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By:Jordan Silver

Jordan Silver

       Chapter 1


I hate this fucking town it sucks my ass, who the fuck wants to live in  the damn rain twenty four seven, what the fuck? And what kind of name is  Sea Crest for a place with no beach? I think the closest one is like an  hour away. At least that's what it said on Google earth.

My skanky ass mom got herself a new dumber model and now she's off  jetting all the fuck over while I get stuck here with Gomer Pyle. My  dad's a real heel, no wonder Paula fucked him over, mother-fucker was so  laid back he was comatose.

What the fuck ever, first of all who the fuck does he think is driving  that piece of shit truck out there, not this bitch. And what's up with  that Derrick dude who supposedly fixed the heap, do they not have barber  shops in this rinky dink shit hole? What the fuck ever.

First day of school and I'm driving this piece of shit, Michael had put  his foot down what the fuck? I haven't had parental control since the  age of six, nobody told me what the fuck to do, he'll learn that shit  real quick though.

None of these hay seed mother fuckers better not make fun of me or I'll go postal on a mother-fucker, just saying.


Everyone's buzzing about the new girl, apparently the Captain's daughter  is starting here today, and this is big news. I've been going here for  four years and don't recall any out of towners enrolling. This was the  first newbie that I've heard of.

Well, it had nothing to do with me; I usually didn't mix with the  masses. I'm kind of a nerd but not really, my family says the only thing  that saves me from that distinction is my hot as fuck body and my  matinee idol looks.

Whatever, I like learning. My brain holds more information than an  encyclopedia, I listen to classical music, play piano like a pro and  sing like an angel. Add my crazy as fuck golden bronze hair and jade  green eyes and fuck, I'm hot if I do say so myself.

The kids around here steered clear of me and my family, because we were  rich as Croesus they thought we ought to be stuck up, if they only knew  how much my mother would just love to open the gates to our estate and  throw wild Barbecue parties for the whole town.


This shit is so fucking lame, what kind of one horse town shit is this?  The school is a one story building with other one story buildings  scattered around it. First chance I get I'm outta dis bitch, no doubt.

I saw those fuckers checking me out; damn straight I know I look fuck  hot. I have my strawberry blonde hair hanging down with its natural  bouncy curl which only needed a little help from the hot rollers this  morning; and my light brown eyes were outlined to show their best  effect. I'd chosen to wear my Prada knee boots with my black skinny  jeans and a winter white cashmere sweater that showed off the girls, my  diamond studs a little strawberry gloss; lashes all plumed and shit,  fuck yeah.

I walked in that bitch like I owned the place; these hayseed fucks were  eye fucking me. Why don't you buy me a drink first mother-fuckers?

Bitches were checking out the new competition, not to worry hoes I don't  do Opie mother-fuckers, okay I don't do any mother-fuckers but still,  just saying.

I checked the direction slip in my hand; I had biology first period, right down this hall.

None of these fucking jerks had the nerve to approach me as I made my  way down the hall. I didn't look left nor right, I don't check people  out, people check me the fuck out.

I found my class and walked in; I gave the douche at the desk my  admission slip and sat down at the only available seat. Next to this kid  that was looking out the window, he sure had some fucked up hair.

The douche better not call on me to share my life story, I wasn't down  with that kindergarten bullshit, and bitches better stop clocking my  ass.

I heard a sniffing sound and turned to see motor head, wait...was he...?

"Mother-fucker why the fuck are you sniffing me?"

Chapter 2


Scared little tough girl, please, who does she think she's fooling? I  can see right through her bullshit. If I said boo she'd probably jump a  mile in the air. Instead I did something I'd never done inside these  walls, I smiled at a girl with interest, not that she'd know, what she  saw was probably more like a predator of the wild with a little lamb in  his sites.

I ignored her rude ass and opened my book, I saw her out the side of my  eye sniffing her hair and sweater, good. Let her wonder if I found her  scent offensive or not, then watch her try to please me.

