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My Guardian Angel(8)


I felt a warm, hard arm come from behind me. His hand came across my belly, pulling me in tight. I struggled, moving into a defensive position.

“It’s me.” His voice was like honey, whispering low into my ear. “Don’t hurt me now.” He mocked. I took in his smell, his divine smell.

“Buddy, do yourself a favor and get away from my girl,” he growled. His face moved in closer to mine, his stubble rubbing against my soft cheek. Why the hell was Jason here?

The lanky loser moved on, but not without a small whimpering growl which made me chuckle. I pushed out of Jason’s embrace. God, it felt nice, his hard body against mine, his strong arms protecting me. I shook the idea out of my head. When I turned to thank him, his face was far from being remarkably handsome; rather, it was distorted. Jason was angry.

“What did I tell you about being careful?” he growled louder than he had to the asshole.

“I was being careful!” I fired back.

“Listen, Kassia, I saw you and your dancing. You were practically having sex here on the fuckin’ dance floor. Mind telling me what you think you were doing?” His face inched closer, almost head butting me.

“Listen, buddy!” I met him toe-to-toe and began poking his hard chest. I almost lost focus, almost. “I'm old enough to dance and have sex with whomever I so please. So if you don’t like my dancing, then don’t look at me.”

We both stood in the middle of New York’s “IT” club having a staring competition.

“So this is the tall, studly boy?” Genna’s voice made me lose to him.

“Yeah, this is overbearing and annoying Jason,” I introduced.

Genna pushed me aside. “Well, hello there,” she murmured and smiled. “What’s a tall, gorgeous thing like you doing here?” she asked, practically throwing herself at him.

“Way to go, Genna. Make us sound older than we really are,” Tara said, annoyed at Genna’s behavior. She wasn’t the only one. Everything inside me screamed ‘bitch, lay off, he’s mine,’ but I stood mute.

“I'm here with some friends.” He nudged his head to the small crowd of men who were seated right at the bar behind us. All of them looked like him, they waved at us and one even gestured for us to join them.

“Ohh!” Genna purred. “May we join you?” she asked Jason, ignoring his answer and heading towards the bar.

I looked at Tara. “Aren’t we here because of your man troubles?”

She smiled widely, looking at the young men at the bar. “I think I just found my remedy.”

I smacked my head. “Girls remember? Time together? You yelled at me to come out with you guys!” Both girls ignored me and went off to the bar, where the other men were, leaving me alone with Jason.

The look on his face irritated me so much, I decided to leave. I was tired anyway and needed some sleep. To be honest, it was an excuse. I needed some space from him. I met him only two times, but each time I felt like I had known him. Both times felt intense and real. It was too much and I didn’t want to deal with it. I took my phone out of my clutch and texted the girls that I was leaving. They’d probably only see it at the end of the night anyways. Trust me, they wouldn’t be missing me.

I headed out, not bothering to acknowledge his presence, even though he followed me. No matter how loud the music was, I could hear his footsteps; the sound now becoming something I was seeking. The feel of his heat coming off his body was awakening the dormant hunger inside me. Fuck, what was wrong with me?

I pushed through the crowd and wound up on the street. I moved between two parked cars and tried to hail a cab. I heard him huff behind me. He was seriously pushing me over the edge.

“What’s your problem? I hardly fuckin’ know you?” I asked, putting my hands on my waist, as I looked right at him.

He watched me carefully, ignoring my questions. God, he looked good, with his black combat boots, his jeans that just hung off his hips and a loose, blue t-shirt, which was half-tucked in. A stark difference with what I was wearing, which was a black, mini-cocktail, fuck-me dress, with nine-inch silver peek-a-boo pumps. He had his arms crossed as he studied me. Did he just groan? I swear he groaned.

I turned right around and started to wave frantically, hoping to get a cab ASAP. I looked behind me quickly and he was gone. A small part of me was sad, but I pushed that aside. I waited for a bit, but no cab came. I knew I’d have a hard time getting home now.

Begrudgingly, I started to make my way down the street when a black 1970s Dodge Charger blocked my way. The door opened and Jason’s head was lowered, our eyes met and he glared.