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My Step-Dad's Brother(7)

By:Fiona Davenport

“But, it’s after midnight,” she said, scooting close until her tits were pressed against me, those hard little peaks digging into my chest. “I’m eighteen.”

I couldn’t resist a kiss on her plush lips, getting a small taste to hold me over until I could feast. She moaned and squirmed, prompting me to tighten my grip on her and keep her from moving around on my cock. I was hard enough as it was.

“Patience, Maggie,” I chuckled. “Now isn’t the right time. I don’t want to have to rush. When we are finally going to be together, I’m going to explore every inch of this sinful body. I’ll make sure that your first time is incredible.”

She moaned and her lips searched out mine. We made out like teenagers for the next ten minutes. My hand glided down from her waist to dip inside her panties and swipe through her slit.

I groaned at the feel of her arousal, it was drenched. She shuddered as I ran my finger up and down. After a few rotations around her clit, I bought my finger to my mouth and sucked it inside. Maggie watched me with hooded eyes and moaned, “Harrison.”

Hearing my name fall from her lips was more than I could take. I grabbed her ass and stood, swiftly pivoting and laying her down gently on the bed. Unlocking her legs from around my waist, I let them fall over the side. Then I dropped to my knees and pushed her legs open wide. I leaned in and took a deep inhale. “You smell delicious, baby doll, and you taste even better. I need more of your sweetness on my tongue.”

Slowly, I dragged her panties down and off, tossing them onto the nightstand. Her shirt had already ridden up so I had an unobstructed view of her sex. “So pretty,” I murmured. “Pink and so wet.” I lowered my head and dragged my tongue up her center.

“Yesss!” she hissed. I grinned to myself. My Maggie may have been untouched, but it was obvious that there was a sexual tigress hiding out inside her. I fully intended to bring her out in full force, eventually. And, I had a feeling my girl would be loud. Just the thought of her shouting my name as she came had pre-come leaking from my tip. But, for now, I’d have to keep her quiet.

“Hush, baby doll. We don’t want your parents to hear me eating your sweet little pussy. Can you be quiet?”

I looked up to see Maggie biting her lip and when our eyes met, her head jerked up and down. I smiled and kissed her pelvis. “Good girl.” Then I went back to work on her, licking and sucking until she was shaking with need. She whimpered and I stopped, giving her a warning look.

Her lips formed a thin, straight line and she clenched her jaw. Returning to my task, I added a finger to my ministrations. “Fuck, Maggie, you’re so tight. I’m going to need to stretch you so you can take all of me.” I worked her until I was able to fit a second finger inside. Fuck, she was snug, and come dripped from my dick as I imagined what it would feel like to replace those digits with my cock.

Pumping my fingers in and out, licking, suckling, and a bite here and there, had her primed and about to fall. She whimpered, so I reached up and clapped a hand over her mouth before curling my fingers and drawing her little clit into my mouth. Her muffled scream shot fire straight to my groin and I almost came right along with her.

I worked her through her shudders until the feel of her pulse on my tongue had evened out. Then I kissed each thigh before getting to my feet. Pulling her shirt down, I helped her move so she was lying fully on the bed and I could climb in next to her. I gathered her in my arms and held her close, tucking her face into my neck and kissing the top of her head. “Next time,” I grunted. “I’m going to have your cherry, baby doll.” Her hand drifted down to palm my erection and I quickly caught the limb and brought it up to brush my lips across the back. “Next time.”

It didn’t take long for her breath to even out, but I stayed awake, holding her, and wishing I didn’t have to send her back to her own bed. At around four in the morning, I kissed her softly. “Wake up, baby doll. You need to get back to your own bed before someone finds us in here together.” She groaned and burrowed deeper into my chest, making me chuckle. She was so damn cute.

It took me a good ten minutes to rouse her enough to get her up and moving. I walked with her to the door and pulled her into my arms for a lingering kiss. It would have to hold us for a while. “Good night, sweet Maggie,” I whispered.

Chapter 4


“Wakey, wakey, eggs and bakey.”

I woke up to my mom’s sing-song voice. Opening bleary eyes, I found her standing at my doorway. Considering I barely remembered leaving Harrison’s bed down the hall a few hours ago, it was quite startling. I lifted my hand to my chest and was happy to find I was wearing my usual sleep shirt, so there wasn’t anything out of the norm to make her suspicious. Or I didn’t think there was, until I scooted down the bed a little and realized I wasn’t wearing any panties.