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My Guardian Bad Boy

By:Olivia Hill

My Guardian Bad Boy
Olivia Hill

Chapter 1

"I am really trying not to give him a free pass and everything," Riley  Daniels said, as she wiped down the bar counter at the Boomerang pub  where she worked. "I mean, he's done this before and giving in will set a  course for our marriage, right?" she asked as she poured another  customer a beer. She looked up at Maya Wells, one of her closest friends  who had been sipping on a Sauvignon Blanc. Riley could not help but  notice that her friend was being unusually quiet.

"Hello," Riley said snapping her fingers in Maya's face. "Earth to Maya."

Maya ran her fingers through her honey blonde hair and sighed.

"Sorry … what did you say?" she asked.

"Forget what I said. You look like you need something stronger than a  Sauvignon Blanc." Riley poured two tequila shots and pushed one shot  glass towards Maya. "Here. On me."

"Riley … I don't think that … " Maya started before Riley grabbed her hand  and poured some salt on her space between her thumb and her forefinger.

"Don't think. Just do it," Riley put a bowl of lemon wedges in front of  Maya. "Most of the times I offer someone a free tequila shot and they  begin saying that it is not a good idea, it usually is. They just don't  know it yet."

Maya forced out a smile.

"One shot is never enough. The hangover is usually a bad reminder," she said.

Riley rolled her eyes and put up a well-manicured index finger.

"Just remember. Lick. Drink. Bite." She held her own shot glass and Maya did the same. "On three."

Maya knew that taking that shot was a bad idea. Heck, her being at the  Boomerang was a bad idea all by itself but that didn't really matter at  that moment. She raised her own shot glass and did the shot with Riley.

"Now tell me that wasn't just what you needed?" Riley asked and Maya smiled.

"Guess it was … even though it's not really my cup of tea."

"So, tell me what's going on with you? Why are you so out of it?" Riley  asked. "Because I can tell that this is not just a case of the Thursday  blues."

Maya nodded as she circled her finger on the glass rim.

"Let's just say that it has been one of those days," she said in a low  voice. "Work was not as great as I had anticipated it would be."

"The presentation you were talking about," Riley started. "That was today?"

Maya nodded.

She had been working on the perfect advertising campaign for one of her  company's new clients and after working there for three years, she knew  that this would be her one shot to the top. Unfortunately for her,  someone at the office was hell bent on making sure stayed at the bottom  feeding off whatever leftovers the people at the top decided to throw  down and her name was Alicia Bane. For some reason, Alicia was convinced  that the only way to get ahead in the office was either by sleeping her  way to the top while sabotaging people as she went on. It was pitiful  but it seemed to work for her. But on this particular day, she had gone a  little too far. Somehow, she had managed to get into Maya's computer,  make a copy of her presentation and deliver it as if it was her own.  This had not only put Maya in her boss' bad sights but also made her  look like a complete fool in front of her associates. Instead of the  promotion she had been expecting, she got a reprimand from her boss who  didn't seem to want to hear a word she had to say. Even as all this  happened, she could see an evil smile on Alicia's lips but sadly, she  couldn't prove anything. At least not yet. Not without jeopardizing her  job anyway. She had to swallow her pride and sit back as her boss gave  her a three day unpaid leave to figure herself out.

"It didn't go so well," Maya said. "Actually, it didn't go anywhere."

Riley shrugged.

"I don't get it."

"Someone at work got into my computer and stole my presentation." Maya  tool another sip of her drink. "And presented it as her own."

"By her you are talking about that bitch Anita from work, right?"

"Alicia," Maya corrected her. "And honestly, I would rather keep on drinking so fill her up."

"You don't need to say anymore," Riley said as she put another glass of  Sauvignon Blanc in front of her. "I'll ask for a plate of wings or  something. You are on an empty stomach and at this rate, you will be  drunk sooner than later."

