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By´╝ÜJaimie Roberts

Tara moaned my name and I felt her walls squeezing my cock. That was it for me. I exploded inside of her like a fucking tidal wave. “Tara!” I screamed as I yanked her on top of me one last time before letting her collapse on my chest.

Sex never got old, but sex with Tara made me feel like I had been created solely for her pleasure. Her pleasure was my pleasure. I could understand that now. I got what it was like to feel that happiness brewing inside you, knowing you had made the person you cared about happy. And I did care about Tara. I cared about her more than she realized.

“Wow…,” she breathed, nuzzling her nose into my chest.

I smiled. “Totally fucking wow. If I thought I would get a greeting like that, I would have come back sooner.”

She looked up at me. “Why didn’t you?”

I smiled, pulling her hair out of her bun and watched as it cascaded down her shoulders. She simply took my breath away. “You know… Fear of rejection, not wanting to make a fool of myself, Thunder Tara raining down on my ass… That sort of thing.”

“Hey!” she squealed, nudging me in the ribs as I laughed.

I brushed a strand of hair away from her face. “Truth?” She nodded. “I was scared. We decided not to see one another again, so I didn’t know how you would take me turning up outside your door.”

Tara regarded me for a moment. “Well, I must admit, I was really surprised to see you.”

“You were?” I had to press for more. Tara wasn’t one to just admit her feelings so freely.

“Yes. And the truth?” I nodded. “I was happy when I looked out the window and saw you standing there.”

I smiled and pulled her to me for another kiss. Afterward, Tara sighed and put her head back on my chest. I licked my lips and could still taste her sweet scent. It made me starving for her all over again.

“You know, the way you taste is the best flavor in the whole fucking world.”

Tara chuckled. “Really?”

I nodded. “Fucking hell, yeah!”

Tara laughed, but fell silent for a while. “So,” she started, running a finger over my chest. “How long were you planning on tasting me this time?” She chuckled again, but I knew that, under that playful manner, there was an undertone of uncertainty. Did she actually want me around?

With my arm wrapped around her, I started stroking her hair. “I was kind of thinking for as long as you’ll have me.”

Tara went deathly silent and I wondered if I had fucked up by coming on too strong, too soon. I wondered if I should say something else, come out with a fucking Jimmy special to make her think I was just joking. Then she sighed and ran her finger around my chest again.

“I’d like that.”

Feeling like the cat that ate the canary, I pulled Tara tightly to me as a smile spread across my face. Tara nuzzled her face in my chest again and, for a while, I couldn’t help but ponder one thought over and over in my head…

I wonder what forever would taste like.