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My Cocky Cowboy

By:Mia Madison

A Steamy Older Man Romance

Chapter One


"So when do these princesses arrive, Abe?"

A round of jeers and whoops circles the ring of guys at my question. The ranch foreman shrugs his shoulders from beneath his hat, hooked over his forehead to cover his face.

We're sitting around the fire-pit on hay bales and oil drums, anything we can muster. Out under the stars like we prefer. Rafe and I often sleep out here in the open. Rafe claims the sound of cattle grumbling helps him sleep. I just like the air and the big sky.

"You afraid of being alone in that big ol' bed all weekend?" Jessop, the kidder, prods me. "That why you asking about princesses?"

"He's only inquiring when we can expect to see some sweet young things wandering around the place," Rafe puts in.

"Abel wasn't here last year when the scream queens came," Quint mutters as he emerges from his forge, sweating and soot-blackened and crosses the yard, heading to his house.

Abel, the ranch foreman, shifts beneath his hat and crosses his arms tighter across his broad strapping chest. I recall him taking off to work on another ranch for a while. Before old man Foxworth went and asked him to come back.

"They'll be here tomorrow. Old Jock Foxworth and Chloe went into town to meet them at some shindig."

"Those girls aren't gonna be any use for a booty call," Rafe puts in. "Don't you remember last year, they came with their chaperone. Old biddy kept them locked up like beauty queen nuns."

"Is your John Thomas about to fall off from lack of attention?" Jessop continues with the joshing.

"He gets plenty of that, don't you worry," I butt back. "You on the other hand need to pop your cherry."

A roar of laughter goes around our small band of brothers and the guys all talk at once, hurling jovial insults about the usual stuff. Getting laid mostly. It's where our thoughts tend to roam after a long day in the saddle. We're all exhausted, sore in a good way from roping steer and other manual labor. All we want is to come home to a cold brew and a warm curvy woman to welcome us into her willing arms.

Of course that second part doesn't happen too regularly with us all being bachelors and the lack of women living out on the ranch. No wonder we're aroused about the arrival of the stampede queen and her two princesses. They'll stay a few days, do some promotional shit that gets the ranch noticed and wind it all up with the annual rodeo and cookout. Hell, I have to admit it'll be nice to get an eyeful of some feminine curves around here. It's been way too long for most of us. Me most of all.

"Let's head down to McDools," Rafe says and is rewarded with a few murmurs of agreement.

"What about you Quint, I know you got eyes for Edie down there."

Quint rounds on him with a grunt. His previous statement about Abe being away this time last year was about as many words as I've ever heard him utter.

"Come on Quint, come practice your sweet talk on the ladies at the bar," Rafe says. "Girls can't resist a blacksmith."

They guys howl with mirth again. Quint is already stamping across the dirt yard, ignoring our friendly jibes.

"Leave him alone," Abel orders, shifting his huge body in his folding chair. "Quint's okay."

"What about you, Boss?" Jessop asks as we lumber lazily to our feet. "Coming for a nightcap?"

"Nah, I'm all tuckered out from the tying."

"That was some fight you won today," I tell Abe. We'd all been impressed by how Abel was still at the top of his game when it came to roping steer or wild horses.

"You mean 'cos I'm getting as long in the tooth as a water buffalo?" Abel says from under his hat.

"You ain't but a couple years older than me and Rafe," I say. "And we still got plenty to teach the younger fellas."

"What's a decade or so between buddies," Rafe interrupts.

He's got a couple years less than me and Abe under his belt.

"Now you coming down for one more or you turning in like your old gran?"

"Screw you," Abel laughs, finally returning his hat to his head and hauling his tall frame out of the chair.

"Maybe I'll see you down there. I just got some shit to take care of," I say.

The guys stride across to the pick up and I head toward the big house. My muscles are tired in the best way, after a long day of battling untamed animals into submission. In the absence of a soft scented woman, there's one thing I love and can only manage to procure for myself when the family are away.

I turn toward the ranch and take the main entrance to the house instead of trekking the long way round back. With the family in town until tomorrow to meet the little princesses for the stampede, I've got the entire place to myself. The domestic staff all off duty now.   