"That sounds great. Thank you," Maya said. Riley leaned forward and beckoned to Maya to do the same.

"By the way, if it makes you feel better, there is a hottie seated at  the table behind you who has been checking you out since you sat down."

Maya was tempted to turn around but Riley was fast enough to hand her a  pocket mirror. Maya raised it and pretended to fix her hair. A smile  played on her lips when she caught a glimpse of the man Riley was  talking about. The word ‘hottie' might as well been a gross  understatement. The Caucasian man had a full head of hair that reminded  her of a young Zachary Levi and even though he was seated and behind  her, she could tell that he had a perfect height, maybe six one.

"And I have seen him around here a couple of times doing the same thing he is doing now," Riley said.

"And that is?" Maya asked raising an eyebrow over the other.

"He has been here almost every single day for the last month always  checking you out," Riley said. "Are you telling me that you never  noticed?" she asked and Maya nodded, uncertainly. "How clueless are  you?"

Maya put the mirror down and shrugged.

"On any other day I would have probably felt something," Maya said and Riley shook her head.

"Please, it's about time to get back on the horse. You have been single  for way too long," Riley said as she turned around to order some food  for Maya.

Maya shrugged and took a long sip of her wine. Was it possible that  Riley was right? Could it have been time to finally move on? She had not  been on a date in months … actually, it had almost been a year and a half  since her last date and she was in no particular hurry to ‘get back on  the horse' as Riley had put it.

"But my career is in the toilet." She took another sip and reached for  the bowl of peanuts on the counter. "I might as well just get a boy toy  or something … or just a toy."

She was still engrossed in her own thoughts when one of the men who had  been seated at the far end of the bar made his way to where she was. She  popped a few peanuts in her mouth and had her eyes fixated on the TV in  a bid to ignore the man next to her.

"Can I buy you a drink or something, sweetheart?" he asked and she  turned to look at him. She would have hoped that it was the hunk who had  been eyeing her but it wasn't. Se forced out a smile and shook her  head.

"Thanks but no thanks." She gestured at her glass. "I already have more than I can handle."

"Oh come on," the man said. "I have been watching you and I have a feeling that you need more than what you have in that glass."

She shook her head again and shrugged.

"Seriously, I'm fine."

"Oh come on." The man was annoyingly persistent. She felt a chill go  down her spine when he touched her shoulder. "Whoa …  I didn't mean to  startle you or anything."

"Listen, I already told you, I'm good," Maya said, the irritation on her voice apparent.

"Yes, but all I am trying to do is strike a conversation with a  beautiful woman," the man said as he moved himself closer. "Is that so  wrong?"

"What the hell is going on here?" Riley asked as she came back carrying a plate of ribs.

"Nothing. He was just leaving," Maya said, looking at the obviously intoxicated man.

"Glenn, are you bothering my customers again?" Riley asked and the man  shook his head. He suddenly slipped an arm around Maya's waist and she  pushed him off with so much force he fell down.

"Oh my God," she said as Glenn struggled to get up. "I'm so sorry …  I didn't mean to … " she started before Riley shook her head.

"Don't apologize, it's not your fault," she said. "Glenn, go home already."

By now, Glenn was on his feet and the way he was looking at Maya made her realize that he was out for blood.

"You damn bitch," he hissed.

Suddenly, he as charging at her and the entire bar erupted in chaos.  Riley was yelling at him and the security guard at the door was trying  to rush to where they were without knocking over any tables. Out of  nowhere, Maya saw an arm around Glenn pulling him back away from her and  pinning him to one of the tables.

"Hey buddy, the lady said she didn't need your help." Maya's heart  skipped a beat when she saw her knight in shining armor. It was the  ‘hottie' Riley had referred to earlier. Glenn pushed him away and got up  before staring daggers at Maya. His gaze shifted from the guy to Maya  and then back to the guy.

"What makes you think you can just attack me like that?" Glenn asked as he staggered, struggling to gain his balance.