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By:Sam Crescent



She tensed up but not in a bad way. She'd enjoyed the feel of his fingers inside her. "I've not got a problem with it."

"Good. I'm going to go shopping and get some supplies. Your ass needs to be ready to take my cock."

Again, she whimpered.

He wasn't small, so there was going to need to be some preparation for her to take him.

"Once I have your ass ready, filled with a nice plug, I'm going to  stroke my cock into your pussy, watching as your cum covers me. I'll  make you watch as I claim you, filling your tight hot cunt with my  dick."

"Carter," she said, moaning his name.

"That's right, baby. Come for me, let me hear when you come."

She cried out as she came, arching up, and squeezing the phone in a  death grip. Across the line she heard Carter moan as he came as well,  both of them filling the void with their release.

Afterward, she was panting, and seeing a few stars from the pleasure.

"Autumn?" he asked.


"I'm clean."

"So am I."

"I've got my papers. Ever since you agreed, I went for a full health checkup."

She smiled. "I did the same. We can exchange notes, and I'm on the pill. I'm safe."

"What would you say to forgetting condoms completely?"

"I'd say that I'd like to try that."

"Until Sunday," he said.

She clicked her cell phone off, and let out a breath. Sunday couldn't come fast enough.


Friday morning, Carter got one hell of a shock when Summer turned up at  his shop. She parked her flashy car and climbed out, looking at the  sign. There was a pinch to her lips that he'd not noticed before, and he  saw she'd lost even more weight in the last few years.

"Coincidence she turned up?" Denny asked.

"Well, well, well, to what do I owe this pleasure?" Carter asked.

"I have to say I'm shocked to see what is in front of me right now." She  placed a hand on her hip. "You're still working at this place, and now  you own it?"

Wiping his hands on the cloth, he stared at Summer, feeling absolutely  nothing. He just wanted her gone from his shop so that he could get the  work he needed to do so he didn't have to come in on Sunday to catch up.

"What do you want?" he asked.

Denny was glaring at her, clearly not happy to see her.

"I was wondering if you'd give my car a tune-up."

"Summer, your car is worth the price of a fucking house. Just tell me what you fucking want, and go away."

"Wow, in a matter of weeks, I've been sent away by my sister, and now  you. Okay, let's just say I was having somewhat of a think about you. I  found this in my belongings. I was going through them. Throwing out the  trash, and I remembered you giving me this." She held out a locket, and  he frowned.

Taking the locket from her, he saw it was the one his mother had given  him on her deathbed. "I didn't give this to you, Summer. I lost it at  your place, and you promised to find it for me."

"Sorry. I guess after everything that happened, I just didn't think  about it. It's yours now, and I was wondering what you'd think of going  to dinner."

This was a nightmare.


"No? Come on, we had so much fun together."

"I said no, and I fucking meant it." He pointed to her car. "Just go, Summer."

"Are you still angry about what happened?"

"No. I'm not angry."

"Okay then. If you're not angry, what is your problem?" she asked. "Why won't you come to dinner with me?"

"Thanks for the locket back, Summer." He turned away, heading toward the  car he'd been working on, ignoring her, even as she stood looking  shocked by his complete lack of interest.

"Fine, whatever." She stormed away, and he released a sigh.

"Awkward or what?"

"It wasn't awkward. Summer was itching for something, but it wasn't me." He shrugged.

"How are things going with you and Autumn?"

"Fine. We're seeing each other on Sunday, and I intend to make it a memorable time."

Denny didn't move away, and once he finished tightening a few bolts, he  dropped down the hood of the car, securing it back up. "What?"

"I hate to say this to you, but you've got to think about what you're doing."

"You don't think I'm thinking about what I'm doing?"

"They're sisters, Carter."


"You know, you come across as this big bad guy, and to anyone on the  outside looking in, I see it, I get it, but Carter, you're not that guy.  You have a heart, you have feelings, and the way you are with Autumn,  it's different."         



Grabbing the file he'd kept on the car, he started to make notes to assure himself that he had everything right.

"You're going to ignore me. Fine. Autumn is different because I've never  known you to give your cell phone number to a woman. You go to the  bakery to see her, and come back looking like a man in love. Her  knickers are still in the drawer of the office."

"You shouldn't be looking in there."

"I needed a pen. Move them." Denny shook his head. "I'm worried about you."

"Don't be." Carter knew what he was doing, and it wasn't going to hurt her.

At lunchtime he left Denny to make his daily trip the bakery. Not only  did he get to see Autumn, he got to have some awesome food, and she was  one hell of a cook. Really delicious food, and he was all over that kind  of deliciousness.

Seeing the shop busy, Carter walked in, and stood off to the side as  Autumn and Hilary served customers. She didn't look put out, or annoyed.  Autumn was smiling, chatting with customers, and simply being herself.

He loved watching her.

When he had first seen her, she'd been a seventeen-year-old, struggling  with school, and her place in the world. He had thought her to be really  beautiful. A beauty that was on the outside as much as it was on the  inside. The years had only done her justice, maturing her beauty.

Fifteen minutes later, and she finally caught sight of him. The shop was  pretty much empty, and she let out a sigh. "Sorry about that," she  said.

"Is it always this busy?"

Hilary snorted. "Yeah, lunchtime is one of our busiest times. Carter, can I have your address?"

He frowned.

"My car. It's been making some really weird crunching noise. It's kind  of making me nervous, and I don't drive well if I'm nervous."

"Sure." He grabbed one of the napkins and a pen, writing down his address. "Bring it in anytime."

"Excellent. I take it the service is top notch?"

"You won't get a better service."

"Awesome." In the kitchen behind he heard a couple of beeps. "My turn.  You stay here, serve this handsome man. I will go deal in the kitchen  with their incessant beeping."

Autumn chuckled, watching her boss disappear.

"She's trying to pretend not to play matchmaker." She looked at him.  "With her car on the outs, does that mean our Sunday is cancelled?"

"Not a chance. I'm not changing anything. Any more cars will just have to wait. I've got a few I can hold off doing."

"I can't wait. It's been a long time."

"So much for our phone call away, huh?" he asked, laughing.

"I'm not disappointed. Our two times together have been magical, and last night was fun."

"Speaking of fun, guess who stopped off at my shop today?" he asked.  Carter wasn't going to tell her about it, but he couldn't keep a secret  from her. He didn't want it to look like he was hiding something.

"Do I want to know?"


"Someone famous?"


"I don't have a clue."


"My sister?"

"Yes, your sister decided to come to my place and ask me out to dinner."

"Oh, what did you say?" she asked.

He frowned. Leaning on the counter, he crooked his finger for her to  come in close. "Why would I even say yes, when about two weeks ago I'd  say, I was balls deep inside you." Pressing a kiss to her lips, he  smiled. "You need to have a little more faith in me than that."

"Sorry. I wonder why she was coming around."

He held the locket up. "To bring me back this."

She held the locket between the tips of her fingers, running her thumb  across the picture. "It's beautiful. Did you buy it for her?"

"No. It was my mother's, and I lost it while I was hanging around  Summer's. She finally returned it to me. It took her long enough."

"Your mother's?"

"Yeah." He flicked the clasp open, showing her a picture of his parents.  "They died not long after I graduated school. It was a rough time, and  my mom always said I could have it. I would never sell something like  this. She would wear it all the time."

"I can see why. It's beautiful." Autumn smiled. "What would you like?"

"The usual. Add an extra chocolate chip muffin for Denny. He's been in a weird mood lately."


He watched her work, admiring the curves of her ass.