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Maid for a Magnate

By:Jules Bennett

Maid for a Magnate
Jules Bennett



Will Rowling stared at the blaring headline as he sipped his coffee and  thanked every star in the sky that he'd dodged marrying into the royal  family of Alma. Between the Montoro siblings and their cousin Juan  Carlos, that was one seriously messed up group.

Of course his brother, James, had wedded the beautiful Bella Montoro.  Will's father may have had hopes of Will and Bella joining forces, but  those devious plans obviously had fallen through when James fell in love  with Bella instead.

Love. Such a fickle thing that botched up nearly every best laid plan.  Not that Will had ever been on board with the idea of marrying Bella.  He'd rather remain single than marry just to advance his family's  business interests.

The Montoros were a force to be reckoned with in Alma, now that the  powerful royal family was being restored to the throne after more than  seventy years in exile. And Patrick Rowling was all too eager to have  his son marry into such prestige, but thankfully that son was not to be  Will.

Bella's brother had been heading toward the throne, until shocking  letters were discovered in an abandoned family farmhouse, calling into  question the lineage of the Montoros and diverting the crown into the  hands of their cousin.

Secrets, scandal, lies... Will was more than happy to turn the reins over to his twin.

And since Will was officially single, he could carry out his own  devious plan in great detail-his plot didn't involve love but a whole  lot of seduction.

First, though, he had to get through this meeting with his father.  Fortunately, Will's main goal of taking back control of his life  involved one very intriguing employee of his father's household so  having this little meeting at the Rowling home in Playa del Onda instead  of the Rowling Energy offices was perfectly fine with him. Now that  James had married and moved out and Patrick was backing away from  working as much, Patrick used his weekend home more often.

"Rather shocking news, isn't it?"

Still clutching the paper in one hand and the coffee mug in the other,  Will turned to see his father breeze into the den. While Patrick leaned  more toward the heavier side, Will prided himself on keeping fit. It was  just another way he and his father were different though some around  them felt Will was a chip off the old block. At one time Will would've  agreed with those people, but he was more than ready to show everyone,  including his father, he was his own man and he was taking charge.

"This bombshell will certainly shake things up for Alma." Will tossed  the newspaper onto the glossy mahogany desktop. "Think parliament will  ratify his coronation?"

Patrick grunted as he sank into his leather desk chair. "It's just a  different branch of the Montoro family that will be taking the throne,  so it really doesn't matter."

Will clutched his coffee cup and shook his head. Anything to do with  the Montoros was not his problem. He had his own battles to face,  starting with his father right now.

"What did you need to see me so early about?" his father asked, leaning back so far in the chair it squeaked.

Will remained standing; he needed to keep the upper hand here, needed  to stay in control. Even though he was going up against his father's  wishes, Will had to take back control of his own life. Enough with  worrying about what his father would say or do if Will made the wrong  move.

James had never bowed to their father's wishes and Will always wondered  why his twin was so against the grain. It may have taken a few years to  come around, but Will was more than ready to prove himself as a  formidable businessman.

Will was a master at multitasking and getting what he wanted. And since  he'd kissed Cat a few weeks ago, he'd thought of little else. He wanted  her...and he would have her. Their intense encounter would allow for  nothing less.

But for right this moment, Will was focusing on his new role with  Rowling Energy and this meeting with his father. Conquering one  milestone at a time.

"Up till now, you've had me dealing with the company's oil interests,"  Will stated. "I'm ready to take total control of the real estate  division, too."

His father's chest puffed out as he took in a deep breath. "I've been  waiting for you to come to me with this," Patrick said with a smile.  "You're the obvious choice to take over. You've done a remarkable job  increasing the oil profits. They're up twelve percent since you put your  mark on the company."

Will intended to produce financial gains for all of the company's  divisions. For years, he'd wanted to get out from under his father's  thumb and take control, and now was his chance. And that was just the  beginning of his plans where Rowling Energy was concerned.                       


Finally, now that Will was seeing clearly and standing on his own two  feet, nothing would stand in his way. His father's semiretirement would  just help ease the path to a beautiful life full of power and  wealth...and a certain maid he'd set in his sights.

"I've already taken the liberty of contacting our main real estate  clients in London," Will went on, sliding his hands into his pockets and  shifting his weight. "I informed them they would be dealing with me."

Will held his father's gaze. He'd taken a risk contacting the other  players, but Will figured his father would be proud and not question the  move. Patrick had wanted Will to slide into the lead role of the family  business for years. Slowly Will had taken over. Now he was ready to  seal every deal and hold all the reins.

"Another man would think you're trying to sneak behind his back."  Patrick leaned forward and laced his fingers together on the desktop. "I  know better. You're taking charge and that's what I want. I'll make  sure my assistant knows you will be handling the accounts from here on  out. But I'm here anytime, Will. You've been focused on this for so  long, your work has paid off."

Will nodded. Part one of his plan was done and had gone just as  smoothly as he'd envisioned. Now he needed to start working on the  second part of his plan. And both aspects involved the same  tactic...trust. He needed to gain and keep the trust of both his father  and Cat or everything would blow up in his face.

Will refused to tolerate failure on any level.

Especially where Cat was concerned. That kiss had spawned an onslaught  of emotions he couldn't, wouldn't, ignore. Cat with her petite, curvy  body that fit perfectly against his. She'd leaned into that kiss like a  woman starved and he'd been all too happy to give her what she wanted.

Unfortunately, she'd dodged him ever since. He didn't take that as a  sign of disinterest. Quite the opposite. If she wasn't interested, she'd  act as if nothing had happened. But the way she kept avoiding him when  he came to visit his father at the Playa del Onda estate only proved to  Will that she was just as shaken as he was. There was no way she didn't  feel something.

Just one kiss and he had her trembling. He'd use that to his advantage.

Seeing Cat was another reason he opted to come to his father's second  home this morning. She couldn't avoid him if he cornered her at her  workplace. She'd been the maid for his twin brother, James, but James  had often been away playing football-or as the Yanks called it,  soccer-so Cat hadn't been a temptation thrust right in Will's face. But  now she worked directly under Patrick. Her parents had also worked for  Patrick, so Cat had grown up around Will and James. It wasn't that long  ago that Will had set his sights on Cat. Just a few years ago, in fact,  he'd made his move, and they'd even dated surreptitiously for a while.  That had ended tragically when he'd backed down from a fight in a moment  of weakness. Since their recent kiss had brought back their scorching  chemistry, Will knew it was time for some action.

Will may have walked out on her four years ago, but she was about to  meet the new Will...the one who fought for what he wanted. And he wanted  Cat in his bed and this time he wouldn't walk away.

Will focused back on his father. "I'll let myself out," he stated, more  than ready to be finished with this part of his day. "I'll be in touch  once I hear back from the investors and companies I contacted."

Heading for the open double doors, Will stopped when his father called his name.

"You know, I really wanted the thing with you and Bella to work,"  Patrick stated, as he stared at the blaring, boldface headline.

"She found love with my brother. She and I never had any type of connection. You'd best get used to them together."

Patrick focused his attention back on Will. "Just keep your head on  your shoulders and don't follow the path your brother has. Getting  sidetracked isn't the way to make Rowling Energy grow and prosper. Just  do what you've been doing."