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Lip Service:A Bad Boy Billionaire Romance(8)

By:Jessa James


With my hand on her belly, holding her in place-she liked to shift her  hips about-I slipped two fingers of my other hand into her, felt for her  G-spot. I knew I'd found it when I felt that little ridge just inside  her entrance, but when her back arched and she cried out, I was sure it  was a hot little button that would set her off.

Her skin heated beneath my palm, her ragged breathing turned into little  pants, then breathy moans and finally all out cries of pleasure. Her  fingers tangled in my hair tugged almost painfully, but I wouldn't stop  until I had what I wanted: her screaming my name.

It didn't take long once I curled my fingers over her G-spot and began  flicking my tongue over the left side of her clit. And when I sucked  that little pearl into my mouth, she came apart, her juices coating my  fingers, her thighs tightening on my shoulders. Her back bowed off the  bed as she did, indeed, scream my name.

Shifting my own hips, I tried to ease my cock, but nothing would do it  except being buried deep inside her. After bringing her down gently with  soft licks, slipping my fingers from her and licking them clean, I sat  back on my heels and stripped off my shirt. Her eyes fluttered open and  watched me as I shucked all of my clothing.

And when I knelt before her, my cock curving thickly up toward my navel, her eyes widened.

"I don't know if I should be pleased by the look on your face or worried."

Gripping the base, I stroked myself as pre-cum seeped from the tip.

Reaching into my discarded pants, I pulled out a condom, tore it open.

"You're …  God, are all guys big like you?"

I paused rolling the condom down my length.

"You'll never know." My tone sounded ominous, but I wasn't going to talk  about other men when I had her pussy all wet and ready for my cock.


Placing a hand beside her head, I loomed over her, met her pale gaze.

"Don't worry, I'll fit."

Chapter 6


I looked up at Carter, said nothing, just gave a slight nod because I  wasn't as sure that he could fit. He was huge. While I'd never seen an  actual guy naked before, I had seen pictures. And he was bigger than any  photo I'd ever seen. I was still feeling the orgasm he'd just given  me-with his mouth!-and my inner walls clenched down, eager to be filled.

He didn't give me a chance to argue, for he lowered his head and kissed  me. Dropping to his forearm, he kept his weight off of me, but I felt  every hard, hot inch of him. The dark smattering of hair on his chest  tickled my nipples. He was so muscular, so strong and powerful. While  I'd found him hot in his business suits, naked was definitely better.

God, he was a good kisser. So good that I was forgetting I should be  worried about the size of his cock. Surely a virgin pussy couldn't  handle it. He reached between us, took hold of his cock and settled it  at my entrance. It prodded, but didn't go in. Lifting his head, his dark  eyes met mine. Held. I was imprisoned by that stare.

Our breaths mingled as he slowly pushed into me, stretching me open, all  the while watching me. God, he was big and I was tight. He'd said it  and I knew it. I could feel how much I had to open for him to get that  huge head into me. I could feel my eyes widen as he slowly claimed me.

This wasn't a quick fuck in the restroom. Carter was being gentle and  thoughtful, considerate. He'd already had me come twice so far and he'd  yet to come once. I was glad he'd prepared me because I hadn't been  ready before.

I couldn't help but stiffen beneath him and winced with a hint of pain.  It wasn't horrible but I had to wonder if he'd been lying. His cock was a  monster.


He didn't let me say more, for he took my mouth in a searing kiss as he  cupped my breast, played with the nipple. I felt it go hard once again  and I knew he was doing it to distract me, to make me feel good as I  adjusted to his girth.

He sank in a little more, then pulled back. Slowly, so fucking slowly,  he filled me. At least until he hit my barrier. It was going to hurt, I  knew it. Carter's kiss went deeper, more carnal and I could only  whimper. But then he surprised me by pinching my nipple. Hard.

I cried out against his mouth and he pushed all the way into me, breaking through that stupid hymen.

He lifted his head so I could catch my breath, panting at the feel of  him. God, I was so filled. Yes, it had hurt, but not any longer. Now I  just felt …  breached. Open. Claimed. And my nipple tingled.

Leaning down, he took my abused nipple into his mouth and laved it,  gently suckled. Clenching down on him, my inner walls pulsed and  adjusted to being opened.

