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My Step-Dad's Brother(8)

By:Fiona Davenport

“Breakfast’s ready, sleepy head,” she continued. “Now that you’re up, I’ll go wake Harrison so we can enjoy a quiet family moment before the insanity begins.”

“No!” I yelped, jumping off the mattress as I remembered exactly where my panties were—smack dab on top of the nightstand in Harrison’s room. My mom was oblivious most of the time, but I doubted she’d miss seeing them when she went in to wake him up. It wasn’t as if she was blind, after all.

“Oh, dear. Are you okay, Magnolia?”

“Yes, sorry. Didn’t mean to startle you,” I breathed out, wrapping my arms around her waist after she moved forward to give me a hug. “It’s just that today and tomorrow should be all about you. Why don’t you head downstairs, get yourself a mug of tea, and I’ll make sure Harrison is up before I join you and dish up breakfast?”

She bent down to squeeze me tightly before stepping away to look at me with tear-filled eyes. “I’m not sure what I ever did to deserve such an amazing daughter, but I’m so grateful for you either way.”

Guilt stabbed me in the gut as I watched her walk away since tricking her into letting me wake Harrison up wasn’t amazing. Not at all. In fact, it was the opposite, considering he was my soon-to-be uncle who’d given me my first orgasm. I wanted to keep that from my mom until I was more certain what was going to happen between Harrison and me. My motives were purely selfish, but I couldn’t find it in myself to feel too guilty about it. Not with the way he made me feel last night—and in the wee hours of the morning.

I rushed through getting ready. A quick brush of my teeth and hair. Tossing on some clothes. A swipe of cherry flavored lip gloss. Then I went down to Harrison’s room and knocked softly on the door before cracking it open to peek my head inside. My breath stilled in my chest when I found him sprawled on the mattress, shirtless, and with the sheet wrapped around his lean hips.

I’d felt all those sun-kissed inches of skin on his chest under my fingers, but I hadn’t really had the chance to appreciate them. There hadn’t been much light, only the moonlight streaming in through the glass doors. Even if it had been as bright as it was this morning, I didn’t think it would have mattered because it hadn’t taken long before I’d been unable to concentrate on anything other than what we’d been doing. Those long, drugging kisses. Our tongues tangled together, the taste of him filling my mouth. And then the feel of his mouth on my—um—down there, after he’d flipped me onto my back. It had been better than anything I’d ever imagined.

A quick glance at the nightstand made me gasp lightly. My panties were nowhere to be found. But then I caught a glimpse of pale pink peeking out from under the pillowcase, right next to Harrison’s arm. Shutting the door behind me as softly as I could, I crept forward and whispered, “Harrison.”

“Maggie,” he murmured sleepily, his voice low and raspy.

Just the sound of him saying my name had me wanting to climb in beside him, but that wasn’t an option with my mom and his brother waiting for us in the kitchen. Which meant I needed to do something quick so I didn’t fall victim to the temptation he presented. “Whatcha doing with my panties?”

Was that a little hint of pink rising up on his cheeks as he tucked them deeper under the pillow?

“Mine,” he growled, reaching his arm out and wrapping his hand around my waist to pull me towards him.

“Harrison,” I breathed out. “We can’t. Mom and Stanley are up. Breakfast is ready, and I convinced my mom to let me wake you up because I thought she’d find my panties on your nightstand and the jig would be up. Little did I know you slept with them after you shuffled me out of your room.”

“Wanted the smell of you around me while I slept.”

“Oh my goodness.” There went the panties I’d just slipped on not even five minutes ago. Drenched by the words he rasped, making it even harder not to join him in the bed just so he could remove this pair the same way he had the other ones.

“Gimme a kiss, and then I’ll let you go.”

I leaned down and rubbed my lips against his for a brief moment before his hands fisted my hair. Then he took over, tilting my head as he plundered my mouth until I was panting for breath and shaking with need.

“Mmm, cherry.” His tongue flicked out to swipe across his bottom lip after he pulled away. “Were you thinking about the one I’m gonna pop soon when you picked out your lip gloss?”

“Ummm,” I gulped. I hadn’t been, but I couldn’t seem to form any words.