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By:Sam Crescent

This wasn’t a chance meeting. Landon was going to witness everything, and that she didn’t want to happen.

Too late.

He pulled up within the clubhouse compound where the party was really getting on. She noticed a much older man outside, smoking a cigarette. He wore a leather jacket, and looked completely at ease.

“That’s Russ. He used to run things here,” Landon said, turning off the engine of the car.

“Great. He looks … scary as hell.”

“Nah, don’t get on his bad side. He’s not a threat to you, I promise.”

Landon opened the door, climbing out of the car. She did the same.

You can do this.

“Hey, Landon. It’s been a long time since you’ve been here, kid.”

“I’ve been busy with school.”

“Who’s this ripe peach?” Russ asked.

It was strange, but she didn’t get the creepy older man vibe from him.

“This is the lovely Zoe.” Landon pushed her forward.

What do I do?

“It’s nice to meet you,” she said, holding her hand out to him.

Russ smiled. “You brought a little sheep into the lions’ den.”

“Hey, I resent that,” she said, before Landon answered.

He raised a brow. She didn’t even look behind her to see what Landon was doing. The last thing she wanted to do was think about herself being caught between the two strong men.

“You think you’re ready for a club party?”

“I’m more than ready. I told Landon to bring me myself.”

“I offered to drive her,” Landon said. Glancing over at him, she shot him a glare. “Go ahead and give me the stink eye. It’s the truth.”

“Take her in. I’m sure an experienced college girl could handle anything.”

Not that experienced.

She kept her lips closed.

Landon threw his hand over her shoulders leading her toward the main clubhouse.

“He seemed nice,” she said. Landon threw his head back, laughing. “What?”

“Russ is a great guy but don’t mistake him being nice for causing shit.”

“I’m not going to cause shit.”

“Russ used to be the Prez here. He’ll kill anyone who tries to fuck with the Trojans.”

“Even me?” she asked, looking back at the friendly man.

“You try to fuck with the club, he wouldn’t even bat an eyelash at killing you.”

She shivered. The thought of anyone committing murder terrified her. Wouldn’t it be bad if she didn’t shudder?

“What’s going on?” she asked.

The whole of the club was looking toward the end of the clubhouse. The sexual moans and groans were easy to detect, but from the look of everyone, they were all about to fuck.

Somehow they were pushed forward with the energy of the club. Landon held onto her arms, keeping her close by his side, or front, as he stood directly behind her.

The moment they broke through the crowd, Zoe froze. There on the dance floor was the very man she’d been obsessed with. He was beside the other one she remembered, Daisy. They were both semi-naked, both wearing their leather jackets while their jeans were around their ankles.

She no longer heard the crowd or what Landon was saying to her. Zoe couldn’t tear her gaze away from the man who was fucking one of the women in the ass as he teased another with his fingers.

It was a fuck-fest. Hungry men and women taking pleasure in each other as the crowd cheered for them to fuck and play.

“I tried to warn you,” Landon said, whispering against her ear.

“I know.” She was breaking apart, and yet the sight before her was … amazing. Being a virgin hadn’t been something she was by choice. Every guy she’d been out with had just seemed lacking in every department.

Raoul wouldn’t want me.

It was pitiful, stupid, and it was time to get over her silly obsession with him. He had a harem of women at his disposal. She looked around the room and the women eyeing the scene, clearly wanted to be the ones getting fucked.

She turned her gaze back to Raoul, and stopped. He was staring right at her. At first his gaze looked a little hazy, but then he glanced up at Landon, before coming back to her. She recognized the shock, and she didn’t need to see anything more.

Tearing out of Landon’s grip, she rushed toward the exit. The same door that she entered now beckoned for her to run away. Rushing out the door, she almost charged into Russ.

“Find what you’re looking for?” Russ asked.

“More than you’ll ever understand.” She didn’t stay to linger, moving as fast as she could toward Landon’s car. Zoe hoped he took the hint that she no longer wished to linger.