"Shh, just give it a minute," he murmured, kissing up my body to my neck, my ear.

I realized my fingers were like claws in his biceps. Slowly, I relaxed, took another deep breath and loosened all my muscles.

God, it was perfect. He was perfect. He could have rammed into me and  made it just an experience. A quick fuck. This was so much more than  that. He was making it a memory.

It was becoming impossible to lay still beneath him and so I shifted my hips ever so slightly to see what it was like.

"Give it a minute. You took eight inches on your first go and need time  to adjust." I could hear the tenderness in his voice, but also a rough  bite that came with his restraint. I knew he wanted to move, needed it.  Holding still was costing him. Sweat dotted his brow and his body was  rigid.

Eight inches? Fuck.

His hand roamed my body, from face to breast, waist to hip, sliding down  my leg to bend it up by his side. I'd completely forgotten I still wore  my stockings and fuck-me heels.

Letting out a deep breath, I relaxed beneath him.

"Better?" he asked, stroking my hair back from my face. His dark gaze roved over my face.


It was. I just felt …  filled now. It didn't hurt. In fact, I wanted him to move.

He pulled back about an inch and I could feel my eyes widen. I couldn't miss his grin. "Liked that?"

"Yes," I breathed. Holy crap, that felt good. It was as if his cock  stroked every nerve ending to life. Nerve endings I had no idea I even  had.

"How about this?" He pulled out even more until just the flared head was held within me by my parted folds.

"Don't leave!" I cried, grabbing hold of his shoulders.

"Shh, I'm not going anywhere." He pushed in slowly until I was filled again. "See?"

I tilted my head back and groaned. That felt so good. So fucking good I was going to come. His cock was that good. "Again."

He pulled almost out, then filled me again, a little harder this time.


I brought my other leg up by his hip.

"Wrap your legs around my waist and hang on."

I did as he said and he started moving then. With my legs up, he somehow  went in even deeper, his pelvis rubbing against my clit. There was no  pain now. Nothing but pleasure.

His restraint was gone.

"You feel like heaven wrapped around my dick, wrapped around me. This is where I've wanted to be for the past year."

Holy fucking hell. He was a talker during sex and I loved it. It was like word porn.

It was incredible.

He was incredible.

My breathing picked up as I moved, shifting my hips into his thrusts to learn what made it even better.

"You're going to come all over my cock, aren't you, sweetheart?"

Oh yes.

I nodded, licked my lips. I was just about there. His dick was magical  and I couldn't resist. "Yes. I'm going to come. Oh. My. God. I'm going  to-"

My inner walls clenched down on his cock, squeezing, milking, pulling  him into me, never wanting to let him go. I rippled around him as I  came. Sweat bloomed on my skin and I felt myself get even wetter. Really  wet, so that when he fucked me, the sound of it filled the room. It was  dark and carnal and dirty and yet …  perfect. I was a naughty girl.

I couldn't hold back the scream. It was so good. Better than his fingers at the club, better than his mouth.

"Shit, your little pussy spasms are my undoing. And those heels in my ass. Fuck."

He growled against my neck as I felt him swell within me, then stiffen. I  knew he was coming, that his cum was filling the condom. It was right  then I wished he was bare, that I could feel every inch of him, his hot  seed coating me. Claiming me. I wanted to belong to Carter Buchanan.

He'd offered me just one night, but I knew it wasn't going to be enough.


I woke on my side with Carter plastered to my back, his arm around my  waist. The smile on my face was automatic and I laid perfectly still,  staring at the wall, at the designer curtains, heavy mahogany furniture  and cream colored carpet that looked thick enough to swim in.

Last night, I hadn't noticed anything but the man I was with. Listening  carefully to his steady, even breathing, I felt free to enjoy a few more  minutes in this fantasy. Me, in bed, with Carter. If I closed my eyes  and dismissed all logic, I might actually convince myself that I  belonged here.

Way to get rid of the V-card with style. I mentally patted myself on the back and prepared for the pain I knew was coming.

I had to leave. The only thing more pathetic than having a one night  stand with your billionaire boss was sticking around the next morning  hoping for more than sex.