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Princes Waitress(64)

By´╝ÜSarah Morgan

‘You were the answer.’ Casper lifted her chin and silenced her fears with a possessive kiss. ‘There will be no more problems between us. Ever.’

‘Are you kidding?’ Half laughing, half crying, Holly shook her head. ‘You are stubborn, arrogant and used to getting your own way. How can we not have problems?’

‘Because you are kind, tolerant and you adore me.’ Casper, looking too gorgeous for his own good with roughened dark hair and the beginnings of stubble grazing his jaw, snuggled her against him again. ‘And you have reminded me what true love really is.’ His hand rested protectively on her rounded abdomen and his voice was suddenly husky. ‘I never thought I believed in fairy tales, but this baby has changed my mind. I have great wealth and privilege, but the one thing I never thought I’d have is a family. You’ve given me that.’

Holly glanced up at him and then towards the fairy tale turrets of Santallia Palace in the distance. ‘A family.’ She savoured the word, and then smiled up at him, everything she felt shining in her eyes. ‘That sounds like a very happy ending to me.’