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By:Sam Crescent

No man would ever share their real woman with another brother. It was one of their strict rules, and no one was allowed to break that rule. Club whores were shared, passed around by the club. An old lady was taken by one man and one man alone. The only time this rule had changed was with Crazy’s woman, Suz. They all knew she’d tricked him into marrying her and had tried to fuck each of them at one time after being married. None of the brothers would go near her. She wasn’t worth betraying a brother.

When Daisy didn’t make a move to stop Lori from sucking his dick, Raoul wrapped her dyed blonde hair around his fist, pushing her over the pool table. He made sure all the brothers saw her pussy. This was what made her a club whore and never an old lady. None of the men wanted others to see what belonged to them.

None of them had seen Holly or Mary’s pussy on display. They’d watched them have sex, but never seen the action itself. The brothers had all been discreet. They’d only seen the treasured jewel that they were now asked to look after, to protect. Raoul took the protection of Holly and Mary very seriously.

Slamming his dick inside Lori, he closed his eyes after releasing a groan. She had a tight pussy. In a couple of weeks several of the brothers would have broken her in making her soft like butter. With his hand still buried in her hair, he rode her pussy hard. The brothers around them cheered, telling them to fuck the bitches, to make both women work for it.

Raoul closed his eyes imagining a woman with beautiful deep red hair and shocking green eyes. He gripped the woman beneath him tighter, knowing it wasn’t his Zoe. She wasn’t ever going to be found in a place like this. She wouldn’t go hunting for him even if he wanted her to, which he didn’t. This world wasn’t for her. She was in college working hard to become someone more important.

Slapping Lori’s ass, Raoul growled as he filled the condom, hating what he’d just done.

Pulling away from her body, he moved out of the way as another brother took over. The fuck-fest had started. Leaving the action, he removed the condom, throwing it into the nearest trashcan. He took the bottle of whiskey from the counter, moving toward the kitchen. No one was inside the room. This place was more the old ladies’ domain than the men’s. It wasn’t sexist; it was just how it was.

Sitting on one of the stools, he drank from the bottle. In the next second he had his cell phone in his hand looking at the woman that was destroying him without even realizing it.

“What’s going on?” Daisy asked, walking into the kitchen with his jeans undone.

“You’re done already?”

“It’s not the pussy I want.” Daisy snagged the bottle from him. “When it’s not the right pussy, once you’ve come, there’s really no need to stick around.”

“Lori’s got a thing for you. I’d tread carefully. You don’t want to end up like Crazy.”

“That son of a bitch is crazy. I wouldn’t have put up with her shit. I’d have done what Duke did, put a fucking bullet in the bitch’s skull.” Daisy pressed two fingers to his temple, making a gunshot noise.

Chuckling, Raoul put his cell phone away.

“What’s with the girl?” Daisy asked.

He wasn’t fast enough putting his cell phone away before Daisy saw the picture.

“Do you remember that girl we saved back in the city?” Raoul snatched the bottle back.

“The redhead about to get gang raped?”


“What about her?”

Blowing out a breath, Raoul stared at the sticker covering the bottle. “Can’t get the bitch out of my head.” He pressed a finger to his temple. “She’s always there, and I can’t get her out of it.”

He expected to hear laughter or some snide comment. Glancing over at his brother, he saw Daisy frowning.

“You ever thought of going to see her?”

“I can’t do it, man. This life is not for everyone.”

“A couple of years ago I didn’t think it was the life for Holly or Mary, yet they’re married to Duke and Pike. Blows my fucking mind to think of those fuckers settled down.”

Yeah, it was laughable. Out of all of the men, Duke and Pike were the most unlikely to settle down.

“What about you? What pussy are you wanting?” Raoul asked.

The shutters came down over Daisy’s eyes.

“Fine, you don’t want to talk. I can’t help you.”

Taking the bottle of whiskey, Raoul left his brother alone in the kitchen while he drank himself into oblivion.


Running the card along her lips, Zoe stared up at the ceiling. She should be studying while her roommate was out, but she couldn’t do it. Staring at the name on the card, she frowned. It wasn’t even Raoul’s card or for his club, yet he’d given it to her to practice firing the gun.