I head up the wide staircase and as I stride the long hallway, I toe off my boots along the way. They're darn dusty from the job but this is a working ranch and Jock Foxworth isn't too precious about dirty boots.

I unhook the leather belt with iron buckle forged by Quint, then my low slung back jeans, feeling my cock prick up from being exposed to the air. I lower the pants and step out of them, dropping them where they land. That's all I'm wearing, preferring the freedom of commando. I keep going, my cock swaying ahead of me like a masthead. It's a huge fucker and eager to be gripped tightly in something sweet.

"Sorry bud, it's just you and me tonight," I tell him as I wrap my heavy palm around the solid length and stroke from tip to root.

I drop my shirt behind me and step into the enormous bathroom. The tub is full in moments and I find that huge bottle of bubbling stuff that foams up better than a brew at McDools.

Wild horses would never drag me to admit my guilty pleasure. Can you imagine? I'd never hear the end of it from the guys. With my dick still in my fist, I sink my massive body into the free-standing tub with an ecstatic sigh. A hot bath is close to orgasmic.

"All I need is some well-rounded woman who loves it rough to join me in here to make this day perfect."

That's not gonna happen so I stroke my solid steel while I soak out the tension in my shoulders. Then, with the plug withdrawn, I pick up the pace until my balls draw up hard and my seed spews into the water and disappears down the hole.

Relaxed at last, I get out of the tub and reach for one of the white towels.

"Shit." I almost forgot the guests are arriving tomorrow. I was gonna head down the back stairs and direct across the yard to my house but I better pick up my duds in case they all get here early. I take the opposite direction down the hall to where I dropped my filthy jeans, rubbing the white bath towel across my hard ass cheeks, up the solid ripples on my stomach.

I just stretch up, arching my back and feeling the good burn as I reach behind to towel off my shoulders when a shrill screech makes my eardrums shudder and cringe.

Chapter TWO


I go hurtling out into the hall when I hear the wild squeal, ready to protect Modesty from her latest terror. She's been fearful of just about everything since we left home on this rodeo ranch tour. I know our home town's pretty free of wild beasts aside from the cockier of the cowboys, but lying awake all night because a bug is at the window is bizarre. Poor kid. She's only nineteen-two years younger than me but she seems more like my little sister, who just turned fourteen. Even after we were both crowned princesses at the Stampede, the biggest event of the year, Modesty cried for an hour.

"I'm sorry. I'm being silly but it's the first time I've ever been away from home. I miss my Mom."

"Don't worry. We all had to leave and go out on our own once."

I myself have yet to actually strike out alone from the safety of my family nest.

"She'll grow up fast on this trip," Violet had announced.

After being crowned queen of the stampede she's pretty vocal with her opinion.

It makes my night and I can't suppress a massive grin when I see the handsome butt naked guy in the passage. He's equally shocked to see us, clearly. But it's not the look on his face that interests me. The guy has biceps like I've never seen, lean and round, bulging with energy. His chest is equally strapping tautening all the way down over a stomach I could grate Parmesan on.

If we were allowed to eat any pasta during this tour. Which we are not. I guess they figure Rodeo Princesses should only nibble on a flank steak. Or maybe eat nothing at all.

I'm rambling. I'm flustered. Why? Because I happen to continue trawling down the hunk's unbelievably toned body and arrived at the source of Modesty's horror.

Dude has a thick prick the size of a donkey. Or a bull. Insert any animal with a massive rock hard cock. It's absolutely stunning, wide, the perfect length, smooth and pulsating with power. I haven't seen many nude guys in my life unfortunately, but out of those I have come across, this one is by far the most strapping. Solid muscle carving out his entire body, smooth and glossy from being wet still. There's even a couple of bubbles trailing the ridge at his stomach. And he's wearing nothing at all but his cowboy hat. Gotta love a man that takes a bubble bath in his hat.

His eyes snap across to me, standing beside Modesty read to defend her honor and his surprise morphs into a big grin to match mine. I quickly wipe mine away before he gets the wrong idea. The hunk flips the towel he's holding in mid air behind his back, where he was side-swiping it across what I'm sure is a fine set of rippling deltoids, to unfurl it like a pennant at his waist. He holds it there, in front of the dagger of muscle pointing down beneath the material.