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Making His Baby(6)

By:Lulu Pratt



Divine intervention is a real thing. And if I need any proof, the fact  my phone has just started to ring as I am having these thoughts should  be all the proof that I need.

Snapping myself back into reality and the moment, I look across to my  phone, smiling to myself when I see that it is none other than Blake  calling me.

I reach out to pick up the phone, but stop at the last second. The phone  has only rung the one time, and I let it ring out a couple more times  before finally answering. I want to make him think I am busy, and that  he has put me out by calling. I don't want him to know that I have been  thinking about him all night and day.

"Hello?" I say casually as I answer the phone.

"Apparently there are rules that say not to call the next day, but I  decided to break them. Just this once," he says, speaking into the other  end of the phone. His voice carries that same effortless charm, and  even as he speaks, I feel the need to keep typing. He is a fuel for my  inspiration.

"I'm sorry, but who is this?" I reply, trying my best to sound like I  mean it. I'm not usually this playful, but he brings it out in me.

"Oh, sorry. It's the plumber. I'm calling about that busted pipe that  you wanted me to fix. I wanted to know what time I can come over and  service it."

"Oh, that pipe?" I say with fake realization. "You know what? It no  longer needs servicing. Yeah, I thought it did, but I checked it out  when I got home last night, and it is actually in perfect working order.  Sorry to get your hopes up."

"I think you mistake me. My hopes weren't up. It was you I was doing it for."

"Is that right?" I smirk, leaning back in my chair as I do. I'm glad  that he is on the phone and not here in person because I wear the  biggest, goofiest smile on my face. I'd hate for him to see it and know  what effect he has on me.

"That's right. So, if you want me to come over and double check that for  you, now is that time. Otherwise, you might find me very hard to book  in again."

"Oh no," I gasp. "I guess I better make that booking. I'd hate to ruin any chance I had of requiring your services again."

"That's what I thought."

Through the whole charade, he hasn't broken character and has kept that  same cool arrogance that he wears. If it wasn't for how teasing I am  being, I might have held it against him.

"So, Mr. Plumber. Now that we have that figured out, what can I do for you?"

As I speak, I lean across to my laptop and type out snippets of the conversation we are having. Some of it is too good to waste.

"In all seriousness," he says. "I want to see you again. I had a good time last night, believe it or not."

"How generous of you," I say.

"I can be. I'm going to assume that you had an okay time last night, too. If just okay. "

"Maybe," I say, biting my lip. I am going to go out with him, of that I  am sure. But still, I have to play with him just a little more.

"What if I told you I had a proposition for you? Something I can't ask over the phone."

"Really?" I ask, sitting up. I'm curious now, despite how coy I am acting. What could he possibly want to ask me?

"Really, really. I promise that it will be worth your while."

"Well, if that's the case, I guess there's no way I can say no," I relent. "Where and when?"

"Tomorrow night. I'll text you the time and place." He says in his  usual, short manner. It's odd, but I felt almost like a client in the  way he asks me. As if it's a business dinner, rather than a date. What  could he possibly want?

"Deal," I say, and I hang up the phone the moment I do.

I know that if I stay on the line any longer, I might say something I  regret. And besides, I could feel the power slowly going in his favor,  and I wanted to realign it in my direction.

As I put down the phone, waiting for his text to come through, my heart  beats faster and faster and my mind races. Despite myself, I am  incredibly excited to see him again. I just hope that I am able to  exercise the same level of self-control that I had last night. But  having said that, I'm not ruling out anything.

Chapter 9


I can't believe how beautiful she looks. I have spent the last two days  trying my best to picture her in my mind, and I was certain that I had a  pretty good image there. But seeing her now, in the flesh, I have to  contend with the fact that I wasn't even close.

