "We've had reports that the races, for the most part, have remained on  their side of the line. The line is where the Veil had been before it  fell. We're still unclear as to why the Veil fell and likely may never  know for sure."

"That is true, Casey, but scientists are working on the problem.  Remarkably, scientists both of the races and ones who are human. So far,  they are the only ones that are working well together." Jonathan paused  and took a piece of paper handed to him from off camera. "We've just  been notified that the declaration of war has become an act of war. A  nuclear device was apparently sent past the line where the Veil once  was. It didn't explode, and was in fact disarmed by the races, but they  are taking this to heart and have notified Earth officials that they  will end this war on their terms."

The camera cut to Casey, who was staring over toward Jonathan with  horror on her face. "Oh my God," she breathed out. She seemed to catch  herself and faced the camera again. "We will keep you up to date on all  the news as it becomes available." The station went to a programmed show  in progress at that point.

Chapter One

October 31, 2034

Lifting her head up, she cast a gaze into the darkness. Try as she  might, she couldn't gain a bearing, couldn't figure out just where the  hell it was that she was. She shifted, moved slightly, and tried to  refocus. Shaking her head, she lifted a hand and touched her forehead,  wincing immediately when she did so. Once more, she closed her eyes and  simply tried to focus, tried to regain her composure so that she could  get out of there. So that she could escape.

Pulling spit into her mouth, she spat the blood out and once more lifted  herself up on shaky hands, got up to her knees, and braced a hand on  the wall at her side. A whimper escaped her as she lifted herself up to  her feet. Close, she was so very close. Just a little further, just a  little more and she would be able to move. Pulling upon all of her inner  strength, she licked her lips and rose to her feet and then began to  move.

One foot in front of the other, her steps heavy, the boots feeling even  heavier than they typically would on her feet as she moved. Closing her  eyes against the wave of dizziness, Lilly took a breath in through her  nose, pushed the breath out through her mouth, and moved. Somehow, some  way, she had to get away, had to get out.

Stopping just before a window, she stood off to the side, glancing out  the broken and filth-covered window before ducking, moving to the other  side and looking once more. Certain that the coast was clear, she moved  on past that window and to the next with tattered lace curtains that  billowed in the wind, whistling through the broken glass. The moon  shining through the smudged glass was a mockery of calm and rightness.

Snorting, she continued until she made it to a door. Pausing, she braced  her blood-covered hand on the doorframe. Bending slightly at the middle  so that she could breathe, she then wiped her hand over her forehead  once more. "All right," she whispered aloud and then looked once more.  After ensuring that the coast was clear, she stumbled out of the home  and toward the bright lights of the city through the park.

When she arrived at the FBI building, Lilly pushed her way in, greeted  by the bright lights and safety that the building made her feel.  Suddenly there was a rush and flurry of activity around her, and she  looked to her boss. Swallowing hard, she looked to him and lifted her  hand to pass off the flash drive that she fished out of her pants  pocket. "It's all there." She felt hands on her body, pulling her down,  and continued, had to tell him. "It was Tommy Hemby."

"Your partner?" someone asked her, and realizing it was the director, she nodded.

"Yeah. He was the one selling us out. He had been on the take for years.  I was next on his list. It's all there. If you will excuse me, I think  I'm going to pass out now and let the medics take care of me," she told  the director when she saw the medics rushing toward them with their bags  in tow.

* * * *

Two days later …

"Tommy is in the wind," Director Viator said after he took a seat across from her hospital bed.

"Are you freaking kidding me?" Lilly asked in frustration. "Son of a  bitch." She moved, grabbed the IV that was in the top of her hand, and  pulled it out. Grabbing the leads on her chest, she pulled those free as  well and listened to the machine at her left flatline. "Get my  clothes," she demanded.                       


"This isn't something you can handle right now, Lil."

"Yeah, well, you guys lost him. Sorry, I know you are my boss, but  freaking really? I mean, come on," she muttered and moved to the closet  when her boss didn't move, and pulled her clothes down from the hangers.  "I will find him even if it kills me."

"How did I know you were going to be this damn stubborn?"

"Probably because you have known me since I was, like, twelve? Are you going to get my weapon for me?"

"Already have it."

"Thanks, boss," Lilly said and pulled her pants on, and then turned to  tug a shirt on. Bracing a hand on the wall, she let her head fall  forward just a little and panted, gasped and then turned. "Damn, it  freaking hurts to be shot," she grumbled. "Anyway, me and that asshat  have some words, or rather, I will be the one shooting him and then  telling him to stay still he's under arrest."

"I didn't hear that," her boss said as he looked the opposite way from her dressing. "You sure that you are going to be okay?"

"Yep, I'm good. I'm doped with all kinds of lovely drugs, but I'm good."

"You pull your stitches and you are going to be on my bad side, Lilly."

"Yeah, yeah." She rolled her hand and shook her head. "Now, where was he  last?" she asked and stepped into her boots. Sitting, she laced them as  she listened to the director. "Gotcha. I will handle this," she said  and rose to her feet again. "Do you have a spare phone for me?"

"No, but here, take mine. I will get another so that we can stay in  contact. I will text you my number, and this way you have my phone index  if you need it as well. Also, Ramirez and Honeywell will meet you  downstairs. You see, I had this feeling deep in the pit of my  ulcer-ridden stomach that you would want to go for him."

"Yeah, well I keep telling you that eating all that junk food will give you ulcers."

"And so will having a mouthy agent," the director said and added, "Be  safe out there, Lil, and use Ramirez and Honeywell. I mean it. I think  that I could go my entire life without seeing you bloody again, thank  you very damn much."

"Aw, you are just a big softie, aren't you?" Lilly asked with a grin and then, "Where is my weapon?"

"They have it down in the SUV waiting on you. Hospital policy and all  that," he added with a snort. "The kind that frown on you shooting the  doc because he kept dosing you to keep your ass down."

"Yeah, worked well for him, huh?" she muttered and rubbed her hand over  her stomach. "Do they have body armor for me? I seriously don't want to  be shot or stabbed again. That bloody well hurts."

"With your weapon. Now go. Find Tommy and make sure that he lives long enough to make it to trial?"

"Will do, boss," Lilly said and moved to him. Her hand touched his  shoulder, "Thanks," she whispered before heading out so that she could  track down a man that had been the closest thing to a brother she had in  this world.

* * * *

December 30, 2034

Sprawled on her couch, Lilly held the long neck in loose fingers and  looked at the man across from her. "So, you are telling me that because I  happen to have a thing for creating weapons, and a track record for  finding people, that I'm being reassigned? Seriously?"

"That is exactly what I am telling you. I know that Director Viator was a  close and personal friend of yours, he was of mine, as well, but he's  gone. I hate that he's gone, but the fact remains that you are a weapons  maker and it's time that you put that to good use. The AEDA needs a  weapons maker in New York and that's where you are going."