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By:Sam Crescent

Chapter One

Raoul watched as the two sluts that visited the club regularly went down on each other. The brothers were watching avidly. Daisy was already naked with his cock covered in latex ready to join in the fun. One of the women was already a member of the club while the other was trying to become one.

Pike and Mary had gotten married and were away on their honeymoon. Duke and Holly were at the ranch house with his son Matthew. The couple was anxiously waiting for the newest member to be born. The club was quiet, basking in the money after another drug run. Duke wasn’t doing another run until after the baby was born, and seeing as how he always went, Raoul figured they weren’t going to have another trip for some time. What the hell was he supposed to do with the rest of his fucking life?

The bitch who was close to climaxing groaned as Daisy sank his dick right into her greedy little pussy. Raoul had never seen a bitch so wild before, and especially for Daisy’s dick. The brother was going to need to go careful there.

“That bitch has got a serious crush for Daisy,” Pie said, coming to sit next to him. Pie was one of his best friends, along with most of the brothers. When everyone shunned him after fucking the then president’s daughter, Holly, Pie hadn’t turned his back on him. Raoul deserved all the shit he got. Fucking Holly had been a revelation in itself for him. He had really thought all women were the same, a bunch of useless bitches who were only after one thing, dick.

Turned out he was completely wrong, but then, besides Mary, Raoul had yet to meet another woman worth anything more than a good fuck.

“It’s up to Daisy what he wants to do with that.” Raoul tipped the beer bottle against his lips while watching the fuck-fest happening. Daisy was ramming his dick inside the cute little fake blonde while also fingering the redhead.

The redhead wasn’t natural though, unlike someone he knew. Raoul pushed those thoughts to the back of his mind. It had been well over six months since he’d last thought about her, the young woman he’d saved from being gang raped. He wouldn’t be surprised if he heard that she had to go into therapy.

“Do you think he needs any help?” Pie asked.

Staring at the scene, Raoul’s dick started to get hard. “I’ll help him in a moment.”

“Raoul, you go up there and a couple more women are going to flock to you. You fuck all night long, and they love you for it.”

No, they loved his dick, not him, which he didn’t mind. He didn’t have to care for them for the sick shit he loved to do to them.

“Please, Daisy, please, fuck me. Make it burn.”

Pie and Raoul burst out laughing. The woman, he couldn’t remember her name, was so obvious in her infatuation. He was surprised that Daisy was even touching her at all. Chip and Knuckles came to join them, watching the little show being put on for them.

“I don’t know if Daisy is being cruel or really doesn’t see it,” Knuckles said.

“Don’t care. She fucks everything with a dick, so I imagine Daisy doesn’t really know or he doesn’t give a fuck.” Raoul watched as Daisy pulled out of the sopping woman and moved toward the other woman. He had a condom on, but he made the woman lick his covered dick clean before plunging inside her.

The look of pure menace on the one who had a crush was priceless.

“I’m going to go and help her out.”

Putting the bottle back on the counter, Raoul started to unbuckle his jeans on the way toward the angry, glaring woman. Tugging a condom out of the top pocket of his jacket, he tore into it, and grabbed the latex.

Gripping the woman’s chin, he forced her to look at him.

“Daisy hasn’t claimed you to be his. You better wipe that look off your face or you’re out.”

This woman hadn’t been initiated into the group whereas Samantha, the club whore Daisy was currently fucking, had.

“What’s your name?” Raoul asked.


“Well, Lori, it’s time for you to put that mouth to good use.” Pulling his dick out of his pants, he slid the latex over his shaft. He pressed the tip to her mouth. “Now, open up.”

Slowly, he started to slide his cock deep into her mouth, going as far into her mouth as he could.

“Don’t use your teeth.”

One of the brothers, Crazy, had been caught by a club whore who liked to use her teeth. The brother had fucked her after she’d bitten into the condom, and nine months later, he had a little girl to show for it. Crazy married the club whore, putting his name to the brat he birthed. The girl’s name was Strawberry, and she was a beautiful girl, but the relationship her parents had was toxic.

Lori opened her mouth, and he started to use it as a cunt. Thrusting in and out of her mouth, he turned to look at Daisy, who’d stopped paying her any attention. The brother knew, and this was how he was letting her know.