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Lip Service:A Bad Boy Billionaire Romance

By:Jessa James

Chapter 1

Carter Buchanan, Billionaire, President of Buchanan Industries - Biotech Division

Emma walked out of the conference room, her luscious ass swinging side  to side in that fucking pencil skirt and I couldn't tear my gaze from  her curves. Not even when my cock grew hard as granite beneath the  table. I had it bad for Emma. Bad. I sported the worst case of blue  balls imaginable and it was all because of her.

She'd waltzed into my office a year ago with an armful of files,  introduced herself as my brother, Ford's, new secretary, and I'd almost  come in my pants then and there. My brother had all the fucking luck.  Since that first moment, when I saw her perfect tits framed in that  tight, black sweater, her wide hips and perfect ass hugged by long linen  pants, I could think of nothing but bending her over my desk and making  her mine.

But the company had a strict hands-off policy. Hell, so did I. But HR  would have a lawsuit on their hands if they knew all of the ways I  wanted to fuck her, to claim those curves, even if she worked for Ford  in a completely different department.

It wasn't just her body that drove me insane-and made my dick constantly  hard-it was her sharp mind, too. Overqualified for her job, she made  Ford's work life easy. She'd swooped in and organized our joint  production schedules the first week, making the previous assistant seem a  bumbling fool and giving my secretary, Tori, some much needed relief.  Emma knew what Ford and I needed even before we did. Hell, the other  execs, too. I considered putting her up for a promotion, but then I'd  miss hearing her softly pitched, "Good morning, Carter," as she waltzed  into the staff meeting every Tuesday and Thursday morning at precisely  8:00 am.

Yes, all those fucking thoughts-and thoughts about fucking-made me an  asshole, but I hadn't touched her. I'd imagined it so many different  ways, but all of them had one thing in common. I'd fuck her raw, no  condom, and I'd fill her with my cum. I'd shoot it so far inside her,  and so often, that she'd never be able to wash the scent of me from her  body. She'd be marked as mine. Yes, every fuck fest in my head ended  with me claiming her in the most elemental of ways, filling her with my  baby as I made her writhe and beg for release.

Not very gentlemanly of me. But every time I saw her, my Ivy League  education and analytical mind devolved about a million years. I changed  into something primal. A caveman. I wanted to tangle my fingers in her  hair and drag her into my office and fuck her. Make sure she knew  exactly who she belonged to.

I'd discreetly asked my brother about her on several occasions. Ford had  told me to fuck off and find my own secretary. And that was why I'd  left her alone for the last twelve months. I wasn't just an asshole, I  was an old asshole. Ten years her senior. I was ready to settle down, to  get on with that house with the picket fence, the two kids and a  fucking Labrador Retriever. She made me think crazy thoughts, want  things I never imagined I'd want. But I did. I wanted that fucking  house. I wanted her round and pregnant with my baby. I even wanted the  fucking dog. But only with her.

Unfortunately, she wasn't ready. Emma was just twenty-four and needed to  live a little before a dominating caveman like me took over her life.  Once she was mine, I'd want total control. I'd fuck her when I wanted  to, pamper her the way I wanted to, make sure she came so many times on  my hard cock that she never looked at another man again. I'd ruin her,  and she wasn't ready for that. Not for what I wanted to give her. I'd  waited a year already and she graduated in a few weeks with a Master's  in Finance. Yeah, she could analyze my fucking numbers anytime.

Sure, I'd waited like a fucking gentleman, tried to give her the space  she needed to sow her wild oats. I figured I could wait a few more  weeks.

At least, that was the plan. But when I heard her voice drifting down the hallway from the copy room, everything changed.

"I hate being a virgin," she said. I doubted she knew her voice carried,  but I was glad it was me that heard her confession. If it had been  anyone else who knew her secret, I'd have to beat the shit out of them.  No one messed with Emma. She might be Ford's secretary, but she was  mine.

I was walking past, heading back to the elevators after our Thursday  meeting on the fourteenth floor when I recognized her voice. It was her  words though, that had me leaning against the wall and out of sight.  Eavesdropping. She'd turned me into a fucking eavesdropper. No, the fact  that she'd said she was a virgin had.