This sure was going to be a change from the norm, this one wasn't going  to be an easy fuck, thank fuck, I was tired of easy as pie pussy. Not  that I ever fucked anyone in my hometown, never shit where you eat,  though the females in this school from the youngest to the oldest would  drop trou in the blink of an eye if I said the word.                       


I don't usually go for foul mouthed immature chicks, my pussy usually  came with a high end price tag, not that I paid for pussy mind you, nah,  it just meant I leaned more towards high society debutants who thought  their pussy was golden until I hammered the fuck out them, showed them  who's boss. Of course after one course they were always on my dick but  hey, dem's the breaks I never went back for seconds, not unless that  shit was diamond. Except for this side piece I've been hitting for a  while now.

The teach gave out assignments, we had to pair up; I had no need to  impress her with my knowledge let her do the impressing. She wasn't too  bad, but she was nowhere near my caliber.

"What're you some kind of fucking idiot savant or something?" She snarled at me.

I'm really going to enjoy taming that mouth. For now I just look at her,  not a smile, not a glare, just a steady look meant to unnerve. She held  out longer than most. Good for her.


This guy is seriously creeping me the fuck out, first he sniffs me, and  now he's looking at me like he can see right through me. The Princess is  not amused. I might have to stomp a mother-fucker my first day. And  what's with his damn hair? It seems to be going in six directions at  once, it didn't matter that it worked on him, just saying, invest in a  brush mother-fucker, damn.

On top of that he was some kind of brain, how the fuck does a brain like  that survive in this hick town? I know I know my shit, but this fucker  got some type of rain man shit going on. What the fuck ever.

I kept glancing at him out the side of my eye, not because I was  interested, I just thought it might be prudent to keep track of what the  fuck he was up to. After all most ass fuck serial killers came from  rinky dink towns just like this one.

He was totally ignoring me, huh, what the fuck was up with that? Dudes  were usually all over my shit in five minutes flat. What was this bitch  trying to prove?

The bell rang and he sauntered out the class ahead of everyone, there  was a whole lotta buzz going on, if these fuckers stood around looking  at me like a pet monkey I will flip my shit.

I went to the rest of my classes with no one approaching me, I guess my  bitch vibe was working, friends didn't choose me, I chose who the fuck  shared my space, and so far zilch.

I pegged the girls who thought they were hot shit right off the bat,  mediocre at best; me and my old crew would eat them for breakfast  without breaking a sweat. Kardashian wannabes, fuck those bitches I  liked me, didn't need anyone else's identity.

I saw one bitch who had her shit together, wasn't too happy when I saw  her sitting at rain man's table though. What the fuck you care Carrie?  Keep it moving.

Anyway the blonde bitch had it going on but I could tell she was one  those stuck up bitches with the rock of Gibraltar on her shoulders, too  much mother fucking work. Looked like no new friends for the newbie, oh  well. Then this goofy looking mother fucker came over to me grinning.  Fucking A mother-fucker.

"I'm eating, don't interrupt." I gave him my best bitch glare and he  slithered away. I saw a gaggle of hens clucking at the table closest to  me. They were looking at me as though I was dyslexic; I guess blonde boy  was considered hot shit around these parts. Get real. What the fuck  ever.


I wonder what she said to Dyson to send him scurrying with his tail between his legs?

I was gonna have to keep an eye on my prey, the sharks were already swarming, couldn't have that.

Chapter 3


Day two in this raggedy ass bitch, and it's raining a-fucking-gain,  Paula called me first thing this morning, probably drunk off her ass, I  just told her to pad my account, send me the latest shit from whatever  country she was in, hopefully Paris or Milan, and step the fuck off.

Don't judge me, Paula is no one's mother believe me, bitch had me from  the age of three gave up any pretense of mothering by age six, and she'd  only done a half ass job up until then, I didn't need a mom now, too  fucking late. She knew the deal, but if she wanted to fit in to her new  life style of rich society mavens and afternoon lunches bull shit she  had to play the role. What the fuck ever. I mean seriously have you  heard my mouth, do you think if she'd been any kind of mother I'd be  this fucked up?