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Professor: A First Time Novel(6)

By´╝ÜMadison Faye

Holy shit.

It’s her; the girl reading Joyce from inside. The girl with the perfect ass and the long legs, and the red hair. My arms go around her instinctively, holding her tight as she trips, and I bring her tight against me as the icy drink spills across both of us.

And I couldn’t give a fuck about the coffee. Because if she looked hot from behind, she’s a fucking knockout from the front; the front, I might add, that’s pressed right up against my chest.

She gasps as she looks up at me, her eyes shaded by big black sunglass above lightly freckled cheeks and cute, soft pink lips open in surprise. And if that ass was one thing, her tits are a Goddamn works of art. They’re huge on her small frame, and the way they press right up against me through her soaking wet tank top and my soaking wet t-shirt has my cock throbbing in my pants.

“Oh!” She gasps, her breath catching as she suddenly freezes in my arms as this cute little smile spreads across her lips. “Oh my God, I’m so sorry!”

I swallow, feeling the blood rush from head right into my dick with this utterly sexy, heart-stompingly gorgeous girl presses her body against mine. I’m suddenly remembering this is reality and not some fantasy as I quickly set her straight on her feet and begrudgingly let her go.

She sucks her bottom lip between her teeth as her brow furrows above her sunglasses. “Oh my God, I got it all over you! I am so freaking sorry!”

There’s something so earnest in the way that she says it that I’m grinning as I hold my hands up. She’s so sweet, and not swearing or anything like any other girl I know would be in that moment. “No, no not at all. Totally my fault for plowing into you.”

The sudden thought of plowing into her in an entirely different way comes to mind, but I quickly push that aside as I just take her in.

Jesus Christ is this girl sexy as all fucking sin. She is young, in this perky, glowing, fucking tempting off-limits way, and there’s a familiarness to her that I can’t place, but that I chalk up having just seen her a minute before inside. But whatever ideas I have about having seen her before suddenly go tumbling right out of my brain as my eyes land on the front of her tank top, and it’s all I can do not to growl.

The iced coffee is soaking through the front of her white cotton tank top, and the nipples beneath are quickly reacting to it. I’m holding the groan as I see that hard little pebbles of her nipples poking through the thin cotton, and they’re so hard and the shirt is so soaked that I can practically make out the outline of her aureolas.

And if I was checking her out before, now I’m just fucking devouring her with my eyes. She stands there with her brow furrowed as she looks worriedly at me, as if she’s totally oblivious of how fucking sexy she look with her finger against her lips, or that her nipples are all but totally visible through her soaked tank top. The juxtaposition of the nervous, almost shyly furtive way she carries herself with that smokin’ body is enough to get my cock raging as I just stand there staring at her and resisting the primal urge to grab her back into my arms again right then and there.

“Oh, shit, I got some on you too,” she frowns, biting at her lip nervously again.

“No, really, that’s all me, trust me,” I say, flashing a smile at her and grinning even wider when I see the flush bloom in her cheeks and a small smile of her own creep over those lips.

“Honestly,” I say, smiling and forcing my eyes back to hers tucked behind those shades. “It was completely my fault.”

“No, I-”

“Seriously,” I say firmly, smiling at her and watching her lips part into a grin. “Listen, please let me pay for the dry cleaning at the very least.”

“Oh- no, that’s-” She’s stammering as that adorably innocent looking blush creeps back into her cheeks. “No, I couldn’t.”

“You could, and really, I insist.”

She bites her lip again as she looks at me through those shades, and I hold that gaze, feeling the urge to mash my lips to hers right there; resisting the primal caveman urge to rip her clothes off and take her right there against the side of the building.

She suddenly glances jerks her cellphone out of her pocket and gasp. “Oh, God, I need go, I’m late for something.”

I glance at my own watch and swear under my breath. Fuck, I’ve got a lecture that starts in two minutes and I’m ten minutes from campus.

“Sorry again about your shirt!” She says with a final cute little blush across those cheeks, before suddenly she’s turning to walk away.