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My Step-Dad's Brother(51)

By:Fiona Davenport

My eyes narrowed as I stared at her voluptuous body. I felt the overwhelming need to prove it was no joking matter.

Tossing her pillow and blanket away, I attacked her with the sole purpose of making sure she would never ever, even consider the idea of being deprived of the pleasure I could bring her.

By the time I was done, we both collapsed on the bed, sweaty, practically comatose.

“You’re right,” she panted. “I couldn’t live without it.”

“Damn fucking straight,” I grunted.

“You’ll just have to wear a condom,” she said and started giggling again.

I snorted, “Nothing between us, sweetheart.” I summoned the rest of my strength to smack her sweet little ass before wrapping myself around her. Snuggling closer, one hand resting possessively on her tummy, I sighed and buried my face in her neck.

I’d go hunting for a new name in the morning. I was determined to find one that told the world she was my treasure, just like her mother.