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Pregnant with a Royal Baby!

By:Susan Meier

Pregnant with a Royal Baby!
Susan Meier


WHEN THE DOORBELL to her condo rang, Virginia Jones, Ginny for short,  had just gotten out of the shower after a long, long day at Jefferson  High School in Terra Mas, Texas. Her school was the last on a list of  places Prince Dominic Sancho of Xaviera, a small island country between  Spain and Algeria, was visiting on a goodwill tour. As guidance  counselor, she'd shown him the school and introduced him to staff, then  herded the kids into the gymnasium, where he'd given an hour-long talk  on global economics: how the world was a much smaller place than it had  been before the internet.

She'd loved the talk, but she'd liked looking at Prince Dominic even  more. Tall and broad shouldered, he filled out the formal uniform of his  royalty like a man meant to be a king. His dark eyes sparkled with  amusement at the antics of "her" kids. His full lips had never stopped  smiling.

If it were permitted for grown women to swoon, she would have made a  fool of herself with him that afternoon. As it was, common sense had  kept her professional. And now she was tired. Not up for a visitor.

Her doorbell rang again.

She gave her glass of wine a longing look before she rose from her sofa.

"I'm coming." She said it just as she reached the door. Going up on  tiptoes, she peeked through the peephole. When she saw Prince Dominic,  she gasped and jumped back.

Her doorbell rang again.

She peered down at her sweatpants and tank top, ran a hand along her  still-wet long blond hair and knew this would go down in the annals of  her life as one of her most embarrassing moments.

With no choice, she pasted a smile on her face and opened the door.

He laughed. "I caught you at a bad time."

"Unfortunately." Just looking at him made her heart speed up. He'd  removed the royal uniform and replaced it with a lightweight white  V-neck sweater and jeans. Not a hair of his shiny black curls was out of  place. His dark eyes sparkled with amusement.

"You probably think all Americans are idiots."

"No, I think the United States is a very comfortable country." He paused  long enough to lift his perfect lips into a warm smile. "Are you going  to invite me in?"

She motioned for him to come in with a wave of her hand and kept  hyperventilation at bay only by a miracle of self-discipline. She had a  prince entering her house. A good-looking, good-natured, good everything  prince.

As she closed the door, he said, "I'd actually come here tonight to see  if you'd like to have dinner with me." He shrugged. "And show me your  town."

She had to work to keep her eyes from bugging. He wanted to take her  out? Then she realized his request made sense. She'd shown him the  school. Of course, she was the prime candidate to show him the town. He  was not asking her out.

"Then I thought maybe we'd fly to Los Angeles and go to a club."

She let her eyes bulge. Okay. He was asking her out. "You want to go clubbing?"

"Don't you like to dance?"

Her heart tripped over itself in her chest. "I love to dance."

He smiled. "Me, too. I'm afraid I don't get to dance often, though. Duty supersedes fun. Please say you'll come with me."

"I'd love to."

Though he was in jeans, he looked good enough to eat, so she slithered  into her prettiest red party dress, put on her best makeup and slid into  tall black sandals.

They had dinner at the local Italian restaurant, with his bodyguards  unobtrusively eating at the tables beside theirs, then they actually got  on his royal jet and flew to LA, where they'd danced until three. He  should have dropped her off at her building lobby. Instead, he came up  to her condo, and the few kisses they'd shared in his limo turned into  passionate lovemaking. The best sex of her life. She'd kissed him  goodbye at the door in her one and only fancy robe-which she'd retrieved  from her closet when he made the call to his driver that he was ready.  Then just when she was about to shower for school again, he called her.

"Thank you."

The sweetness of his words caused her throat to tighten. Her voice was soft and breathless when she said, "You're welcome."

"I'm sorry we'll never meet again."

"Me, too."

But in a way she wasn't. She'd had a wonderful fairy-tale night with a  prince, something she could hold in her heart forever. There would be no  need to worry if he would be a good king or a bad king; no need to know  if he did stupid things like hog the bathroom; no need to worry if the  stress of his job would make him an alcoholic, as her dad had been. No  need to know the real Prince Dominic Sancho.                       


There had been one glorious, wonderful night. No regrets and no worries  about the future. The way she liked all her relationships.

They hung up on mutual sighs. In the process of setting her phone on her  bedside table, she realized that because he'd called her, she had his  number. She clicked a few buttons and when the digits came up caller ID  said private line. She smiled. She didn't just have his number she had  his private number.

That pleased her enormously. If she ever got curious or lonely, she could call him...

Or not. Best to sit and stare at his number and imagine good things. Not bad. Never bad. She'd had enough bad in her life.

Knowing there was no time to sleep, she dressed for school, hugging her  secret to herself. For two weeks she walked on a cloud of happiness,  then one morning she woke and realized she hadn't gotten her period, and  she knew there really was a good reason to have his private number.

* * *

"Thank God our country isn't like Britain used to be where the future king had to marry a virgin."

Prince Dominic Sancho held back the anger that threatened to rise up in  him. He'd been the perfect royal for nearly thirty years and one slip,  one reckless night in America, had wiped all that away. His father might  be angry, but it was his life plan that had been changed. In order to  ensure the integrity of the line and the safety of his child, he had no  choice but to marry Ginny Jones, a woman he didn't know.

"Yes. Thank God I'm permitted to marry the mother of my child."

"I was being facetious." Short and bald, with a round belly, his father,  the king of Xaviera, was an imposing, strict man. He hated mistakes.  Couldn't even tolerate slipups. Especially not from the son who was his  successor.

"And I was being sarcastic." It wasn't often that he got smart with his  father. In fact, he probably hadn't done it more than five times in his  entire life, including his teen years. But discovering a simple  one-night stand had resulted in a pregnancy had pushed him over the  edge. His brother was the king of playboys but did he ever suffer a  consequence for his actions? No. Yet the first time Dom stepped out of  line, he was punished.

"I've arranged for you and Ms. Jones to meet with the protocol officials  whenever you're ready. But no later than tomorrow morning." King  Ronaldo caught his gaze. "Prepare your bride."

The insult in his father's voice cut through Dom like a knife. He just barely succeeded in not sniping back.

He rose from his seat across from the ornate desk that was the seat of  power for the king. He should have said, "Thank you for your time, Your  Majesty." A good prince would have done that. Instead he said, "I'll get  back to you."

"See to it that this wedding is done right. I will not be so easy on you if you screw up again."

He bowed and headed out of the room. I will not be so easy on you if you screw up again?

Anger coursed through him. He stifled it. His father was the king.  Dominic was heir to the throne. He knew there were protocols and rules.  He'd broken them. He deserved this.

Still...the penalty for one misstep was marriage?


After the way his father had fallen apart when his mother died, Dominic  understood why his dad was careful, rigid now. His grief had been so  intense that he hadn't come out of his quarters for six weeks and in  that time the country had begun to crumble. Parliament nearly took his  crown, and, watching it all unfold, Dominic had promised himself he  would never marry, never soften so much that a loss nearly destroyed  him.

When an opportunity for a treaty had arisen, the price being his  marriage to a princess of a country that had been an enemy for  centuries, he'd thought why not? Not only was the feud between their  kingdoms old enough that it was time to retire it, but also there'd be  no real emotional ties in a marriage that was part of a treaty, and he'd  get an heir who would be a prince in two countries. But now here he  was. Forced to marry a woman he didn't know, ruining his design for a  double royal heir, because of his own carelessness.

His life plan really had gone to hell.

He sucked in a breath and walked to the back stairway that led to his  private quarters, buying time before he had to talk to Ginny. If he was  angry, he couldn't imagine how she felt-