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Red Hot

By:K.A. Merikan

Red Hot
K.A. Merikan

       Sex & Mayhem #5

Chapter 1

Smoke left Red Jack's lungs in one long exhale through his nose. He was  waiting for Lucy to leave the club after he decided not to watch her  strip today in hope she'd find his action classy enough to finally put  out. His dick was in dire need of sucking. Hadn't he waited long enough  for the bitch anyway? Almost a year since she started stripping at the  clubhouse parties and wouldn't even give him a lap dance. Fucking Ice  Queen. Gave Sam a lap dance, and what did Sam have that Red Jack didn't?  Sure, the fucker had a pretty face, but he was also shorter and  smaller. Maybe he was less threatening? That was a comforting thought.  Being intimidating wasn't always a bad thing. Chicks dug that. He'd  rather not let his subconscious tell him that she probably didn't like  redheads, or freckles, or that something else was wrong with him.

Red Jack worked hard at the gym to get the way he was. All bulked up,  with a ripped stomach, full-sleeve tattoos up to the knuckles, and a big  beard trimmed at the barber's every week. He was no scum. He was  fucking biker royalty, and that bitch Lucy had better acknowledge it.

He put out his cigarette against the wall. "For fuck's sake …  how long can a motherfucking lap dance take?"

The backdoor of the club opened the moment he thought that for probably  the hundredth time, but Red Jack's hopes were crushed yet again when he  saw Lucy's colleague, Anita, walk out in a short fur coat. She rushed  through the parking lot at the back of the strip club, her high heels  clicking on the rough asphalt.

"Hey, babe!" Red Jack yelled. "You seen Lucy? She said she'd meet me  outside." He couldn't focus that much on Lucy though when his gaze  strayed to Anita's ass in just a pair of hot pants.

The woman stumbled in her high heels, spinning around to look at him.  "She's not here anymore," she called, quickly pulling out the car keys  and fumbling with the lock of her ancient Ford. She virtually jumped  inside and slammed the door shut as if there were a pack of wild dogs  chasing her.

Red Jack raised his arms in annoyance. The fuck was that? Did the bitch  ditch him? How fucking rude was that? She'd told him herself that she'd  be leaving through the backdoor. Did she ‘forget' about him again?

Red Jack sneered and lit himself another cigarette. The girl acted like  he was some fucking leper, when in fact it would be him doing her a  favor by putting his dick in her. How cold can a bitch be? Just because  she was some pole-princess, doing all those stunts, didn't make her any  better than him. She didn't even have big tits. She was practically a  pity fuck. And here Red Jack was, ready to give his dick to the  charity-case pussy, and what did he get? Fucking insults!

Anita drove by, but just as Red Jack mounted his bike, her car moved  backward until she was close enough for them to clearly see each other  through her open window.

"Friendly advice? Give up. She doesn't like you, so stop being a creep."

Red Jack threw the cigarette at her car. "Friendly advice? Keep those  cumdrinking lips shut!" Didn't like him? Why the fuck would she not like  him? Red Jack showered that ungrateful pussy with attention. He even  got her some lingerie last week, and it was some expensive lace stuff as  well.

Anita drove off without a word and disappeared from sight with a squeak  of tyres. The bitch was probably jealous he was ignoring her in favor of  Lucy. If only Lucy paid more attention to him, she'd surely understand  what was good for her. Like that man-slut Jack had met yesterday. That  fucker had given his cock some proper worship. Even licked his pubes,  didn't mind the freckles. Red Jack would even say the guy was too eager,  trying to grab him all over, as if the short encounter was more than a  hookup. Nobody met up for a date in a public toilet.

Red Jack was getting a boner even thinking about those dick-sucking  lips, the throat taking him like a pro. He put on his helmet and drove  along the beach to cool off. He had rules, and one of them was not going  with a guy two times in a row. There had to be pussy in between to  ground him. But he could text the guy after he'd dipped his dick in a  few girls. The dude had those haunting black eyes that watched Red Jack  so intensely, like he wanted to eat him alive. Maybe he was one of those  biker-groupie fags who wet themselves the moment they saw a real man on  a bike. Or maybe he had a hard time getting a guy, since there was a  set of freaky scars on that pretty face. A game of tic-tac-toe, won by  the circles, covered the little cocksucker's entire left cheek, and no  amount of hair could hide the protruding lines.