"There's nothing wrong with being a virgin." I recognized the voice of  my secretary, Tori. She was in her late twenties, single, and gorgeous. I  told her that she should go out with Ford, but she just raised a brow  and told me she'd sworn off men. She'd worked for me just over a year  but I didn't know more than that. And with the don't-fuck-with-me look  in her eyes, I didn't ask for details. I didn't have time to dig into  her personal life. As usual, she was efficient and professional, and I  thought her words to Emma were sound.

"I'm twenty-four, Tori. I must be the oldest virgin on earth."

I thought of her, untouched, pure. God, just knowing that pussy hadn't  been fucked had me shifting my cock. I had to look down the hall to  ensure no one could see me with my dick hard.

"So a few more days, weeks, hell, months, isn't going to make a  difference. Trust me on that one." The woman deserved a promotion for  that answer.

"That guy Jim ran out of my apartment when I told him I'd never had sex  before. He called me a unicorn. What the hell does that even mean?"

I heard the copier door open, then close. The machine kicked on.

"He was an asshole," Tori replied.

Thank fuck he was an asshole. I didn't even know who the hell Jim was, but he didn't deserve my sweet Emma, or her virgin pussy.

"I'm telling you, don't do it. Some guy at a bar is not who you want to give your V card to," Tori said.

What guy at what bar? I stood up straight and leaned closer.

"Well, that V card is in my way. No guy wants to deal with a virgin,  Tori. I'm like a kid playing in the grown-up pool. It's just one night  and then it's over. I can put the stupid virginity thing behind me and  move on."

No one wanted to deal with her? Hell, she was perfect as she was. Girl  next door perfect and I'd been afraid I'd corrupt her. I wasn't a good  guy. Hell, I'd worked my way through enough women to know what they  thought of me. I was-used to be-the fuck-em and leave-em type, but I'd  never offered any of them more than one night and they all knew that  going in. I'd only wanted a release, a short respite where I forgot  everything in their willing bodies. I hadn't promised more. Ever. Had  never wanted more. Until Emma. And I wanted to give her everything.

"Then pick someone to make it worth your while. We both know who you really want."

I heard Emma laugh, but the sound wasn't sweet, it was sad. "Yeah,  that's so not going to happen. He doesn't even know I'm alive."

Tori laughed. "Maybe you should parade around naked. He'll notice, trust me. And I've heard he's fucking fantastic in bed."

"God, don't tell me things like that," Emma pleaded. "I already can't think when I'm around him."

"Seriously, woman. Why don't you dress up a little? Show some cleavage. You know, seduce him?"

"Right. Me? You've got to be kidding. I'm about as sexy as a  kindergarten teacher." Emma sighed and I imagined her crossing her arms,  knew the exact face she was probably making. "Hence the problem, Tori.  Big, stupid virgin, remember? He wouldn't waste his time with me. He  doesn't seem like the virgin type. Which is one of the reasons I want to  get laid tonight."

Tonight? And who was my Emma pining for? Who the fuck was she talking  about? Was Emma interested in someone? I'd never heard of her going on a  date, and Ford kept pretty close tabs on everyone working for him. The  office was small enough for me to find out what she was doing most of  the time. Only Brad from Accounting had come sniffing around her last  Thanksgiving and I'd shut him down easily enough. Who the hell was she  longing for and why didn't I know about him? I was a jealous prick for  wondering, but hell, I was selfish. I wanted her all to myself.

"I still think a one night stand with some guy you hook up with in a bar is a bad idea."

Bless Tori and her sage advice. Trouble was, my Emma wasn't listening.

"Look, Tori, it's fine. A stranger is better. If I'm terrible in bed,  I'll never have to see him again. And I want to know what it's like to  have a man inside me. I want him sweaty and bossy and so fucking hard he  can't wait to fuck me. I want a real man. I want skin and kissing and a  real cock, not battery-operated Bob."

My balls drew up at her words. She wanted skin? Kissing? A bossy man with a big cock?

I had a cock she could ride all damn night.

Tori laughed. "Fine, fine. You're a big girl. We'll meet tonight at  Frankie's. Seven o'clock. If you're going to have a one-night-stand,  I'll at least make sure you have condoms and the guy's not a serial  killer."