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Professor: A First Time Novel(3)

By´╝ÜMadison Faye

She’s so fucking tight and so wet, like a silken glove around my bare cock. Oh, right, as if this needed anything else to be more obscene. Not only am I fucking a student half my age, but I’m bare and totally unprotected inside of her. And just like yesterday, I don’t give a fuck. Just like yesterday, I have a single, primal urge to fill this girl with my seed and make her mine.

Mine, more than she already is.

She’s moaning and whimper beneath me, making these little cooing sounds that have my cock surging inside of her. She wraps her legs around me, pumping up to meet my thrusts as I start to fuck her harder and deeper, as if urging me on. And any fear I have of hurting her, or breaking her somehow - as small as she is and as big as my cock is inside of her - goes right out the window. Because I know she wants as much as I can give her, and damn am I going to give it to her.

She gasps as I grab her hair, pulling her head back and exposing her neck as I bite at the skin there. “You want me to fill you up again, don’t you,” I growl, sliding my cock deep and feeling my heavy balls slap against her tight little ass. “You want to feel my come inside this tight little pussy, don’t you?”

“Oh, God! Yes!” She moans. “Yes, Professor Martin, I want it!”

I groan, hearing her say my professional name like that again, like she did yesterday. It makes the whole thing even dirtier, and even more lewd to hear her call me “professor” like that, and I can feel the cum start boil inside my balls.

She’s whimpering and moaning, her hands clawing at my back and her hips urging me on as I feel her near-virginal pussy start to clench around me. I know she’s close, and I want to make her come harder than she’s ever come before. I know no other man, and no other boy has ever touched her - a thought that gets me harder than steel. But I want to make her come like she’s never even conceived of coming before. I want to sear the memory of my cock buried so deep inside of her, and her my voice in her ear, and my cum filling her up until it dribbles down her legs so vividly across her mind that she never forgets this moment.

I start to roll my hips, rocking my cock in and out of her as I reach down and start to roll her clit in circles. She goes into overdrive beneath me, her breath coming in gasping hitches and her tits rocking back and forth like soft, perfect tear-drops as I fuck her hard and deep. I can feel her start to clench around me, her impossibly tight pussy starting to milk me as I feel myself start to lose all sense of control.

“I want you to come for me, Ellie,” I growl in her ear. “I want to feel that pussy come all over my big cock and I want to feel your juices run down my balls as they empty every fucking drop inside of you.”

“Please, fill me up!” She whimpers, gasping in short staccato breaths. “Please fill me with your cum, professor!”

“Then you better milk it right out of me, baby. You better use that pussy to milk every drop of my cum out until it fills that tiny little pussy so much that it spills out.”

And like a shot, she’s coming. I can feel her whole body tremble and shake under me, her eyes squeezed shut and her head thrown back. I muffle her scream with my lips, letting her moan into my mouth as she explodes beneath me. Her pussy shudders and quivers around me, milking the length of my cock to the point of boiling, and it’s more than I can take. I roar into her lips as I feel my cock explode deep within her, my balls blasting rope after rope of cum deep into her fertile, perfect, barley legal pussy.

“You’re mine,” I growl, as we start to come back to Earth, gasping and feeling our hearts race against each other’s chests. “You’re all mine.”

“I’m all yours,” She whispers, kissing my neck as she catches her breath.

It’s still risky for me to be here, and I know her roommate could walk in at any second, but it doesn’t stop me from rolling over and wrapping my arms around her as she rests her head on my chest.

And it’s perfect. Totally wrong, and utterly obscene, but perfectly so. This prefect little angel, this apple of temptation is perfect.

Now how the fuck did I get her?

Chapter 2


“Well what the fuck else was I supposed to do?” Ted says, as if genuinely bemused as to why I might be upset to learn my boyfriend had sex with someone else.

I stare at him, feeling humiliated more than I am actually hurt. I suppose the right thing to do would be to cry here - at least, that’s what girls in the movies do when the asshole they’re seeing inevitably acts the part. But I’m pretty sure there aren’t any tears coming. Sure, I’m angry, but it’s more the principal of it all that stings more than hurt feelings.