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By´╝ÜKathryn Kelly

Ophelia Donovan handed the cab driver her fare and departed the vehicle, anxious to forget her cousin-in-law’s latest stunt. Though she’d never work for Kendall again, they’d moved past their differences and settled into a friendship.

But...but…Jesus. If Christopher discovered what had gone on in the bridal shop, he’d kill Kendall, despite Fee’s assurances to otherwise. Kendall’s death would dampen Bunny’s growing excitement the closer her wedding date got. Fee didn’t care to consider what Kendall, dying at the hands of Christopher, would do to Meggie. Johnnie. Rory. Matilda.

How could Kendall even fix her mouth to say what she had again, after the issue had been addressed and resolved?

Huffing, Fee appreciated the quiet neighborhood she stood in. The small house with the neat lawn in front of her symbolized her moving past Cash and Stretch. Recovering from the heartache of their relationship hadn’t been easy, but she’d faced much worse than losing the two men she loved with all her heart. Had loved.

She’d definitely moved past them.


Strike two for her afternoon. She hoped visiting Noah would calm her, the very reason she’d elected not to return to the club with Kendall and Johnnie, certain their argument raged on. No, thank you.

Maybe, tonight, she’d sleep with Noah. Cash’s and Stretch’s faces rose in her head and she grimaced.

Maybe, she wouldn’t sleep with Noah tonight.

“You’ll never know if you don’t ring the bell,” she scolded herself.

Rubbing a hand over her brow to wipe away sweat, she forced her legs to move.

“Hey, girl,” Noah said, when he opened his door to allow her entry.


Walking into his scarcely furnished house, she smiled at him and set her hobo bag on the counter. Her stomach didn’t erupt in flutters in Noah’s presence as they had with Cash, nor did she feel the calming influence of Stretch. Noah had a similar look and height. Like her lost loves, her new beau had blue eyes and brown hair.

And he was a biker. And he lived in Cash’s neighborhood, about a block and a half away. Deep down, accepting a date from Noah had more to do with Cash and Stretch than it had to do with Noah.

Visiting someone so close to Cash’s house, she’d hoped to run into him.

No such luck. She barely saw him or Stretch at the clubhouse anymore.

Their threesome was truly over.

Noah clapped his hands right next to her head and she jumped. “What the hell are you thinking about?”

“My friend’s wedding,” she answered, swiping her hair off her neck, murmuring in approval at the cold air blowing on her from the overhead a/c vent. “It’s so hot today.”

Folding his arms, Noah leaned against the counter that separated his kitchen from his living room. He didn’t even have a dining space like she had in her apartment. “What friend is that?”

“Bunny. Remember I told you she’s marrying the sergeant-at-arms?” She kicked off her flip-flips and plopped down in one of his two bean bag seats. “The wedding is a huge deal so she’s planning away. I’m one of the bridesmaids.”

“Your sister-in-law is matron-of-honor, if I remember.”

Fee grinned at Noah, attentive and thoughtful like Stretch, but the complete opposite of Cash. Her smile faded away. “Um, yeah,” she said with less enthusiasm as memories of Cash and Stretch swamped her. “Meggie is matron-of-honor.”

“And Outlaw?”

Noah wanted a meeting with Christopher. Since her brother had no idea she dated a biker, Fee doubted a meeting would ever be arranged if she had to be involved.

The Torpedoes—Noah’s MC—was a former support club to the Dwellers and current club enemy thanks to their former president. According to Kendall, rivals of both the Dwellers and the Torps, bombed their clubhouse and they’d lost the majority of their members. According to Noah, the Torps were regrouping, with all the bad apples purged.

He walked to her and held out his hand, drawing her into his arms and nuzzling her neck the moment she stood. “I’ve been thinking about you,” he whispered in a husky tone that had no effect on her.

“That’s why you’ve been blowing up my phone.”

She threw her head back to allow easier access, wanting a spark to ignite within her. But she remained uninspired at his touch and words.

“Do you know why I haven’t called you in four days?” he whispered, his hot breath fanning her cheek, annoying her instead of exciting her.

“You think you’re punishing me because I won’t get you a meeting with my brother.”

“I’m out of goodwill, time and patience.” He chuckled and nipped her earlobe. “Interesting you should stop by after the very enlightening conversation I had with Kendall Donovan about fifteen or twenty minutes ago.”