I asked Carrie to meet me in the lobby of the Ritz hotel. It's an  expensive hotel in downtown L.A., and I asked her there for a reason.  Since she said no to coming back to my house two nights ago, I've been  going over the night in my head. Over and over. I am convinced that my  error was assuming that she would be comfortable in a stranger's house. I  know how some women are, and I shouldn't have assumed she would be  comfortable coming home with me.         



So now, in the Ritz, with a room booked upstairs, I am sure that I will  be able to convince her to spend the night. The hotel is like a safe  zone, where she won't feel threatened or uncomfortable.

I stand in the back of the lobby, watching her wait for me, and I am  forced to reevaluate everything that I thought I knew. She is just so  damn gorgeous. She wears a tight strapless red dress that hugs her body  and flows down to and covers her ankles.

Although she isn't curvy, she is exceptionally fit, and I can see the  muscles in her legs and ass from where I stand. And even though she  doesn't have huge breasts, they are round and look like they would fit  perfectly in my hands. She is perfect. More than enough woman for me.

I have to shake my head and cut those thoughts from my mind as I feel my  pants tighten. I need to control myself. I need to think clearly if I'm  going to have her. Thinking with my cock isn't going to get my  anywhere.

Taking a deep breath, I walk up to her slowly.

"Carrie," I say as she spots me. "Would it be too much to tell you how breathtaking you look tonight?"

"Usually, I would say yes," she says with a smile. "But considering how good I look tonight, I'll let it slide."

As she says this, I can see her cheeks turning slightly red. She may talk a big game, but she is nervous.

"Shall we," I say, as I gesture to the restaurant across the lobby. Even  though it's a hotel restaurant, the Ritz features a very fancy and very  highly recommended restaurant.

"After you," she says with a smile.

I lead her through the lobby to the restaurant, where the hostess does  the rest. She seats us, and I ask for their most expensive bottle of red  wine. She nods her head and shuffles off, leaving the two of us alone.

"Nice place," Carrie says as she looks around the restaurant. I can see  from the expression on her face that she is quietly impressed. Like I  said, it's a very nice establishment.

"Wait until you try the food," I respond. "I won't be surprised if you want to order a second meal."

"Will that be a problem?"

"Not at all. Just so long as you let me try it."

"I don't think so," she says with a chuckle. "You're going to have to order your own. I don't share."

"Even if I ask nicely? I can be quite persuasive, if given the chance."

She laughs at this, but her cheeks redden at the implication. Carrie  likes to pretend she's immune to my charm, but her face betrays her.

"Yeah," she says. "We'll see about that. I'm not convinced just yet. But  maybe if I'm in a generous mood, I will see it in my heart to let you  try some."

"Well, I can always bribe you," I say. "If that's what it takes."

"By all means," she says, smiling. "I could use the cash."

"Who said it was going to be money that I bribed you with?" I say, changing my tone to a serious one.

"Oh?" She responds, pretending to be affronted by my change in pace. "Is  this why you asked me here? I have to admit, I've been curious about  what it is you're going to propose. You might say you've been in my  thoughts all day."

"I like to hear that," I say, unable to hide my smile. As before, the  two of us have instant fire. It is a wonder that we don't get burned.  "But I suppose you want to hear what it is I invited you here for?"

"So much," she responds, smirking slightly as she does.

"Well, I was going to wait until after dinner, but here it goes. As you  know, it was my high-school reunion    the other night. There, I was  subjected to seeing all my old friends again, and although I feel like  I've outperformed them in certain aspects of my life, my career for  example, there is one thing they have I am missing out on."

"That was?" She asks, leaning forward. She looks a little confused.

"A family," I say. "Children to be more specific. Despite everything I  have done, everything I have accomplished, I don't have any children. I  have been thinking about this for a while, and after that night at my  old school, it confirmed that I do want children. I can't stop thinking  about it. I think it's about more than just having a kid, too, but  having someone to pass on my legacy to. Someone to help grow and see  grow. There is something so pure about it, so real. I make movies, but  they won't last. A child will. You see what I mean?"