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By:Skye Jordan

“That’s a Brutale jacket,” Rubi murmured, referencing the Italian motorcycle company. She grinned at Lexi. “There’s a conversation starter for you.”

“Talk about a fashion statement.” She and Lexi had modeled in Venice for a short time, which was where Lexi had been introduced to the fine leather sport jacket. Sleek. Fitted. Sexy as hell. Expensive. Kinda out of place with the ratty duffle and torn jeans…

“Maybe he won it,” Rubi said as if her thoughts were along the same lines. “You know, in a race. Or maybe he’s a model for the company. Maybe—”

“Maybe you should stop guessing.” The boots were for motorcycle riding too. She knew all about the habits and hobbies of boys from the dark side. Lexi lifted her brows and released a long, slow sigh without taking her eyes off Biker Boy. “He’s just…” She couldn’t find words in the lust heating her blood, the desire zapping new connections between cells all over her body. “Jeez.”

Rubi’s laugh drew the men’s gazes. Their heads turned lazily, mirroring each other’s movement in a way that reminded Lexi of the way she and Rubi sometimes mirrored each other. But they were completely opposite, again like Lexi and Rubi. Golden Boy all light and smiles. Biker Boy all shadows and intensity.

Golden Boy grinned at Rubi. “Looks like someone’s got too much money to play with.”

“I’ll share,” Rubi called back, raising her voice to be heard over the traffic and noise around them. “As soon as she gets out, I’ll have a spare seat. Wanna ride?”

He laughed, the sound low and husky. “Sorry, sweetheart, I’m taken.”

“All the good ones are.”

Lexi only heard the exchange but saw none of it. Biker Boy had locked on to her with an awareness that made all the hustle of the airport fade. He didn’t smile. Didn’t blink. Didn’t…anything. He just gazed at her with the kind of stare that heated her insides until she wanted to start shedding clothing and made her envision the crazy, sexual things she’d witnessed earlier at Stilettos.

She couldn’t see the color of his eyes, only that they were lined in lashes as dark as his hair. His face was just…gorgeous, with hard lines and perfect angles. But he wasn’t pretty. Definitely rugged.

Her gaze roamed and roamed, trying to memorize him. Words like intense, deep, and complicated came to mind—not descriptive at all—but all ways she would have described him.

“Looks like someone’s zeroed in on you,” Rubi said quietly beside her. “Get your ass out of this car, girl. He’s hotter than nuclear fusion. What’s wrong with you?”

“I…can’t breathe,” she said without breaking eye contact with Biker Boy.

Rubi laughed again, making Lexi smile. The man’s lids grew heavy. His tongue slid over his bottom lip, and Lexi’s lungs seized to hold back a moan.

Oh, yeah. It had definitely been too long.

“Dude,” Golden Boy called across the truck to his friend. “Hel-lo, dude. Did I just waste my breath?”

Biker Boy’s long lashes fluttered like he’d come out of a trance. He turned away from Lexi, focusing on the other man, who said something else Lexi couldn’t hear and shook his head.

“I’m Rubi Russo.” Rubi called, drawing Golden Boy’s gaze again. “In case, you know, you become available.”

Biker Boy swung that horrible duffle over his shoulder, turned away from both the truck and the Ferrari, and walked into the terminal without looking back. His jacket had a white strip of leather high across the back and the letters of the motorcycle company, Brutale, in red block letters from shoulder to shoulder.

That was the most gorgeous jacket…

On the most gorgeous man…

And he was walking away.

Disappointment pinched Lexi’s chest, but oh, the way he moved…fluid, smooth, confident… Then he was gone, leaving an unfamiliar hunger deep in Lexi’s gut.

“Is he the lead singer of Hysteria?” Rubi asked Golden Boy as he opened the driver’s door of the truck.

The man glanced toward her and laughed. “Him? He can’t carry a tune to save his life.”

“He looks familiar,” Rubi said.

Golden Boy shrugged.

“Is he taken too?”

“Rubi,” Lexi whispered.

Golden Boy grinned. “Trolling, beautiful?”

“I’m not asking for me. I’ve only got eyes for you.” She tilted her head toward Lexi.

Golden Boy’s gaze jumped to Lexi and held. She didn’t experience any of the same sensations one look at Biker Boy had slammed through her body. Golden Boy glanced at the door his friend had disappeared through, then back at Rubi. “He’s…got a lot on his plate right now. It’s not a good time for him.”