Red Jack stopped at a gas station to get a frozen pizza and sped  straight home. Red Jack's house was the perfect bachelor pad, and he was  sure Lucy would drop her panties the moment she saw his hi-fi system  and the new TV, the biggest on the market. In fact, it was so big Red  Jack needed to push back his sofa all the way to the wall to watch  comfortably.

The house was Red Jack's kingdom - large enough to host big parties,  with its own bit of beach, away from touchy fuckers who didn't want a  neighbor like him. ‘Too loud', they said. Though getting arrested after  falling asleep naked in the front yard could have had something to do  with that as well. It didn't matter now anyway. He had his own piece of  heaven in his house by the beach. If he weren't with the Coffin Nails  MC, he could have never afforded all that at twenty-seven. He even had  two motorcycles. One for longer runs, sturdier and more practical, and a  custom chopper that was now at the garage, getting some golden wheel  rims fitted. Among other things.

But the moment Red Jack entered his house, he realized something was  off. He pulled out his gun, just in case. Better safe than sorry.

There was a faint smell of cologne in the air, and it wasn't his own.

"Hey," came from the darkness in front of him, straight out of the freaking blackest corner in the whole living room.

"Who the fuck are you? Show yourself, or I'm gonna shoot," he hissed and  tensed up. Someone dared break into his home? This was new. And why  were they hiding in the dark instead of taking him on right away?

There was a shuffling sound, and then a pair of trainers stepped into  the black and white stripes of light coming through the blinds. Two  steps more, and Red Jack was facing a familiar face. Too familiar for  his liking. The black, haunting eyes he'd first seen less than a day  ago, stared back at him.

"You were supposed to fuck me, and you didn't."

Red Jack poked the guy's forehead with the barrel of his gun. "You've  got to be fucking kidding me!" He looked him up and down, and switched  on the main lights. What was he thinking? Breaking into Red Jack's  house? Did the cocksucker have a death wish?

He didn't seem afraid of the gun. Instead of cowering like any normal  person would, his large eyes looked straight into Red Jack's. The guy  had this oddly androgynous face, with a narrow nose and pouty lips, and  yet despite that and the long dark hair, he was distinctly masculine in  all his slim-but-toned glory. The crisscrossed picture carved on his  cheek turned the formerly pretty face into one that belonged on a serial  killer from the movies or a marked prison bitch. Someone that you'd do  but not necessarily have a beer with. Red Jack would have considered him  for another blow job in the future if the fucker hadn't invaded his  privacy.

"What's up with that toy? I'm not gonna hurt you," said the guy,  reaching out to Red Jack. The faint light made the black stylized snakes  on the sleeve tattoos come to life. It was as if they were demons from  hell, ready to tangle around Red Jack's legs and pull him into the  underworld.

Red Jack's jaw dropped. "You hurt me? Who's the one with the gun, you  moron, huh?" He poked the guy's head again, to make a point. This was an  outrage! How dare he just barge in like that? How had he even found  Jack?

The guy scowled and turned his face away, showing off the black  stretcher in his earlobe. Red Jack didn't really believe this scarred  fag could do anything more than sulk, so he let the barrel slide down  the angular cheekbone. He stilled when that luscious mouth opened, and  the pink tongue slipped out to lick the cold steel.

Red Jack's cock responded to that all too eagerly. This guy was whacky.  Red Jack pulled the gun away and put the safety on. "Get the fuck out of  my house," he hissed, more freaked out by the second.

The guy took another step toward Red Jack, a small smile coloring his  lips as he walked farther into the light. "Are you scared of me?"

Fucker had some nerve. Scared? Red Jack wasn't scared of anything. He  spat danger in the face and drove off at 200mph! He pushed the guy away,  toward the patio door.