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By:Sam Crescent

“Raoul’s chewing my ass out for bringing his girl here.”

“His girl?”

“Zoe, the one he saved a few months back.”

“She’s not my fucking girl, and it’s not any of your fucking business.” Raoul glared at each man, hating both of them. “Where is she now?”

“I took her home. She’s probably spending her weekend staring at the card and the gun.”

“What else did she say?” Raoul asked.

“Wow, you’ve really got a thing for this girl, haven’t you?” Crazy asked, taking a long draw on his cigarette.

“Fuck off.”

“Fine. I’ll give you a little piece of advice, don’t knock them up.”

“You didn’t mean to knock Suz up,” Raoul reminded him.

“Don’t I fucking know it. Suz thinks it’s fucking funny that she caught me with the oldest trick in the book. Part of me wished I could be like Prez and shoot the bitch.”

They were all killers, but none of them liked killing women. Even Duke had put up with a cheating bitch for a wife before he found Holly. When Julie put Holly’s life at risk, Duke cracked, putting a bullet in her head.

Raoul was about to leave the group when Crazy’s car pulled into the parking lot. He frowned as Suz climbed out of the car, popping some gum. “I need some money,” she said, looking straight at Crazy.

Calling Suz a bitch was insulting the word bitch. There was no one she cared about but herself. Out of all the women Raoul knew, she was the least maternal, even less so than Julie.

“Where’s fucking Strawberry?” Crazy asked.

“How the fuck should I know?”

Anger emanated out of Crazy. He was positively throbbing with rage. “Where’s my daughter? I mean it, Suz.”

“I don’t know. It was your night last night. I’ve not seen her. Now, I want my money.”

“Last night was your night to spend with her. I left her with a babysitter.” Crazy threw his cigarette to the floor.

“Oops, I guess I forgot. Oh well, money.” She held her palm out.

Raoul was sick to his stomach to witness the woman’s complete lack of care.

Crazy walked up to her, but he didn’t go into his pocket. He grabbed Suz around the neck, pressing her against the car. Raoul didn’t make a move toward him. The bitch deserved whatever Crazy decided to give.

“Shouldn’t you stop that?”

“He’s just realized his little girl may have been left alone all last night. Wouldn’t you be pissed if it was your kid?”

Crazy talked quietly, whispering the words against her ear. From the fear flashing across her face Crazy wasn’t holding back in his threats.

Finally, he gave her some money. When she went to argue he shot her another warning.

He moved back toward them as her car rushed out of the parking lot. “I’ve got to head home.”

“Is Strawberry on her own?”

“No. I left her with the babysitter. I’ll just have to pay her extra for the time she’s been taking care of her.”

“Who’s your babysitter?” Landon asked.

“The woman who lives across the hall from me, Leanna.” Crazy stretched. “I’ll see you guys around.”

“I want you to take Stacey out this afternoon,” Raoul said, giving the order to Landon when they were alone.

Landon groaned. “Man, do you know how clingy this bitch is?”

“You should have made sure I got the message yesterday. I don’t really give a fuck how needy this girl is. Take her out, fuck her, dine her, whatever. I don’t care.” Raoul left him alone, heading back inside. Daisy was sitting at the bar, nursing another coffee. “We’re always doing this.”

“Fuck, man, don’t speak so loud. Anyone could hear you.” Daisy rubbed at his temples.

“What’s going on with you?”

“I party hard and fuck hard. I’m not as young as I used to be.” Daisy groaned. “Fuck, I think I’m going to be sick.”

Daisy rushed out of the room, heading toward the nearest bathroom.

“Hey, Raoul,” Lori said.

Lori was walking up behind him. When she made to touch him, he grabbed her hands, stopping her from doing it. “Don’t even think about it.”

“Why? You liked what I was doing to you last night.” She tried to whisper against his ear. Gripping her neck, much like Crazy had with his woman, Raoul applied pressure to her throat.

“I suggest you get the fuck away from me before I end your poor excuse for a miserable life. You’re good enough for a fuck, Lori. Nothing else. Get out of here.”

She ran away, grabbing her bag from the pile and leaving the clubhouse. Minutes later Daisy came back, looking around the corner. “Is she gone?”