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Night Sky(5)

By´╝ÜColbie Kay

With Crazy Girl being her twin sister, I know she is sad, not only for me, but for herself too. She has always had Ever with her, and now she decides to move across the world from everyone she loves. She is leaving her families and everything she has ever known behind.

I know the closest airport so I ask, Tulsa?

Yes, her flight’s in a couple of hours.

Don't look at me like that, Z! Don't be sad. I will find her and fix this. I have to. I run out of the clubhouse, jump on my bike, and head towards Tulsa. I don't like to be around a lot of people, but I have to stop her. I speed all the way there, thank fuck I didn't get pulled over.

I park my bike, running inside as I look around at all the people rushing, trying to find their terminals. I finally see the screens showing all the flights, and in a quick-stride I get into the crowd, trying to find hers. No one watches where they’re going as I get bumped into left and right.

I see it!

Departing from Tulsa, arriving in New York: Gate 6. It reads boarding. Fuck, I'm running out of time. I look around again at all of the people. I see someone walking by me just then so I reach out, grabbing his arm. At first, I think he might punch me in the face until I hold my hands up to make the number six. The suit points me in the direction I need to go, and I give him a head nod in thanks before I take off at full speed.

There it is! Gate 6!

I see people lining up. I look, trying to see her long wavy blonde hair.


She’s at the door to walk through. I try to get past everyone, but the guard stops me. I point to her and look at him. I see his lips moving, but I don't understand what he’s saying. I point to my ears and shake my head, letting him know I'm deaf. He grabs the arm of the person behind me, taking something out of their hands. I don't have time for this! She's slipping farther and farther away from me. He holds the paper in front of me, pointing to it. I think he’s asking if I have a ticket. I shake my head no as he points to the ticket again, nodding his head. I turn back, looking for her, but I don't see her anymore.

I run over to the ticket counter I had seen before and pull out my little notebook with a pen I keep, then write down that I need a ticket to New York. I slide the paper over to the woman behind the counter. She looks at it before typing on her computer. She grabs my pen and writes down something then slides it back.

No seats left.

The plane has taken off. I have to come up with something else. I take a seat in the airport, dig out my phone, and start texting.

Me: Ever, I want to work it out. Text me please.

I wait, but nothing. I wait for another hour.

Me: I don't want to leave shit the way we did. Text me back.

Still nothing. I watch my phone as more time passes.

Me: I'm going back to the club. Text me when you get these. I love you!

Defeated, I walk out of the airport, straddle my Harley, and make the trip back to the clubhouse. Hopefully, I can get by without seeing anyone. I can't deal with that right now.


Home by Michael Buble

He grips the back of my head, bringing me in for a kiss.

His touch, the feel of his skin against mine.

My lips press into his as he runs his free hand down my body.

He cups my sex that is dripping with my arousal.

His hard, wide, long length presses against my stomach.

He replaces his fingers with his cock pushing inside.

He is my home!

I jolt awake with beads of sweat covering my forehead. My camisole and panties stick to my skin as I realize the rest of my body is lined with sweat. I look around, recognizing that I’m still in New York. My gaze goes to the left at my sliding glass doors that lead out to the balcony from my bedroom. It’s still dark outside so I blink a couple of times and wipe the sleep from my eyes. Drifting over to the alarm clock that shows it's 5:00 a.m., I stare at the ceiling for a few minutes trying to recover from another erotic dream of Writer. I decide it’s time to get up, today is going to be a long one, but one that I am ready for.

I walk by Jackie’s door, seeing it’s still closed so I know she’s sleeping, I’ll continue to let her do so. I reach the living room where our suitcases are sitting and I stare at them, waiting, hoping today ends well.

After I have finished eating toast and drinking a cup of coffee I made, I walk throughout the apartment one more time. I make sure that we have everything packed up and ready to go. I left one outfit and all my bathroom supplies unpacked, so I get in the shower, washing away any evidence left from my dream. Once I’m finished, I step out, dry off, and go back into the living room where Jackie is now sitting.

I stand in front of her so I can sign. Are we ready to go?

I think so. We have everything packed up except for what we would need for today.

Yeah, I just got finished in the bathroom and I’ll pack the rest of it once you’re done. She nods while looking around at the space we have spent the last year in. I know she is just as ready to leave as I am.