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Professor: A First Time Novel(41)

By´╝ÜMadison Faye

Liam’s hard at work in our living room, writing his newest book. And I know he’s on a deadline with the tour for the smash hit he wrote right after we moved here, but I’m sorry to say that’s not going to stop me.

Besides, I’m six months pregnant and the hormones are crazy.

He chuckles as he feels me come up behind him and rub his shoulders, but his tone changes as I slip my hands down into his lap and rub his cock through his pants.

“Honey, I need to write.”

“Oh do you?”

He turns and groans as he sees me int he plaid skirt, the knee-high socks, and the glasses, with my hair up in pigtails. “Too busy for the little schoolgirl you knocked up?” I say, rubbing the bump on my bare belly beneath my full breasts which have somehow gotten even bigger and more sensitive with the pregnancy.

His eyes flare as he sees me, and I shiver at that hungry wolfish look he gets in his eyes. “Nope. Works done.”

He slams the laptop shut, and I giggle as he scoops me up and pushes me back onto the couch behind me. I gasp as he pushes my skirt up and growls at my bare little pussy, and then I’m crying out as his tongue slides into my wet lips. His hands are strong on my thighs, pushing my legs back as he pushes his tongue deep into my aching pussy.

“Mmm, not so fast, mister,” I groan, pushing him back and sitting up. I tug at his belt and push his jeans down over his hips, cooing as his thick cock bounces out. I let my tongue slip out, wetting my lips as I dip my head to take him in my mouth.

But he’s pulling me around, and I whimper as I feel him slide my body up to his mouth and settle me above him as his tongue delves back between my legs. I moan loudly and then lean forward to wrap my plump lips around his cock, slurping wetly at the head and letting my hands stoke his shaft and his big, heavy balls. I moan around him as he tongues my clit, and I can feel my nipples dragging electrically over his abs.

I can feel Liam swelling up in my mouth, and I can feel my own body begin to tense and writhe as his tongue drives me up to that edge. But then he’s pulling away from me and spinning me around. I moan as I feel him position my hips over his, and when his ft cock begins to slide deep inside of me, I cry out and rake my nails down his chest.

“You know, pretty soon, you’re not going to want me like this, when I’m all huge,” I say, biting my lip as I start to ride up and down his shaft.

“Dream on, honey,” he growls, thrusting deep inside of me. “There will never be a day when I get tired of fucking this perfect, tight little pussy.” I moan as his hands come up to my big, full breasts, cupping them and letting his fingers roll over my nipples. He starts to pump up inside me harder and deeper, and I can feel my whole body begin to melt around him.

Liam groans, and I can feel his cock start to swell inside of me as I start to lose it.

“Now, come for me baby,” he growls into my lips, his hand cupping my breasts and his cock driving into me again and again as I start to fall. “Come all over my big cock.”

I cry out, and as I feel him erupt inside of me and feel his hot cum fill me, I bring my lips to his ear as the orgasm tears through me. “Yes, Professor.”

The End